Vishnu Murali Nambiar

Subin Sudhakar

Sales and Marketing Manager, Gaia

+91 7092170471


IIM Jammu
2018 - 2020
NIT Trichy
B Tech
2010 - 2014

Work Experience

Sales and Marketing Manager
Sep 2020 - Present
Project Coordinator
Aarti Industries Limited
Jun 2016 - Apr 2018
Operations Engineer
S.V. Hitech Bearings Pvt. Ltd.
Oct 2014 - Mar 2016

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Increase Average Revenue per User for Tinder
an online dating app
  • Increase Average Revenue per User in a month
  • Increase Daily Active Users
  • Increase Average time spent per User in a day
  • Increase Average Number of profile requests per user in a day
Understanding the pain points of the existing users through research. Analyzed the pain points and provided recommendations to fulfill the business goals.
Research suggested that matches connected on Tinder are having less meaningful experiences. The pain points of the existing users in the process of finding a connection to date and the experience of dating are explored through secondary and primary research. The motivation for the users to use the application is also explored in the research. Recommendations for the pain points are curated in order to improve the average revenue per user.
Matching users to attend an event of mutual interest
  • The user can choose to meet and spend time with a connection by attending an event together
  • Users can search the various categories of events happening in the region
  • Improve the quality of experience by matching and engaging users in activities of similar interest
  • Increase the average number of transactions done by a user in a month
  • Increase revenue through listing events on Tinder and commission on the tickets booked
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Improve Average Time Spent per User on Wynk
an online music streaming app
  • Increase in Average Time Spent per User in a day
  • Increase in Daily Active Users of Desktop Users
  • Increase in Average Ad Revenue per User in a month
  • Increase in Number of songs played per user in a day
Understanding the pain points of the process of sharing a song and listening to a shared song. Analyzed the pain points and provided recommendations to fulfill the business goals.
Users listening to online music via the desktop app has increased due to the change in lifestyle caused by the pandemic. The process of sharing has a lot of scope for optimization in both mobile and desktop app. In order to increase the desktop users on Wynk, the psychology behind sharing is pondered. The pain points in the process of sharing a song and listening to a shared song are analyzed for both mobile and desktop app. Recommendations for the pain points are curated in order to improve the average ad revenue per user and average time spent per user in the app.
Sharing songs/podcasts directly on Wynk. Dedicated page for all shared songs/podcasts.
  • Users can share a song/podcast directly with other Wynk users inside the Wynk app.
  • Senders and Recipients can see the songs/podcasts sent and received respectively inside the ‘Shared Box’/’Suggestion Box’.
  • Sharing on Wynk will provide the users a positive social experience
  • Increase the average time spent per user on the Wynk platform and thereby increase the ad revenue per user.
  • Increase the market share by increasing the Daily Active Users of the desktop app
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Should LinkedIn cater to the student community? If yes, How?
  • Daily Active Users who are students
  • Average Time Spent by the User in a day
  • Number of connections made per student in a day
Understanding the pain points of the student community, and solving their problems using LinkedIn’s existing network and functional capability.
LinkedIn is a platform reserved for professionals. But it does not cater to higher education students who are stepping into the professional world. The market size of the student community is estimated and study on competitive forces is done. The domain of which student community and LinkedIn’s member network can be catered to is analyzed and their respective pain points are explored. Potential solutions solving the pain points are recommended and their fit into LinkedIn’s mission and existing competency is analyzed.
Connecting students with the industry veterans in LinkedIn for career/project mentorship
  • Students can list their projects on their profiles which will listed on a ‘project listing’ page, where all the projects of all the students seeking mentorship will be listed
  • Industry Veterans can show their availability by adding the ‘Available for mentorship’ tag. The profile of all the mentors will be listed on the ‘Mentors listing’ page.
  • Either students can request to the industry veterans for mentorship or the industry veterans can show their interest for mentorship
  • Increased advertisement revenue from more engagement due to increase in Daily Active Users
  • Increase stickiness of students within LinkedIn as they transition to a professional. This can ensure cross selling of LinkedIn’s subscription services later
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My Product Observations

How Finshots is successfully improving youngsters’ financial literacy?
Finshots is a simplified daily newsletter on the most important Financial and Business news.
  • A promise of a 3-minute newsletter which can bring certainty among users that the content is small and not complex
  • Finshots helps users develop a habit loop by offering a cue of customizable timely notification, a routine of offering one news per day and the reward of understanding the news
  • A fluidic and lively user interface creates a halo effect and makes users perceive the content to be simple and understandable
  • Conveys complex financial number crunching into easily understandable infographics
What made Resso grow an astonishing 599% in terms of MAUs in August 2021 YoY?
Resso is a social music streaming app for the next generation of music enthusiasts, offering an enhanced music discovery platform.
  • Hot combination of music and expression through social media features of likes and comments
  • Empowers users to be expressive with its personalized single line lyric sharing feature and also makes improve relationships by making the receiver feel special
  • Helps in decreasing cognitive load with its easy genre, mood and scene-based song selection
  • Easy user navigation with its combination of vertical and horizontal scrolling of songs in the playlist enables users to select songs without moving out of the existing screen
How the new ‘Myntra Studio’ feature can increase DAUs and thereby increase the number of transactions per user?
Myntra is an online shopping site for all your fashion and lifestyle needs.
  • A single destination for personalized fashion content
  • A platform to introduce new products and also advertise products through the influencers
  • Become a strong force in showcasing trends and also be a guiding platform by providing fashion tips to the user
  • After the user gets motivated by the influencer content and with the ability to buy the product, the ‘Shop Products’ or ‘Save Later’ feature can trigger action towards purchasing the product
  • Influencers can create a halo effect and act as a medium to develop trust with the virtual display of products in terms of design, quality and perception