IIITDM Kancheepuram
B Tech  Mechanical Engineering
2018 - 2022

My Case Studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Acquiring the underserved yet easily retainable section of the customer base to increase the  number of active users of dunzo
Improving the existing mode of buying 'prescription drugs' for regular users who find it laborious to repeat the iterations required to buy the set of medicines.
  • Increasing the STR of users
  • Increasing  the number of orders placed for prescription drugs
Understanding the vision and revenue stream
Dunzo's aim is to be the logistics layer of every city. They aim to be able to deliver just about everything and create an experience similar to having a personal assistant for every single user.

Revenue stream:
  • Delivery fee – Rs. 10 to Rs. 60 depending on the total value of the order to be delivered and the distance to be covered.
  • Commissions –  15 per cent to 30 per cent from the tie-up vendors.
  • Services offered – Home services, repair tasks etc.
  • Surge pricing – When there is a spike in demand, the price increases as per the increased demands.
  • #kuchbhi requests – Other random requests apart from the multiple services dunzo offers.
Understanding the Product verticals from the consumer goods market to focus upon the right section
  • Food groceries
  • Small household items and everyday necessities
  • Small electronics
  • Medicines
Personal assistant
  • A visual prompt for the user to create a profile within the personalized assistant whenever a purchase for prescription drugs is being made 
  • A personal assistant to automatically place orders after the user responds to a yes/no alert
  • Insights about the prices and the sellers selling the given medicines so that the user would have the ability to customize (add/delete) the medicines needed to be purchased
  • A record of the previous billings and transactions to make it easy for the customer 
  • Prompt to start a new cycle with options to customize the type of medicine and the number of days in the course of dosage 
  • A progress bar to display the number of days left in the course of dosage
  • Gps based Tracking of the delivery with ETA and a notification of the transaction made.
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My Product Observations

Why piktochart is an Infographer's Dream Platform?
Piktochart enables users to create beautiful infographics, presentations, and printables through easy-to-use templates that have been professionally designed
  • Excellent user onboarding of users by both show and tell: Piktochart shows the users how great their future visual can look and what to place in each part for best results.
  • The friendly and instructive copy highlights best practices and explains to users how (not) to use each element, helping them make good design decisions along the way.
Why grammarly is the best grammar checker?
  • Adds a greater value and incentive to use the service by helping in improving the user’s vocabulary by recommending more nuanced words.
  • Offers perfectly curated content styles  like Academic, Business, Technical, Medical, Creative and Casual  to influence its predictions and uses advanced algorithms to find the best match and provide extremely accurate suggestions
  • Grammarly offers a lot of features without the need to purchase a subscription to use most of them thereby ensuring that they acquire a rather large loyal customer base who may turn into potential subscribers in the future
How slack aces in onboarding users and dealing with funnel conversion issues
  • Slack gives users a “magic link” to log in to different workspaces that they haven’t visited in a while, so they don’t have to struggle to remember yet another password.- an excellent 1 click solution for funnel conversion problems
  • Slack encourages new users to learn the product by actually using it, with a message prompt from Slackbot.
  • Slack makes it easy to complete the onboarding process by implementing a modal window to enable desktop notifications.
The matra behind duolingo's high user acquisition and retention
  • Duolingo understands the fact that onboarding does not actually end when users start actually using the app,  It makes sure users stay engaged with the app and learn more about it every time they return through progressive onboarding.
  • By sending Emails to the user after a period of inactivity to coere the user into using the app
How netflix improves the user experience?
  • Adaptive streaming using ML to recognize the network conditions to adjust the video quality accordingly, this lowers the chances of buffering
  • Netflix does not overwhelm the users with too many suggestions but at the same time it caters to the users tastes by looking at things such as the genre preferred by the user and similar content with the help of sophisticated algorithms
how discord is keeping the gaming community happy?
  • Reducing the learning curve for new users: New Users are generally already familiar with many of the features and functions that the app affords because they had previously used some competitor.
  • Quick tips button helps the users get started
  • Integrating krisp - an ML based software that filters out unnecessary noises, into the voice channel was an excellent step taken to improve the user experience while playing multiplayer games
  • Giving the user the ability to use an array of keyboard shortcuts to navigate through servers helps to increase the user- friendliness of discord

Achievements & Extra Curriculars

  • Won the RoboGenX competition- a robot building competition organized by Hans India (our winning robot - ATSB433 - all-terrain surveillance bot ).
  • Won the zonal level in CBSE clusters (Chess, team event).
  • Event coordinator of SAMGATHA 2020  - coordinated with the management team to conduct inter institute competitions, 28 submissions from over 5 colleges (SRM, VIT, SSE, SSN, Aurora).
  • Coordinator of the college music club where the club won 4 battle of Bands based competitions under my tenure.
  • Coordinated SPIC-MACAY organized in IIITDM Kancheepuram and drew in large audience using various ‘social media engagement’ measures.