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Sachin Koshta

Decision Analytics Associate, ZS Associates

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Shiv Nadar University
B.Tech Electronics and Communication
2016 - 2020

Work Experience

Decision Analytics Associate
ZS Associates
Apr 2021 - Present
Data Analyst
Sep 2020 - Mar 2021

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Improving the average order value (AOV) to increase Blinkit’s revenue at the nascent stage
  • Increase in revenue
  • Increase in average order value
Understand the business
  • Since Blinkit focuses majorly on grocery quick commerce, most of the SKUs (stock-keeping units) are on the lower end of the cost spectrum. To increase the revenue for Blinkit, one of the levers that can be pulled is the average order value.
  • This will not just increase the revenue but also the lifetime value (LTV) of users and since Blinkit is only available in 12 cities as of now, this will also serve as a learning on how to optimize it better before launching in new cities, to give it a head start.
Understand the Opportunities
The average order value can be broken into 2 different parts which can act as levers to increase AOV:
  • Increasing the number of items in the cart
  • Increasing the average cost of items in the cart
I have investigated different pain points of users and the current user flow in the app and came up with 5 opportunities:
  • Trending items
  • Remaining inventory
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  • Combos
  • Minimum cart total
Trending items
  • Showing trending items on the home page
  • Increases discoverability of trending items
Remaining inventory
  • Showing remaining quantity of fast selling items
  • Informs users about the fast selling products and helps them make a more informed decision
  • Reduces the dissatisfaction of finding the item out of stock
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  • Showing complimentary items on PDP (product details page) and cart screen.
  • Highly backed by users purchase data.
  • Increases the ease of navigation for users and provides more relevant suggestions.
  • Combining related items together to create Combo SKUs
  • Increases user satisfaction of finding related items in a single product/SKU
Minimum cart total
  • Having minimum cart total during surge hours to reduce surge charges to 0
  • Reduces the friction of conversion during surge hours
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Expanding to a new vertical for Zomato to cater to the dynamic needs of urban users whilst generating revenue feasibly
  • Increase in revenue
  • Increase in LTV of users
  • Increase in new users
Opportunities that align with the Business’s mission and vision
  • Zomato’s vision is to provide better food for more people. And its vision as quoted by Pankaj Chaddah, co-founder & COO, Zomato is to be the global platform when someone is looking for food locally.
  • Currently, there are 6 verticals Zomato gets revenue from restaurant advertising, event advertising, event ticket sale, consulting services, online food delivery, and subscription.
  • The new vertical where Zomato can expand into in the future is catering. The catering industry is still a disorganized industry with no main player market. I believe if Zomato tap this industry-first they will not only get the first movers’ advantage as well as they would be able to grow one more line of revenue that complements their mission and vision.
  • I have taken 3 different user personas, listed their pain points for catering and built a feature called Zomato caters.
Zomato Caters
  • A platform/feature inside the Zomato app to find and hire a caterer according to users’ needs
  • Provides end to end solution, from finding a suitable caterer from a wide range of options to reserving it for a specific day and time by paying the amount
  • Ratings of caterers to build users’ trust and confidence
  • Filters to narrow down the options and reduce the cognitive load of users
  • Caterers (restaurants having catering vertical & standalone caterers) can have one more source of revenue through Zomato
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My Product Observations

How HealthifyMe is a revolutionary health and fitness application
HealthifyMe is an Indian digital health and wellness app
  • Provides an easy interface to enter your calories intake with a database of more than 25,000 Indian food items
  • Allows users who are not tech friendly to track meals using AI algorithms to find food through pictures
  • Invented Ria, a conversational AI-powered nutritionist, driven by 200 million food & gym logs, to give personalized answers to users’ queries
  • HealthifySense, a feature dedicated for mental wellbeing through qualified psychologists
  • Categorized feed for users’ education and daily boost of motivation
  • Premium packages to aid users’ fitness journey through experienced coaches
  • B2B offering to improve employee wellness
How INDmoney is making its way to becoming India’s super banking app
INDmoney is an app that automatically organizes your finances and brings all your family's finances to one place
  • Facilitates tracking net-worth, investments and liabilities under one umbrella such as Mutual Funds, Indian Stocks, Fixed Deposits, EPF, NPS, Loans, PMS, Crypto, Credit Cards, Insurances and many more
  • Allows users to invest in Indian as well as US Stocks through IND Super 2-In-1 Account, where you can easily transfer funds from Indian to US stock account
  • A well-implemented AI-based recommendation system that gives actionable insights to increase savings and earnings across investments, loans & expenses, and taxes
  • An appreciating reward system by giving US stocks after completing specific milestones to ensure engagement in the app
  • Robo Advisory, an AI tool for automatic goal setting, personal balance sheet, re-balancing, and re-allocation of users’ assets
  • Help users with wealth planning solutions as a part of its premium offering
What makes Letterboxd the ‘Facebook’ for cinephiles
Letterboxd is a global social network for grassroots film discussion and discovery
  • ‘Members’ page to see other users who watched the movie and connect with them if they like their profile and interests
  • Inclusive platform to ensure valuable criticism irrespective of users’ background and designation
  • One is more likely to watch a film based on a friend’s feedback rather than a critic, which is nicely done by Letterboxd by showing the opinions of your friends on the film page
  • Release dates don’t matter in Letterboxd, as conversation can happen anytime and not just during release dates, which makes users feel that they will always have someone to talk to whenever they will watch any film, old or new
  • Ensures creation of own private or public lists, and to search lists curated by other members
  • A handy button to share the movie on Instagram story, allows users to show their social network the films they are discovering