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IIT Guwahati
B Tech EEE
2010 - 2014

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Category Management
May 2017 - Jun 2021
Demand Manager
OYO Rooms
Sep 2015 - Dec 2016

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
How Can Dunzo Improve Post Purchase Customer Experience?
Reduce the Number of Users who are facing Issues with Order due to poor fulfilment
Given that Users On Dunzo when faced with the Fulfilment issues has to reach out customer support and do multiple followups for resolving their query, I am proposing a proactive solution to enhance the quality of fulfilment.
  • Dunzo is a hyperlocal delivery Service and helps user to pickup things from any store in your city.
  • Dunzo has onboarded many suppliers on the platform and lets them list products in the various categories and Quality and fulfilment is owned by Supply partners.
  • Dunzo does not help in any way to understand the user about the quality of the products and seller's fulfilment capability and in case fulfilment goes wrong user has to suffer both in time for resolving issues and also at times issue does not get resolved and CS stops responding to them with resolution.
  • Most Users are either completely stop the purchase from the platform or restrict their purchase category and amount , leading to churn and low ABS(Average Buyer Spent).
  • This also one of the top reasons being highlighted in various online forums and Appstore by users to stop their purchase through dunzo.
  • To Promote Sellers for good quality selection and service and to help buyers avoid poor purchase experience , It's important to highlight in a way that people can figure out the right suppliers on the platform based on the past behaviour of the supplier's on the platform .
  • Users are very much exposed from other platforms to weed out the poor quality selection through user generated ratings and feedbacks which helps as people trust the views of people who are similar to them.
Building Ratings and Feedbacks for the Suppliers from Users.
  • Users will be able to rate& provide feedback for  the suppliers after delivery
  • Average rating of the supplier will be highlighted along with the profile name.
  • Users will be able to also see feedback and associated keywords from feedback.
Building Ratings and Feedbacks for the Suppliers from Users
  • Users Will be able to filter out the suppliers based on their ratings.
  • Suppliers with constant poor ratings could be restricted in visibility and priority in the search
  • Suppliers will have a strong motivation based on the score to serve customers in the best possible way.
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Product teardown of Big basket
Analyzing the each and every "aha" moments and pain points of User Journey
  • No of Successful Transactions in a month
  • No of failed transactions
  • Repeat Transactions per User
User Journey through the Lens of Customer
  • Target User group here is People aged 28-40 living in tier 1 city .
  • Values Convenience and time and is ready to pay a slight premium for the same.
  • On Online Search of Online Grocery it appears as the top search on google
  • The app is also having good visibility on key search words related to online grocery and is within the top 3 search result on google play store app.
  • Without login User is able to access the app and location fetching is helping to pre understand the serviceability without getting the address of the user and little input from the user
  • Within the BB added benefits has been highlighted which will act as enabler for the user to move to the membership
  • There is Har Din Sasta Tab to lure the customers look out for deals which will give them best of values.
User Journey through the Lens of Customer
  • Search Bar is also covering the key word search for regional language which is easing the discovery of products
  • Filter option is very detailed from the size to base product covering lot of detailed information about the product and making it easier for user to filter out before hand and reducing the to and fro movement from one product option to other product option
  • The List tab is containing the all past purchases of the user from prior transactions, This is very helpful feature for repeat customers,Given the products are for regular use and users will keep repeating same products for the orders on Weekly and monthly basis, this will help them to quickly add products to their basket and get a quick checkout, More like a behavior of repeat order in restaurants:)
  • Upselling at the checkout Page.
Driving conversion by Highlighting Value Prop
  • Value prop is missing on the homepage ,Since the buyers are supposed to have the high skus and Weekly and Monthly regular purchase , Value prop right at top would be helpful to answer what to expect
Upselling & Cross Selling
  • User Should be nudged for the upselling and cross selling at the time of address selection and making checkout
Reduce the Cognitive load of the user In Search
  • Tags like most popular, top selling can be put against products to reduce the cognitive load of user for selection of right product
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My Product Observations

How Phone Pe Positions Each Category
  • Each category has been positioned based on the frequency of usage in a customer's life
  • Social proofing: Tags like most popular is used within the category to ease decision making for users.
  • Center Stage Effect: Insurance category was  place in the menu in the centre during covid as people behaviorally tend to choose center options .
Break Room- Linkedin groups for People in Similar Sector  to engage in watercooler chats.
Linkedin Encouraging users to take  breaks and engage in fun and friendly conversations
  • During pandemic the World moved to remote working and continued the same for over a year.
  • Linkedin used their polls section well during this time to understand the pains and benefits of this new work culture.
  • Having access to data , and the lonely work environment created by remote working, Linkedin understood how people takes small fun breaks to be productive.
  • Break room was more targeted towards people mental wellness and encouraged users to connect with similar people in friendly and fun conversations.
Brave Browser : Browsing in Private manner
Browser is giving the power back to user to take control of its privacy
  • Browser over it's home page highlights the trackers and ads blocked giving quick glimpse of value to the user
  • It rewards it users for sharing the information with the advertisers and pays them for it with BAT cryptocurrency.
  • This helps both advertiser and user where advertisers can get some data access  for targeted  segment and user gets personalisation.
Duolingo User retention
Duolingo uses gamification and nudges very well for  high user retention
  • Duolingo uses many gamification elements to boost its retention such as Strak,Leaderboard,Daily Goal Targets,Badges,Levels & leagues and Currency & Powerups.
  • Duolingo highlights after every lesson completion the amount of effort is required to complete daily targets .
  • Streaks are the top retention criteria for them and at start users are nudged to commit for a basic 7 day streaks and be rewarded for the same
Zomato's Product Interventions during Coivid-19
Zomato made many small intervention's to address user's fear and doubt related to online delivery
  • At the beginning of Covid-19 , Zomato started No Contact delivery and highlighted all the right practises and covid protocol followed by them to boost User's trust
  • Zomato  encouraged its restaurant to follow all guidelines and started highlighting restaurants which were taking high  safety measures.
  • Zomato started highlighting temperature of its rider and last time it was checked to ensure that all delivery partners are well tested and are on duty only  when healthy.
  • Zomato also started updating the vaccine status and soon ensured all delivery partners are well vaccinated.
  • All these measure ensured that users are well aware of safety measures taken and can we ensured that no covid spread will happen via delivery partners and kept the business afloat and also increased it significantly.
Tinder Shows Blurry Pictures to Convert Users to Premium Plans
Tinder is a dating app which helps people find ideal partners
  • Tinder helps people with access of profiles which they would be interested in dating based on preference with  ease
  • Tinder gives a match when both people have liked each other profile ,so that they can now chat with each other and take ahead from there.
  • Curiosity Gap- Tinder shows blurred profile when someone likes your profile and lets users to check this profile in full only if you are a premium user, this leads to curiosity in user to check who have liked them and with this attribute they drive their Premium Memberships.