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Upraised’s exclusive and free Know Your Self test assesses six skills every product manager should have.
Why should you take the KYS test?

Identify your strengths & blindspots

Understand which product skills you have and take roles suited to your strengths. Build your confidence and perform well.
Who can take the KYS test?

Aspiring / Working PMs & Product Leaders

The test & reports are designed to benefit anyone starting their career, or working as a PM or is leading a team of PMs / APMs.
What is the structure of the KYS test?
Test Format
49 Questions
Question Format
Case Studies as MCQs
50 minutes
Beginner as well as Intermediate

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About KYS

How does the
Know Your Self test work?

Step 01

Answer 49 questions in 50 minutes

Solve case studies and real world product problems in 50 minutes and assess yourself as a product manager.
Step 02

Get a detailed skill report of the 6 vital product skills

Product Sense
Technical Understanding
Data Driven & Experimentative
Problem Solving
Communication Skills
Result Orientation
See Sample Skill Report
After Results

Compare your scores with peers and experts

Measure your growth potential by comparing your report with fellow and expert PMs from around the globe.

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Deepak Abbot - Founder, Indiagold
Deepak Abbot
Founder, Indiagold
KYS Test was spot on. Right mix, right pace.
Vichar Shroff - Founder, Burncal
Vichar Shroff
Founder, Burncal
We did the KYS test for the entire team that includes the Product, Design and Growth team. This helped us in designing the individual team objectives and key results. It was fun :)
Ankit Bansal - Product Manager, Incture
Ankit Bansal
Product Manager, Incture
The KYS test is a great way to get introduced to the kind of challenges associated with product management. It is designed in an engaging way and does not require the participant to already have product management experience. Instead of the terminologies, it tests for the participants' way of thinking and their product sense.
Tarranum Akhter - Project Architect, S+F designs
Tarranum Akhter
Project Architect, S+F designs
The KYS test was a good consolidation of questions that assess you for all qualities required to be a good PM. It was particularly tough with the additional constraint of time along with the challenging content. It evaluated my strengths, weaknesses and blindspots through a detailed skills report that was generated post completion of the test which helped me pin point areas that I need to work on going further.
Vamsi - ISB Grad
ISB Grad
I found KYS to be extremely informative about what skills I need to be a PM.
Ekansh - PM, Zomato
PM at Zomato
I wanted to evaluate my skills to know the gaps, so I took the KYS test. I really liked the test.
Lakshya Nangru - Project manager, AHODS Technologies
Lakshya Nangru
Project manager, AHODS Technologies
I was at a stage in my career where I wanted to transition to Product Management. Having read online about product for a few months, I felt like I was equipped with the skills to make the transition. This is when I came across Upraised and its flagship PM program, CAP. I saw that it has a KYS test to check if you have the skills to become a PM, so I decided to take it. It was a well crafted test that I could quickly take online and get confidence on my skillset. And I felt like I aced it too, until I saw my results. What I recieved was a clear picture of where I was in the journey. I got a visual representation, a snowflake analysis, of my skills and a sense of the level of skill top PMs have in different domains of knowledge. It gave me insights about my strengths and weaknesses and the level of effort I need to put in each domain to become a really good PM. And since that was the bar Upraised set, I decided to start my journey towards being in the top 1%ile of PMs with Upraised.
Kranti - Business Analyst & an Aspiring PM
Business Analyst & an Aspiring PM
The KYS Test is awesome. It helped me understand where I'm lacking.
Anushaath - Software Engineer & an Aspiring PM
Software Engineer & an Aspiring PM
Great test. Definitely good to know where I lack in skill.
Guru Bhat - Associate Staff Engineer, Oracle
Guru Bhat
Associate Staff Engineer, Oracle
I think to improve anything knowing the current standing is always essential. When I wanted to start my journey into Product Management Upraised's KYS helped me by clearly pointing out things which I was good at and helped me know about areas which I could brush up. The KYS test itself was designed really well and did not feel like most cookie cutter tests. It was refreshingly engaging and kept me on my toes. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get started in their Product journey!
Atika - Senior QA Engineer, Paytm insider
Senior QA Engineer, Paytm insider
The KYS test is one of it's kind. I found it highly comprehensive in terms of topic coverage. The best part is the highly detailed analytical report on the performance.

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