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What Our Users Feel

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From mentorship sessions, mock interviews, learning journeys to career counseling sessions, all our offerings are customised to meet our users’ needs.
Kumari Geeta
Ad Sales Manager
“I felt much more confident with Upraised. Even if I had probably not cracked the first company that I applied to, I was pretty sure that I would eventually end up in a PM role because that’s the kind of confidence boost I got through the entire process”
Aditya Ganguly
Growth Officer
“Despite a Non-MBA, non-engineering background, Upraised was able to get me placed by working on my blind spots and polishing up my key strengths. From optimizing my CV as per the prospective employer to real world PM exercises, Upraised made sure that I wouldn’t be behind any other candidate. The fact that I got placed with more than 2X hike speaks volumes about the strength of the programme.”
Ankit Agarwal
“A true example of value for money! The program is well-curated and is a complete package starting from understanding your expectations, to a customized learning journey, to a well-formatted mockup interview preparation. I would strongly recommend Upraised to not only aspiring PMs but also to the existing PMs who are looking for a job change”
Amrutha Basker
Partner Manager
“My journey at Upraised was life changing for me. I understood my strengths and weaknesses better and better everyday through their kys test, sessions and assignments. The team makes sure you develop a good product sense and a job you aim for.”
Sumedh Saraf
Upraised Learning
Refund, decided to bootstrap own start-up
“I joined Upraised to make a move to a high-growth company. However during the process, I decided to bootstrap my start-up and work on it as a side hustle. I initiated a refund request to Upraised. The refund process was easy and quick. I spent 8 weeks with Upraised but they went out of their way to account for only 5.5 weeks of pro-rata charges as I kept busy in between for 2.5 weeks. I am highly grateful to the Upraised team for that”
Manan Kapur
Program Manager
“I had been wanting to get into PM for long but despite the number of resources available out there, I was lost about where to begin. Upraised had a customised step by step plan for me. Rather than providing just theoretical material to learn from, Upraised made the whole learning journey meaningful with a focussed end point - ‘a job’.”
Siddhanth Gaonkar
Open Financial
“My journey with Upraised started with me taking the KYS test. It gave me an in depth analysis of what my strengths and weaknesses were. My entire learning journey was super personalized and was aimed at improving my weak points which helped boost my confidence.”
Akshay Kingar
Director of Products
Group PM2
“Product management is a skill and like other skills one needs to practice, to get really good at it. Upraised help me identify my weakness, provide the right material and coached me till I got better.”
Shubho Das
Tata Admin Services
“After each mock interview, I was given actionable insights to improve my blind spots. This process helped me go into my actual interview with greater confidence and eventually get the offer”
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Meet the Team

· Diverse · Empowered · Curious ·
We are a multi-cultural team united by a common goal - “help people realise their true potential”.  A small but mighty team, we are gender, culture and geo-diverse. All of us have made a transition in our careers at some point in time, and are happy to be here for you through yours!
Gautam (赵哲领)
Front-end → Full-stack
Jatin (贾廷)
Backend → Full-stack
Interaction → Full-stack Design

Our Investors

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Kunal Shah
Philosophy → Founder
Vijay Shekhar Sharma
Engineer → Founder
Nathan Blecharczyk
Engineer → Founder
Lightspeed India
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