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Upraised's exclusive and free Know Your Self test assesses six skills every product manager should have.

Test Yourself, Now

Learn About
KYS in 2 mins

Test Yourself, Now

Learn About
KYS in 2 mins

Why should you take the KYS test?

Identify your strengths & blindspots

Understand which product skills you have and take roles suited to your strengths. Build your confidence and perform well.

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Who can take the KYS test?

Aspiring / Working PMs & Product Leaders

The test & reports are designed to benefit anyone starting their career, or working as a PM or is leading a team of PMs / APMs.

What is the structure of the KYS test?

Text Format

49 Questions

Question Format

Case Studies as MCQ's


50 minutes


Beginner as well as Intermediate

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About KYS

How does the
Know Your Self test work?

Step 01

Answer 49 questions in 50 minutes

Solve case studies and real world product problems in 50 minutes and assess yourself as a product manager.

Step 02

Get a detailed skill report of the 6 vital product skills

Product Sense

Technical Understanding

Data Driven & Experimentive

Problem Solving

Communication Skills

Result Orientation

See Sample Skill Report

After Results

Compare your scores with peers and experts

Measure your growth potential by comparing your report with fellow and expert PMs from around the globe.

Hear From Everyone

More than 30,000 PMs
assessed their true potential

Being a successful PM needs a wide variety of skills and its incredibly difficult to assess yourself on these skills. Know Your Self Test solves this problem. You can use this to test yourself on core skills needed to be a great Product Manager.

Amol Singh

Amol Singh

Product Manager - Intuit

Product management is a combination of 5-6 core skills. Just understanding where you index on these skills - will help you double down on your strengths & land your dream role. I took the Know Your Self test and found it to be extremely detailed.

Ankur Agarwal

Ankur Agarwal

Product Manager at Swiggy

Self-awareness is step one of building a great PM career. You can start by taking the Know Your Self test if you are someone who wants to get into a PM role, for understanding your own strengths, and upskill yourself in the right areas.

Deeptanshu Baranwal

Deeptanshu Baranwal

Director of Product Management - Pharmeasy

I have been able to identify my strengths and blind spots as a Product manager through the KYS test. That in turn has helped me plan my learning path and upskill myself to perform better in my role.

Udit Khurana

Udit Khurana

Product Manager - Smallcase

I highly recommend The Know Your Self test from Upraised as a starting point for your product journey.

Umang Aggarwal

Umang Aggarwal

Product Manager - Nykaa

There was no scientific way to figure out if product management was the right fit for me, until I stumbled upon the Know Your Self test by Upraised.

Vaibhav Tomar

Vaibhav Tomar

Associate Product Manager - PhonePe

I can attest to the importance of continuously assessing and developing your skills in order to succeed in this dynamic field. The KYS test will help you identify your strengths and areas for improvement as a Product Manager.

Devansh Jain

Devansh Jain

Product Manager - Disney+ Hotstar

The KYS Test doesn't test for theory and instead gives you mini cases to solve, that mimic the day-to-day job of a PM. From making the right strategic choices given a situation to deducing the right inferences given a set of data points, the questions are well-rounded to test the different aspects of being a PM.

Mohammad Sarosh

Mohammad Sarosh

Product Manager - Google

Once you complete the KYS test, you get a detailed understanding of your strengths and blindspots. It's a simple and brilliant way to know if the field is for you!

Rishabh Kohli

Rishabh Kohli

Product Manager - Flipkart

Stop worrying about what you don't know, and focus on your strengths. Double down on them, and turn them into your Superpowers. It would be best if you began with understanding what your strengths & weaknesses are. The Know Your Self test is a great starting point for this.

Ritwick Agarwal

Ritwick Agarwal

Product Manager - Jio

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Measure your growth potential.
Know Your Self.

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