NSIT, Delhi
2018 - 2022

My Case Studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Increasing User Retention
i.e. Reducing the drop off rates of MobiKwik users
  • Reducing the drop off rates of a Month old users.
  • Increasing the Daily active users.
Understanding a User Journey
Let us take an example of Naveen. Naveen Gets to know about MobiKwik from Newspaper ad. Naveen Installs the app and Explores it. He finds the interface smooth enough and exciting discounts for him, being a new users. After a month he has exhausted all the promotional codes for his account. Naveen watches another ad of PhonePe giving discounts to new users, Shifts to PhonePe.
Understanding the Problem
Naveen due to his habit want consistent discount offers to be a loyal customer. MobiKwik cannot be profitable while giving out discount to all users. Some solution is required to inspire Naveen to use MobiKwik instead of competitors (like PhonePe, Cash etc )
Progress bar for unlocking Coupon code
Creating a progress bar that reveals a new coupon code, every time the bar gets filled

The progress bar is filled by various means
  • Completed watching ads - like game rewards
  • Paying different bills - electricity, broadband, gas, etc through MobiKwik
  • Using MobiKwik as their payment method for merchant payments like amazon
Using MobiKwik on Partner Network
  • Rewarding customers for running MobiKwik on a partner ISP's Network like Airtel
  • Users using Airtel Mobile data connection to use MobiKwik gets a 0.5% cashback Up to Rs 50 per month
  • Users using Airtel FiberNet connection to use MobiKwik gets a 1% cashback Up to Rs 100 per month
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My Product Observations

What is to learn from this small product - SanketLife
SanketLife is a pocket size ECG machine for heart patients
  • With SanketLife users can Do their ECG scan from home only and send their report to doctors like an email
  • The price for machine is 2,500 only which makes us question - how they manage to deliver it so cheap ?
  • Their revenue is majorly from recharge pack a user has to make to able to perform ECG test after 50 free test are over.
  • Instead of making users pay whole cost of machine at once, It is a brilliant way to distribute the cost of product over the time
Why Google Build a Confidential mode feature for Gmail?
Confidential mode add a self destruct timer and passcode to your mail
  • On Gmail User has an option to turn On confidential mode which restricts Recipients from forwarding coping or printing the content
    also sets an expiry date for the email and even a passcode to open it.
  • With the increasing work form home culture there are many confidential official information to be shared within an organization
  • Job to be done is confidentially transporting info digitally(can be any thing like passwords or reports)
Why is Paytm trying to sell a soundbox ?
  • Paytm recently invented a sound box for Business owners having public dealing like shopkeepers
  • SoundBox would speak out the money received through UPI or Wallet transfer. Saves shopkeeper the time to check each payment individually on his smartphone or while he is away.
  • It gives a competitive advantage to users having merchant accounts on Paytm over other platforms
  • And will attract new customers towards using Paytm as their UPI client. The profit from sales of SoundBox is still there.

Achievements & Extra Curriculars

  • Won 3rd position in ‘Rann Niti’ as a team in strategy building inter-college competition conducted by Enactus, NSIT
  • Got 3rd position in intra-school dramatics competition
  • Taught underprivileged children as a member of PRAYAAS
  • Awarded Trophy of Academic Excellence by High School for 12 consecutive years