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Digital Transformation Lead, TCS

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Great Lakes, Chennai
2017 - 2018
University of Mumbai
B Tech
2010 - 2014

Work Experience

Digital Transformation Lead
Jul 2018 - Present
Associate Consultant
Jul 2014 - Mar 2017

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Improving awareness and acquisition for Dream11's PowerPlay Program
Dream11 is India's Biggest Fantasy Sports Platform
  • Drive awareness and trust towards Dream 11 [Trust, Perception].
  • Bring CAC down
  • Increase in DAU / MAU
Understanding the Business & Users
Dream11 is an Indian fantasy sports platform that allows users to play fantasy cricket, hockey, football, kabaddi, and basketball.

Revenue Levers: 20% of the total money pooled is deducted as commission while the
remaining 80% is distributed amongst the winners.

Cost levers: Technology upgrade and maintenance, human capital, advertisements.
Pro User: Who has played more than 50–60 free/paid contests on Dream11 and won prizes at least 6 times or more.

Intermediate User: Who has played almost 20–30 free/paid contests on Dream11 and won prizes at least 2 times.

Beginner: Who has played at least 10 free/paid contests on Dream11 and never won.

Explorer: Who has played only 2–3 free/paid contests on Dream11 and never won. S/he trying her/his luck and checking her/his sports knowledge
Why this problem is worth solving?
Dream 11 users feel frustrated because they want to participate, but find it difficult to identify popular contests, appropriate strategies & good guidance in order to have higher chances of winning

Influencers currently participate in multiple fantasy products & have a strong following across social universe, but are unable to get substantial monetary benefits.

Fantasy gaming is a growing market, what if we are losing that share to competitors by not partnering with influential players (influencers)?

Is the delay in decision making due to ‘analysis paralyses? Surveys suggested that 60% of the users are unable to decide on what type of contests they should participate in, especially during non-IPL matches and other sports.

48% of the ‘influencers’ currently promote more than 1 fantasy product in their dedicated social channels
Dream11 Powerplay Affiliate Program
  • Performance tiers to track the growth of users on Dream11
  • Measures performance of influencers across social media channels in 3 categories: Expert Videos, Blogs & Articles, Competition
  • Four performance tiers designed to measure the quality and quantity of contribution- Novice, Intermediate, Expert & Master
  • Badge Distribution Criteria in each performance category based on the Overall Reward Index - Overall Reward Index = (Interest*Experience) / (difficulty*Time)
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Building Community Product for Sportskeeda
Sportskeeda is a go-to platform for hard-core sports fans, founded in 2009
  • Increase in # of users who subscribed for the program
  • Increase in ARPU
  • Increase in user engagement - # of views, # of impressions, watch time, brand interest lift
  • Increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS) / Customer Satisfaction
Understanding Business model
Sportskeeda is the go-to platform for hard-core sports fans, its product offerings include exclusive content, live scores, videos, and in-depth articles produced by experienced sports journalists.

Revenue Generation: Sportskeeda generates revenue by displaying advertisements on its website, which are sourced through leading ad-networks and programmatic-demand-channels.

Costs: Sportskeeda spends on Employees, Content Investments and other miscellaneous services. Content on Sportskeeda is largely from different freelance sports journalists in India and Overseas. It has a fixed contract relationship with well-known writers and variable contract with 2000+ bloggers. Editorial Team of Sportskeeda guides the freelance writers.
Why is this problem worth solving?
Behavioural economics and psychological research have taught us that we fundamentally crave a sense of connectedness, belonging, mission, and meaning. And, Communities deliver these benefits, creating a sense of shared accountability and a set of values while preserving individual autonomy.

If a company can transition from simply delivering a product to building a community, it can unlock extraordinary competitive advantages and both create and support a superior business model. Specifically:

Enthusiastic members help acquire new members, resulting in lower customer acquisition costs and a tight viral loop.

Members are loath to abandon the community, resulting in increased retention and therefore improved lifetime value.

Members support one another, resulting in high gross margins due to a lower cost of service.

The result of this is very real network effects: as engagement grows, the community gets smarter, faster to respond, more globally available, and generates more value.

Prediction & Rewards
  • Votings and Predictions in form of popups will open hours before matches begin - Similar to Fantasy Sports.
  • Winners on those predictions will be awarded with coins.
  • These coins could later be redeemed on the app in the form of 3rd party merchants' offers - Delayed gratification.
  • The more they collect coins and accumulate, better rewards redemptions for users later.
Merchandise Platform & Bidding
  • Partnerships with 3rd party vendors to sell sports merchandise.
  • Sportskeeda will act as an aggregator to bring sellers and buyers on its platform.
  • Auction of exclusive, original editions of merchandise on app for hard-core sports enthusiasts
  • Bidding to be hosted by Sportskeeda for limited time period and the highest bidder will receive the item from the vendor directly.
Community Pages
  • Community Pages for specific teams or Players to be introduced in the app.
  • This will bring sports fans closer where they can chat, comment, and share videos/pictures with similar users.
  • Location specific watch parties, live screenings, partnerships with pubs/restaurants to be floated in the community pages for users to attend (in a post covid scenario).
Sportskeeda Infinity
  • Subscription Plan allowing fans easy access to exclusive content with no intrusive ads, articles penned by legends including exclusive signed merchandise on offer.
  • Exclusive Partnership with legends participating in the series.
  • Allowing fans unobstrusive access to the thought process and also would help in guiding upcoming talent.
  • Access to exclusive content articles leveraging existing partnerships with influencers (eg: Fabrizio Romano)
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Building a user growth strategy for new target cities by using referral program strategy
BluSmart Mobility is a provider of electric shared smart mobility platform for transportation
  • (No. of people participated in the referral program) / (Number of Existing Customers)
  • Average share per participating customer per channel
  • (Number of successful signups out of those invited) / (Number of people invited to the platform)
  • (Number of people who books ride with no referral incentive) / (Number of people who books ride)
Understanding BluSmart
BluSmart Mobility is a provider of electric shared smart mobility platform for transportation.

It is an all-electric, shared, and smart mobility platform for ride-sharing, car-sharing.

BluSmart is a 100% electric mobility platform that partners with electric vehicle manufactures.

They have recently raised Rs. 51.4 crores from Venture capitalist.

Electronic vehicle (EV) is a booming industry and may see exponential growth in next 1-1.5 years.
Market Segmentation
Geographic - Higher Air Quality Index (AQI), Higher population density,

Demographic - Higher middle class, Phone application friendly, 14+ age

Psychographic - Innovation adoption friendly, luxury lifestyle,

Behavioural - attitude towards climate, socially responsible
Static Referral Program
  • As calculated cost per ride is Rs. 95.11 for an equivalent ride of Bill Amount Rs. 259.
  • In this Static Program, Referrer gets Rs. 75 post the completion of the first ride by its referee!
  • Referee too gets Rs. 75 Off on its first ride as a sign-up/referral scheme bonus.
  • Referrer would be earning this money in the BluWallet only, which would later be only used to book upcoming rides.
  • Total Rides booked in this chain of referral is 2. Total Cost of referral scheme to BluSmart is Rs. 150.
Dynamic Referral Program
  • As calculated cost per ride is Rs. 95.11 for an equivalent ride of Bill Amount Rs. 259.
  • Referee too gets 10% off on its first ride as a sign-up/referral scheme bonus.
  • Total Cost; For an average ride of Rs. 259 & first 3 rides of each level, the total cost in referral chain (One referrer with 3 successive member in the chain) would be Rs. 406.
Milestone Battery
  • Segment of target users who are pretty active on various social media platforms. Keeping such milestones would trigger their behavior of reaching the same and sharing it on various handles.
  • This could be merged with the number of rides as well, creating a point system based on number of referrals + own rides, which collectively would increase your activity in the app.
Launch Plan
  • Trigger: Launching referral program prior to winter season as Real time AQI increases at that time.
  • Action: Triggered customers will act on it either for sentiments or rewards. The customers triggered in hope of reward will be stronger & will have a higher pull towards the referral program.
  • Variable Reward: Generates a chain reaction & a strong pull towards referral program. Initial customer will act as an advocate in their network. Sending BluSmart weekly news to make sure user is active in chain.
  • Investment: Customer will be hooked as he has invested time & money with our services. Plan will ensure that customer uses our services multiple times --> convert into a habit. We can link more rewards to the milestone program too which would increase the users incentive to reach the milestone.
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My Product Observations

Duolingo: Game of Tongues
Duolingo made its Nasdaq debut today. 42 million people who use this app to learn a language every month might be really proud of their product choice today.
  • Gamification with awesome conversational copy connects with the user, while making learning fun.
  • Lessons are themed and divided into smaller lessons and it includes a revision of words from previous lessons - makes it easy to learn.
  • 'Daily Streak' number helps to keep tabs on consistency & encourages daily usage and learning.
  • App gives an opportunity to learn multiple languages simultaneously.
  • What can I say about the UI, it's the cutest app interface! :)
MS teams helping make life a lot better
Microsoft saw a steep rise in its users during the pandemic and the figure now stands at 145 mn daily active users. We don't know when things would be back to normal, but team collaboration tools are here to stay.
  • Teams indicates when a user is in meeting - useful when you want to connect with a co-worker.
  • While creating an invite in calendar, it suggests available time slots of others, so that you don't have to keep doing a trial and error until you find a available slot.
  • Integration with other products such as Task by Planner, OneNote to sync everything.
  • Desktop lock screen reminder for calls helps to keep a tab on the scheduled meetings.
World's favourite messaging tool: Whatsapp
Today, it's the turn of world's favourite messaging tool: WhatsApp. Currently, it has 2+Bn users worldwide, out of which ~390 mn are from India.
  • Effective and efficient, what more one wants from a tool.
  • WhatsApp web - useful for people who use laptop more than phone.
  • Read receipt comes in handy when a users needs to convey a message urgently.
  • WhatsApp now allows users to send photos which expire after a single view. A button has been added at the bottom right when media is being selected.
Myntra - poised to become India's largest beauty and personal care player
Myntra is the most loved online destination of Indian shoppers, adding features and functionalities to improve user experience and increase user engagement.
  • The amount of filters Myntra provides to improve the product search experience.
  • One product is listed only once to avoid redundancy.
  • Quick access to fashion influencers in 'Studio' - great for the users who want to keep themselves updated with trends.
  • 'Shop the look' with direct clickable links to the products shown - a great upsell opportunity.
  • The app UI stands out among other apps.
World's leading jobs finder - Glassdoor
Whenever you have an interview scheduled at a company or are thinking of a switch, most likely, you would check Glassdoor to learn more about the company. Its 60 Mn unique monthly visitors are a proof that people want to join a company they will love working at.
  • A great platform to learn more about the company culture and range of salary offered.
  • Gives a perspective about not just overall company growth, but also the learning and growth one could get for different roles (through job titles mentioned in reviews).
  • Great source to research on interview questions/experience before interviewing at a company.
  • Anonymous review posting gives an opportunity to the employees to share true experiences.
How CoinDCX became India's first cryptocurrency unicorn?
CoinDCX recently turned India's first crypto unicorn. 3.5 million users trust CoinDCX with their crypto investments. It plans to onboard new users, expand workforce and start new business initiatives with the recent funding.
  • Ideal for new investors' and insightful 'Did you know' facts for new investors, which other investment apps in the market don't currently offer.
  • Sign-up is not required to explore the app, which is great to reduce friction.
  • Security tips and tutorial on the home screen further help the users in learning more and trying the app.
  • Feature to set up customize price alerts for specific cryptos as per user preference.
  • Overall, it has a beginner-friendly user experience, which is tough to crack for a subject like crypto.
How BB became India's largest online grocery store?
BB daily is one of the best examples of selling convenience, and identifying a customer need before they do. BigBasket Daily's 139% increase in new customers during the initial months of the pandemic validated this.
  • Subscription customization as per frequency - daily, alternate day, every 3 days, weekly, and monthly.
  • Efficient local targeting through vernacular banners (eg I see banners in Gujarati as well, since I am based out of Gujarat).
  • User can modify, delete and pause/resume subscriptions as per convenience (this was a customer delight for me when I used it for the first time).
  • Theft proof delivery in a storage box, so the user need not be present to take the delivery.
  • Quick daily order history dashboard to have a look at all past orders