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Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
2017 - 2019
College of Horticulture, Kolar
2011 - 2017

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Account Manager
Mar 2021 - Present
Management trainee
Jun 2019 - Dec 2019

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Create social engagement platform for independent artists to connect with core fans in
Increase the number of DAUs accessing the social features within
Building the social experience through interactivity should be strongly connected to the features that solves existing problems faced by the users
The idea of providing an interactive platform for these artists to develop strong bond and engagement with their core fans is a natural step forward for in increasing the monetization opportunities for these artists. Ultimately, such interactivity would lead to user stickiness & network effects on both sides- creators and listeners.
Connecting the super-fans to their favourite artist for better monetization opportunities
  • Exclusive club membership through subscription for the fans they have access to live parties, virtual concerts and direct interaction by the artist
  • Patreon link for the artists where the user is rewarded with badges and place in the top donor leader board. Here, the user is nudged to donate any amount he/she wishes in exchange for early access to new releases, badge of top fan etc
  • The artists can host virtual concerts, live events and charge a fee for listener to attend the concert.
Create a platform where musicians can  discuss about their upcoming releases
  • Create audio chatroom for the podcasters and their fans/listeners where the listeners and creator can indulge in live interaction
  • Create features where the creator can post questions in the form of voice recording and listener/fan can reply to these questions, again in the form of voice recording. (reverse podcasting)
  • Artist can prepare a list of their original songs and create remix campaign where the artist urges the users to remix the songs and create something unique
text and voice polls for garnering fan opinions on subjective matters
  • Provide feature where artists can create polls to seek opinions from listeners on subjective matters. The poll question pops out on the screen & there would be multiple choices for the listener to choose from.
  • Artist can record the poll question (yes/no) type and the listener can respond by saying yes/no through their microphone
  • The algorithm inserts poll questions at the end of the song and the listener can respond by saying yes/no through their microphone.
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Develop Interactive storytelling in Hotstar originals
  • Increase in the # of viewers who finish the episode/movie in a single session.
  • Increase in the completion rate of the interactive film/web series.
The approach here would be to identify key pain points that the interactive film viewers may face and understand how solving these problems will ensure the fulfillment of Hotstar's business goals.
Collecting user data of how users make decisions within the interactive films/web series will give deep insights on user behaviour and motivation. Therefore overall design of the user interface must  facilitate the user data collection, especially their intrinsic behaviour.
As the core metrics to be tracked is completion rates of the films, the emphasis will be on creating  a fun, entertaining experiences for the interactive film user. This approach will involve identifying gaps in the existing interactive film models and creating unique solutions to bridge these gaps to make the viewing experience more enjoyable.
The experience can be made  entertaining by facilitating interaction with other viewers
  • The user can invite his/her friends for watching the movie/web series together. The group member can decide the time for watching within the video.
  • The users can invite his/her friends for watching the movie /web series but each one can watch the movie/web series whenever they wish without any time commitment.
  • The users can watch with other random users online. This  model requires no time commitment.
Develop unique question formats and response input models at each progression stages
  • Clue- based progression model- Model in which the viewer has to watch out for easter eggs/ clues for choosing the right option for the protagonist.
  • Live collective decision making-   Model in which the users view the movie/web series as a group and make collective-decisions for the protagonist.
  • Suggestion based decision-making- Model in which the viewer makes decisions for the protagonist, based on the responses of their friend circle.
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Bringing the best educators and retaining them
Reduce the educators' attrition from the platform.
Segment the educators community and identify the educator segment which fits into the firm's vision and mission statement. After this, understand their entire journey in the Unacademy platform and identify key pain points they face.
Segment the educators and conduct in-depth analysis regarding their persona, values and aspirations in the Unacademy platform.
Segmentation is done based on educational qualification, overall experiences as educators and expectations from a career as educator.
The issue of supply attrition can be solved through creating competitive differentiation
  • Priority support for editing / fresh templates- A/B testing - educators can test the engagements from the learners and identify the best practices and methods for that particular learners’ groups through a/b testing.
  • Develop highlight video which is in a way, a trailer for the educator’s lecture series. This video can be circulated in the social media and attract good traffic as the highlight video will contain interesting anecdotes/ funny comments and help the students get a feel of the vibe/atmosphere of the lecture.
Develop social feature to foster authentic engagement between the community members
  • A pre-determined number of energy units can be allotted to each educator and this energy units should be allowed used for a variety of purposes within the platform.
  • Mentor- mentee partnership program- the star educators can be assigned mentees to groom and nurture them into star educators.
  • Reddit model chat system for educators- where the star educators and experienced educators can invite fresh educators t form sub communities within communities. And the chat system design must encourage communication/ interaction among the educators
Develop social feature to foster authentic engagement between the community members
  • Peer to peer review and rating system – community engagement for educators. – create a discovery tab for educators where they are exposed to videos/lectures by other educators
  • Farm system- nurture/ groom the next star educators. - develop a farm system from where aspiring star educators must be groomed by experienced educators so that there will be a steady supply of star educators and ultimately motivate the existing rooster of star educators to raise the standards of presentation and study materials.
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My Product Observations

How is spotify winning the music streaming space?
  • Device optimisation- Spotify neatly arranges the wide array of content in visually consistent grids and well-spaced out lists, creating a decent visual hierarchy.
  • Spotify has created a special mobile viewing mode that automatically turns on while driving. This minimalist interface strips away all accessory features such as background images and enlarges primary functions such as play/pause and next/previous buttons.
  • By using size, color, positioning, and alignment of various elements, Spotify promotes a good visual hierarchy that communicates what the users should be paying attention to first.
  • Developed a consistent design language through which user begins to make decisions through sob conscious information.
Headspace - how to design a mindful product?
  • 10 day onboarding- the users are allowed only 10 minutes of meditation sessions for first 10 days. This is done to induce regularity of app usage among users. Besides most of the target users may not be able to afford to spend a lot of time for meditation per day.
  • The animated characters are carefully designed and positioned to generate empathy & deeply embedded into the design of the product.
  • The guided meditation packs are marketed as solutions to user 's various problems. This creates a sense of empowerment in the mind of user as they feel that they have identified their problem correctly and made an intelligent choice of solution to address their problem.
How Hotstar nailed user engageemnt during IPL season using Watch N play feature?
Watch’NPlay is a game that runs under the video stream and lets the viewer choose what they think will happen on the next ball, and wait for the result. Get it right, win points, redeem prizes with them.
  • Choosing a horizontal layout meant that the options would be at an equal distance below the video stream, letting all options be present in user's peripheral vision. The graphics were large so that users doesn't have to look at the options every time.
  • A wide, breadth-spanning timer intuitively shows you how long you have left before the question locks up.
  • Added valuable features to the game, including a feed layout that exposed more information, animations that celebrated the right answers and cheered you up for the wrong ones.
How Airbnb uses landing page design to drive user actions?
  • With little to no cognitive effort, users can identify the upper layer (card) as the area with which they can interact. The page as a whole does not overload the users with information, hence framing a clear interaction path for users who land on it
  • Utilising the Z pattern layout which is a natural reading pattern, Airbnb’s designers achieved to establish a concise visual hierarchy. Areas of interest that convey some kind of message are pinpointed and brought up to the user’s attention.
  • By “priming” their target audience, Airbnb’s designers use carefully-picked images to spark the emotions that could be associated with the subsequent expected experience: Staying in an awesome place for their vacation.