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Heritage Institute of Technology
B Tech
2013 - 2017

Work Experience

Product and Data Science
Jun 2019 - Nov 2021
Data Scientist
Jan 2019 - May 2019
Product and Data Science
Egregore Labs
Jan 2018 - Dec 2018
Data Scientist
Jun 2017 - Dec 2017

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Improving customer acuisition and retention on the Groww platform for their newly launched Stocks trading product
  • Increase the number of stock trades that are done on the platform
  • Incentivize Groww Mutual Fund users to start using the Stock trading platform
Since Groww attracts users that are both long term investors as well as intraday and swing traders and both use groups have different pain points, I decided have solve for both these sections of users differently
For investors, I tried to understand the motivations of users behind investing in mutual funds and how that behaviour and process could be replicated in case of stocks in order incentivize these users to invest in stocks as well.
For traders, I looked at the major pain points and use cases that the product in it's current form doesn't solve for and help them follow their trading and investing framework in a streamlined manner.
Incentivize traders to set aside profits made from trades and make investments
  • Allow users to set weekly, monthly and quarterly savings goals
  • Automatically transfer profits made from intraday trades to a "Savings Pot"
  • Trigger investment orders on stocks selected by user when goal targets are met
SIPs and One-click Investments in stocks
  • Give the users ability to set an SIP on stocks, reducing the cognitive load of placing orders every time
  • Give users ability to create a bundle of stocks which they can buy/sell with one click - again optimizing the process of making trades which lead to more trades being made
  • A feature to allow users to set rules for saving money based different rules such as rounding up transactions, setting aside money for good digital behaviour, etc. - hence forming a habit that would lead to retention
  • Give users ability trigger bundle orders on stock when goal targets are met
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Increase Revenue of IndiaGold by 5x in FY 2021-22
IndiaGold is a platform that gives users the ability to buy digital gold and get a loan based on gold as a collateral. In this problem we look at another avenue users can look at to gain access to credit.
  • Increase the number of users on the platform
  • Increase the amount of money being made available for credit on the platform
Understanding the business
Indians stockpile more gold than citizens in any other country and India is one of the largest importers of the precious metal.

Indians use this gold not only as a savings instrument, which protects them from the ups-and-downs of the financial market, but also as an asset against which they could get credit. However, selling off your gold in the form of jewellery or otherwise has a stigma attached to it and IndiaGold aims to solve that problem.
Identifying Opportunities
Since the on set of the pandemic, there has been two very different scenarios that played out in Indian households based on their affluence and financial stability.

One group ended up saving a lot of money and looked for avenues to generate some extra income out of this surplus case. Whereas, there was also a section of Indians that found it difficult to meet their capital requirements in emergency situations.

A study also shows that the demand for informal credit especially like a country in India is only going to grow by at least 15% on a Y-O-Y bases
P2P Lending on IndiaGold
  • Giving Lenders the ability to use their surplus cash to generate extra revenue that generates returns better than FD as well as an opportunity to help out credit worthy businesses and individuals in need of capital
  • Giving Borrowers the ability the access to credit without involvement of an intermediary as well as the ability to negotiate an interest rate with the lenders
  • This feature also gives IndiaGold the opportunity act as an escrow for the transaction and make cut from that - new stream of revenue
  • The need for capital and credit is only going to increase, and the ability get that credit without a bank will be super empowering for these users
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Identify Business opportunties that could Relevel grow by 10x
Improving acquisition and generating a new stream of revenue for Relevel - A test taking platform where candidates can land their dream job by taking industry level tests
  • Increase number of users taking the test on the platform
  • Increase number of placements achieved on the platform
  • Identify revenue opportunities from the test taker side
I broke down the problem to identify the Cost and Revenue model for the company. I then looked at the various opportunities of growth and identified which market if acquired could help Relevel grow exponentially.
I identified problems and motivations both from the recruiter as well as test taker side and then prioritized opportunities based Reach, Impact and Effort to build the solution out. After analysing these constraints we decided to focus on the current market of Engineers and Sales professionals and improve the experience for this group rather than expanding into other categories of hiring such as Design, Management, QA, etc.
Learner Communities
  • Community - One place for collaboration and interaction between test takers to discuss career opportunities as well as the latest happenings their field of interest
  • Community(paid) - Upgrade from free Community, where users get access to a library of content to upskill themselves and conduct mock interviews with fellow test takers
  • This feature of community building would create a network effect, leading to user growth
  • Based on the value users can derive from the Paid Communities, we could add more premium features to incentive users even further
Cohort Based Courses
  • Personal CBCs - Short and focused courses conducted by experts before users take the test, in order to get them job-ready
  • This would help increase revenue for the company as well as fill the gap that users currently have in terms of skillset
  • Corporate CBCs - Focused courses that companies can choose to give to their existing employees to get them up-to speed in terms of companies skillset requirements
  • Coroporate CBCs would solve a major pain point for companies and reduce onboarding time for hires by a huge margin - it would in turn help Relevel bring in more revenue
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My Product Observations

Gamification on Flipkart!
Flipkart has a screen dedicated to playing games on the app, which might seem like a distraction from the shopping experience but there is more to it
  • Based on the games you play and how you perform, you earn Flipkart Points
  • These points can then be used redeem vouchers and discounts on the platform
  • This gamification technique increases the engagement of the user on the platform, the user ends spending a lot more time on the app as well, and collecting of points acts as a good hook to retain the user, incentivising them to come and shop again from Flipkart!
Automatic Panoramas by Google Photos
  • Google Photos creates panoramas based on the content of the video (if it's repeated covering the same landscape) and suggests if you want to save it as picture
  • This is a great delighter feature because as we all know aligning and taking a panoramic photo can get difficult and Google just automated that feature
  • This shows Google's strength in ML and how it uses ML to create great product experiences
Personalization on Reddit
  • Reddit offers tons of personalisation for a user giving them the feeling of control
  • With the elaborate avatar creation feature, it also lets users invest time and effort make an avatar that suits their personality
  • Some other personalisation Reddit offers is the ability to change how NSFW content is displayed on your feed, you can also change the reddit icon and Reddit premium gives more customisation on top of that
Advanced Search on Slack
A lot platforms have advanced search as a feature, but none of them encourage the user to use it as Slack does
  • When we go to the search button on Slack, it immediately shows all the shortcuts and formats for advance search queries, making it super intuitive
  • Since Slack is productivity app, it makes sense for them to provide these suggestions to help users reduce cognitive load in terms of searching as well saving them time without having sift through unnecessary messages
  • Platforms like Twitter, Gmail and Google as well should take note and provide some sort of tooltip for advance search functionalities to at least increase awareness amongst users
Drive mode on Audible
  • Audible has a special Drive mode that has only essential buttons such as Play, Rewind 30 seconds and Bookmark
  • This feature super helpful especially for an app like Audible which will used for passive content consumption by users when they're driving
  • It does a great job abstracting away the buttons that won't be used much the user is driving and it also increases the size of these buttons making it more clickable when the phone is at a distance
List tabs on Twitter
Twitter gives uses the ability to create lists. What are lists? A collection of twitter users that user might not want to follow but consume important content from
  • While tweets from users belonging to a list show on the home timeline, the ability to pin these lists and be added as a separate tab on the Home page is game changer
  • It allows the user segment out the content they want to consume and helps reduce the noise
  • It also solves the pain point of users missing out important tweets because they follow tons of people, and sometimes tweets that matter to them may not show on the Home feed, but would definitely show on the Lists Tab feed!