Building at Scale

Master the game of
building products at scale

The playbook that has worked for you so far, will stop working as you grow in your career & start handling problems at a larger scale because of

  • Org complexity, as the team grows

  • Product complexity, as the feature set grows

  • Scrutiny on product timelines & metrics

Learn how to build world class products at scale in this 4 week course

Access is reserved for a chosen few. fortunately.

Is this course right for you?

Product leader with 5+ YOE at a unicorn or large tech company

Product leader with ambition to work at a large tech company

You are willing to invest at least 2-3 hrs/week to learn & upskill

Next cohort starts on 26th May.

Access is reserved for a chosen few

What will you learn

Learn to consistently manage tradeoffs between
business outcomes & user experience

Learn to invest in crucial areas which will help you switch from
firefighting to long term planning, prioritization and working together

Manage stakeholders better with increased org complexity, product complexity and more scrutiny on product timelines and key performance metrics

Set up a culture of collaboration, feedback and leaning on specialists in your team. Invest time in setting up the right matrix, cut lines and swim lanes between teams

Learn to make decisions with more unknowns. Improve your decision making by aligning your team on options, evaluation criteria and better tradeoffs

Learning at Upraised

Meet the magic loop.

All learning happens in fun, live, engaging Learn parties where you apply every thing you learn real time.

You focus on one core skill every week. Learn, apply, get feedback and improve during the learn party.

All you need to do, is show up for one ~2-3 hrs live learn party every Sunday

Rediscover the joy of learning by joining the party.

Learn with the best

Meet your instructors

Apurva MudgalWhatsApp

Apurva Mudgal

Product @WhatsApp

Apurva is a Lead Product Manager at WhatsApp and has built products loved by millions like WhatsApp, Facebook and Haptik.

She's here so that you don't make the same mistakes she did. She will share her learnings & mistakes with brutal honesty so that you can hit the career milestone or promotion you have been dreaming about.

Mona GandhiAirbnb

Mona Gandhi

Ex Airbnb, Founder at Upraised

Mona brings 15+ years of startup experience across Silicon Valley and India. She's been an early member of 4 startups, the most notable being Airbnb where she solved growth and product problems to scale the user base from 10,000 users to 10 million.

Her experience spans industries (travel, search, advertising and now edtech) as well as geographies (US, Asia Pacific and now India).

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Course Curriculum

What will you Learn

Here's a week by week breakdown of what you will learn.


Week 1

Week 1

  • Building alignment on product strategy and leveraging leadership in the right way to unblock problems.

  • Adapting the right product processes at scale to plan & execute discovery, development and optimization

  • Setting up transparent performance metrics focused on delivering outcomes and not shipping features


Week 2

Week 2

  • Get better at solving problems with higher complexity with higher autonomy, and higher throughput

  • Setting up a culture of collaboration, feedback and leaning on specialists in your team.

  • Partnering with your stakeholders, transforming into a "facilitator" from a "Creator".


Week 3

Week 3

  • Learn To influence without authority. Establishing credibility, developing a shared vision, and building trustful relationships.

  • Learning how to make complex decisions with many unknowns. Align in your team on options, evaluation criteria and better tradeoffs

  • Using a 'central product metaphor' to bring alignment across teams on how the product should 'feel'


Week 4

Week 4

  • Seeking difficult feedback to fuel growth, Giving difficult feedback to someone.

  • Managing your calendar to be top of your time and energy

  • Budgeting for failure so that, so that the team starts accepting failure as a part of life. 0 failure = 0 growth.

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Time Required

2-3 hrs/week

Next Batch Begins

26th May

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