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7 Honest Mistakes we make as
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Compare yourself with the best PMs in your category

  • You're tested on traits based on standards set by Google, Uber, Airbnb and Flipkart.
  • Invest 30 mins for a detailed skill breakdown.
  • Identify blindspots that are holding you back.

Work towards becoming the best applicant for a job

  • Personalised career accelerator plan based on your  blindspots
  • Compatible with your job schedule — only bite-sized lessons
  • Doubt solving, guidance and mentorship by industry professionals.

Skip the queue, get connected directly to the recruiters.

  • Jobs that best match your strengths
  • Custom job application package is delivered directly to recruiters.
  • Extensive interview preparation.

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What is the Eligibility Criteria?

Everyone is eligible to take the assessment (KYS Test). Your company/college/GPA/branch is not part of the eligibility or qualification criteria.

To qualify for the career accelerator plan, however, you need to score above 50 in the assessment (KYS test)

What is the  Career Accelerator plan? Do I have to pay for it?

It is a structured plan to help you prepare for, find, apply to and get the job you aspire for.

The KYS Test is free. The job-guaranteed Career Accelerator Plan is paid

How does the money-back guarantee work?

We promise to find you a relevant job offer within 12 weeks from enrolling in the career accelerator plan.

We will be spending 10 hours a week to customize your learning journey, building custom job applications and getting you interview ready. We require you to commit equal parts in time, effort and enthusiasm.

Despite that, if you still get no job offers, we will return your money. No questions asked.

P.S. Our aim is to help you land that job. And we have never had to return the money so far. Just saying  :)

How much time commitment is required from my end?

You need to initially invest 30 minutes for the KYS test. Post qualification for the Career Accelerator plan and commencement of the same, you need to invest upto 12 weeks on upskilling. You should expect to spend 10 hours a week, depending on your convenience.

Is it remote? How does it work online?

Yes. Everything will happen remotely. This is designed to be done alongside your job or education. We will be in touch with you via remote-working tools like Slack/WhatsApp/Zoom.

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