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IIT Gandhinagar
B Tech, Chemical
2015 - 2019

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Associate Product Manager
Jun 2019 - Jul 2020

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Improve Netlfix's referral program in India
  • Increase the share rate for the program
  • Increase the participation rate for the program
  • Increase the conversion rate for the program
Understanding Business Objective
A successful referral program can viral Netflix’s growth in India. The business objective for Netflix's referral program is:
  • To increase the market share in Indian OTT market
  •  To gain more subscribers
Understanding User Objective
  • Reducing the uncertainties in people's mind by letting them try your product will help Netflix to acquire new customers 
  • Having a friend’s proof is a convenient shortcut that users take to determine how to behave. A recommendation from a friend is more trusted and users will have less resistance to try out the product
  • Users like to share the product they enjoy with their friends. Having the ability to refer will increase customer loyalty
Increasing the motivation to share the referral link
  • Personalising the referral link: When users get a personalised link which can be done by including the user name in the referral link makes the user more invested and motivated to share the link with their friends.
  • Rewards and incentives: Incentives are basically what you can give users within your power that rewards their behavior and entices them to further action. Each time a user shares a referral and the referred customer joins a platform Netflix can share a variable reward in form of a scratch card.
Netflix X Instagram Stories
  • A feature that allows users to share movies & shows to their Instagram Stories directly from the app.
  • It will make it easier for users to share a recommendation this way and ask their friend to join Netflix 
  • Increases awareness for Netflix's referral program and helps to target a new users 
Drive users to join their friends on Netflix
  • Asking users to refer their favourite show to friends: Getting a recommendation from a friend, " I am watching Dark. Come on Netflix and join me". This would create a FOMO in the users and would persuade them to join Netlfix
  • Launching “ Watch Netflix Together”: Enabling users to watch Netflix with your friends and loved ones online. This feature will help more users to get on board as recommendation from a friend + watching with friends will motivate them to try Netflix.
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To increase the number of people making a purchase on Man Matters
Man matters is a platform to provide personalised wellness solutions to men.
  • Increase the conversion rate on wellness assement form
  • To increase number of users making first purchase
User Stories
  • As a user, I would like to get a personalised recommendation on my wellness needs
  • As a user, I would like to test the sample products before buying the full size
  • As a user, I would like to have a quick and easy process
  • As a user, I would like to updates on upcoming sales and orders
  • As a user, I would like to have my questions answered around the products
Customer Journey
Using AIDA framwork to understand the customer Journey: 
  • Awareness: Social Media, Ads, Word of Mouth
  • Interest: Visits the website and fills the wellness assesment form
  • Desire: Add products in the cart or take a consulation
  • Action: Customer makes a purchase
Building brand trust and awareness
  • Creating social media campaigns on Instagram and Facebook. The main focus of the brand campaigns should be to make the brand more relatable as this creates a sense of belonging with the brand.
  • Collaborating with influencers to increase the brand awareness and build the trust of the users
Personalised Packaging
  • The aim of our products is to give a customized solution, having an option for users where they can write their name on the products on the skincare, hair care products. Wellbeing is a personalised experience and giving an option to personalise the packaging is going to build customer relationships and add a unique brand name to the company.  
Increasing conversion rate on form
  • Showing progress bar on the form for users to track the percentage completion 
  • Using skeuomorphism to depict hair type, skin type is going to be more relatable for users
  • A/B testing CTAs to see what converts most of the leads and optimise for the conversion rate
  • Optimising for space and asking more than one question on one page
Introducing FAQ section
  • While purchasing a product users have a lot of doubts regarding how to use the product, what are the precautions, the frequency and when the products would show results, etc. Introducing a section for FAQ on the product pages so that users queries are answered on the spot and reduces the time for making a buying decision.
Providing sample products
  • Removing mental barriers for users by giving them an option to try sample sized products before buying the full size products. Giving them this option is going to reduce the risks as they are investing less money and hence going to increase the probability of them making a purchase
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Take Gmail and make it better!
Gmail has been around more than a decade, and that's no joke. But that doesn't mean that Gmail is done evolving. In this case study we would  try to make it better!
As Gmail is an estabilshed company, we are going to focus on the engagement and retention metrics.
Circles Framework
We are going to approach the problem by using CIRCLES framework; identifying the kind of users that use Gmail and pick a particular user segment then identify their user problems. Secondly, we would prioritise these problems and then move to solutions.
Target Customer
The user base of Gmail can be segmented into the given below parameters:
  • On the basis of purpose: Professional, personal or marketing 
  • Usage (High, Medium, Low): a) How many emails do they send per day?, b) How much time do they spend on Gmail?, c) How many emails do they receive per day?
Targeting users who use Gmail for personal use with High to Medium usage on Gmail. 
Keyboard shortcuts recommendation
  • Using keyboard shortcuts is more efficient than mousing through menus, but many people don’t take the time to learn and memorize them.
  • Recommending shortcuts to users while they are composing emails so that they start using shortcuts more frequently.
  • For example, when user is a using the functionality to make the text bold, Gmail can send them a prompt or suggest that “Try Ctrl + B to do it quicker” or “ Have you tried Ctrl + B?, etc.
Dictate messages in Gmail
  • Giving users an option to write an email using speech.
  • With the upsurge in users using voice over text and speaking being faster and easier than writing, giving the functionality to compose emails via voice will reduce the effort to compose an email.
  • Having a plugin with Google Home where users can just speak the message and Gmail would compose an email for them.
Accessible email formatting tools
  • Having different font colours and images in an email makes them visually appealing.
  • While writing an email the options to format or add media are available in the bottom this makes these functionalities less handy. Making these functionalities more accessible to users while writing an email can make users use these options more often.
Increasing engagement on emails by making them interactive
  • Rich Media: Plain text makes the email less interactive and users don’t feel delightful to use email to send an informal message to friends. Giving handy options to use GIFs and stickers in the emails can help users to make emails more friendly and interactive.
  • Special Templates: Users use emails to send an invitation for some party to friends and to send wishes on special occasions. Providing engaging templates for writing emails will motivate users to use Gmail over other platforms.
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Creating an end to end user flow document for a lending feature on Arzooo app
Arzooo is India's fastest growing B2B Retail Tech platform for Electronics. Buy TV, Fridge, Laptop, Mobile, AC from the nearest electronics store. Arzooo now wants to build a digital lending system, a fully digital and paperless model to avail credit facility.
Number of users availing credit facility
Product Objective
Business Objective: Building a digital lending feature would help to acquire new retailers to the platform. The business objective is to increase the number of orders and Average revenue per user (ARVP).
User Objective: With the credit service, we aim to solve immediate working capital needs for offline retailers, which is difficult to manage during a slump or seasonal spike. Building an instant Disbursal, No Collateral, Paperless process.
User Pain Points
  • Don't have cash in hand to provide working capital and run the business smoothly
  • Lack of awareness about loan process
  • Loan process is confusing and time consuming
  • Lack of information about interest rates and loan duration 
  • Forgets to pay back EMI on time 
  • Inflexible repayment options 
User flow for getting the loan disbursed
Breaking down the flow chart into the given below steps: 
  • Building entry points and making the feature discoverable
  • Initiate a request 
  • Upload required documents 
  • Select a suitable plan according to their eligibity
  • Submit the loan request
  • Application under review 
  • Loan Disbursed
Mock ups attached in the artefacts
Arzooo credit profile
  • On Arzooo credit profile retailers see the status of their request, the loan  mount they have taken in the past and how much money they have to repay.
  • Users also see their credit health and eligibility to receive a loan in future.
  • This page also has tips to maintain a healthy credit score.
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My Product Observations

Decoding Reddit’s successful content moderation strategy
  • Reddit utilizes a primarily decentralized and hybrid approach to content moderation.
  • All the content on reddit first goes through their overarching content policies and then another layer of moderation is done by mods.  
  • Mods are empowered by content curation tools. They have significant editorial discretion and can choose to remove content that violates Reddit’s rules or that they deem objectionable or off-topic.
  • By employing a decentralized approach to content moderation, Reddit is able to save time and resources by relying on its users to aid with content moderation.
How Bumble is winning the online dating market?
  • Their unique selling point, any conversation after a match has to be initiated by the woman. It gives women 24 hours after a match to message someone before the match “expires.”
  • Unlike other apps in this space, they still retained the familiarity and ease of the swipe-based user interface which was so successful at Tinder.
  • Bumble has had no major troubles scaling as their clear message draws female users and network effects have been helping them gather users.
  • The introduction of their lifestyle magazine Bumble Mag has helped them get more ingrained in their user’s lives and increase stickiness.
Amazon subscribe and save - Building user retention by rewarding power usage
Amazon SnS has allowed customers to receive recurring and scheduled deliveries of the products they love and use most often (like toiletries, foodstuff, and diapers—at a discounted price).
  • A good opportunity for buyers to save money on things they already plan on purchasing.
  • It helps sellers to increase customer retention and boost conversion.
  • Amazon rewards power usage by increaing the discount with the frequency of the order.
  • Rewarding power usage is a strategy to build user retention. When a behaviour with higher level of commitment is rewarded with better rewards, it motivates power users to stick to the platform in the long run.