NIT Calicut
BTech, ECE
2018 - 2022

Work Experience

Co Founder, Operations
Squeak App
Sep 2020 - Present
Co Founder, CMO
Pebble DLT
Oct 2019 - May 2020

My Case Studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Identify a compelling case for a problem in the Hotstar app & propose a detailed solution for it. Ensure improved user experience and thus higher engagement.
  • Increase user engagement with the content
  • Increase retention metric for the platform
  • Increase conversion to paid plans
Understanding the Possibilities
Hotstar stands in the middle of pure OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and TV streaming platforms like SonyLIV, Zee5. It is also home to exclusive sports content & news shows. IPL on Hotstar is one of the biggest online streaming phenomena. Major opportunities for Hotstar include:
  • Introduce Social Features
  • Better Exclusive Shows
  • Improved Games & Gamification
  • Revamped Sports Tab
  • Focus more on Kids segment
Elaborating the Opportunity
Sports is Hotstar's biggest segment but faces the highest churn. Retention rates are low because users have no incentive to use the app or pay for a subscription after a major sports event like IPL. Viewership for the IPL 2020 final ranged between 4 to 6 million. More than 90% do not renew their subscription until the next IPL. If we can retain even 5% of these users, increase in revenue will be around 15 crores(at Rs.400/year)

Revamping the sports tab to a “Sports Centre” product can transform the content experience in Hotstar. We must make Hotstar the one-stop online destination for sports for users. This can be also used as a flywheel to direct users to other content and have a bigger impact.
Personalized Onboarding and Sports Feed
  • Currently no onboarding features available in the sports page. Content is same for all types of sports viewers.
  • In Personalized onboarding,  a new user clicking on the “Sports” tab must be presented with a personalization window to choose favorite leagues, teams, tournaments, etc.
  • New Sports Page show scores, live and upcoming matches of favorite teams, tournaments, team news.
  • Sports news snippets which in turn can take to Hotstar’s News tab for video news
User created teams for Team of the Year, auctions and transfers
  • Allow users to create their predicted team during IPL Auctions, Premier League, ISL transfers etc. If team matches final real-world team, reward user
  • "Make your team of the year" at the end of sports season
  • Vote for “Hotstar Team of the Year” with other users
  • Allow sharing of all created teams to social media with Hotstar branding
Watch to Unlock feature
  • Acts as a flywheel to  to get sports users to sample entertainment content or vice versa
  • Allow unlocks to premium content in other segments as a reward for watching ‘N’ number of matches or a certain live match
  • Content to be unlocked must be personalized to make user watch more and thus guide them to the purchase funnel
Team/player profiles
  • Each team & major players must have a profile-like page which is accessible at any point page by clicking their name/image
  • It shows their game statistics, future games, related news, wins & trophies.
  • Teams can engage with users through profiles by posting images, putting up polls etc.
Revamp YouTube with sports focused channel
  • Current YouTube channel is entertainment focused
  • Introduce “Hotstar Sports” YouTube channel with carefully limited sports content to funnel users to the app
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Create a PRD for the Experts Page for Beauty Club in the Airblack Website.
Airblack is an online learning platform for passion skills. Airblack Beauty Club is a live learning platform for beauty with makeup experts & enthusiasts
  • Increase number of workshops booked by user after visit to the expert page
  • Increase conversions of visitor to Airblack member after visit to the expert page
Product Overview
Airblack expert profile page for the Airblack Beauty Club website allows new members or undecided users to know Airblack experts, understand the sessions & expertise available, and help make the decision to book them or be a member. Without such a product, users lack transparency about who they are taking classes from & what to expect
from an expert. This decreased authenticity can lead to less conversions.
Value Provided
To Customer - Ensures value for money is provided. Easy decision making of attending suitable sessions or taking membership

To Business - Increased membership conversions after users see the transparency & high value provided. Also more retention of existing members. Helps increase revenue and in goal of building the passion economy
Highlight Images of expert with Self intro
  • Highlight Images of the expert on top of the page can capture the user attention quickly
  • A first person self intro can give a distinct voice to the expert that can help connect better with the user
Statistics of Expert's previous sessions
  • A comprehensive statistics section of the expert's previous classes
  • Gives more credibility and reliability for the users
About Section of Expert with Social media link & Makeup Philosophy
  • Provides more personal touch & authenticity to the expert in front of the user
  • Link to larger work allows transparency
Makeup Portfolio & Sessions Available
  • Allows expert to showcase their skills & get more attendees to sessions
  • Helps users understand what to expect from the expert and their future sessions
  • Helps users decide what topics to ask doubts if present
  • Users can decide between different experts based on the expertise and availability
Reviews Section
  • Brief review section with top reviews on main page and link to another page with all reviews  
  • Allows users to see if the sessions/memberships are worth their time and money
  • Allows experts to understand their shortcomings
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My Product Observations

The case of Be My Eyes and natural growth
Be My Eyes is a mobile app that connects blind & visually impaired individuals with sighted volunteers through live video calls.
  • For this generation with less time, the app satisfies the human desire to do good through micro volunteering
  • This causes huge number of volunteers to sign up, which in turn leads zero wait time for those needing assistance
  • Has a community space which shares stories of such help, which fuels existing users
  • The delight of getting a call and the gratification of helping compels volunteers to stick to the app even if the next call will be months away
How Glance captures user attention successfully
Glance brings a feed of entertainment, news, sports etc to the lock screen
  • Glance comes pre loaded in major brands like Samsung & Xiaomi which drastically decreases the friction of downloading it
  • It has 3 layers - an everchanging lock screen with eye catching images & snippets of facts/entertainment, a swipe which expands on the image displayed, and a scroll that takes to the next piece
  • It is personalized for content and language, catering to a large TAM . Once they start scrolling, the variety of content hooks them
  • Glance allows embedded YouTube videos, has mini games and will have shopping features, all in the lock screen!
The art of being invisible; understanding through Indeed
Indeed is an online job search platform
A major category of products are successful when the user doesn't even know it is there. The use understands its value only in its absence
  • Indeed displays this philosophy. It has extremely low friction for a product in its category
  • The product is designed with a "Jobs to be Done" framework with all user needs addressed upfront. The homepage is a highlight in Keeping it Simple
  • Users can complete the job search and application without signing up for an account. It pushes a sign up only when users finds it difficult to apply in bulk and eases this pain by offering faster options
How to make reading more engaging; through Hacker Noon
Hacker Noon is a website that publishes articles on tech, business, finance etc.
  • Hacker Noon divides each article into logical chunks and offers 4 ways to react to each part
  • The reactions include positive and negative ones. So if the reader likes one part but not another, they can express this. This can also help the writer understand general perception and possible improvements
  • We can see how others reacted previously, which helps to expand our views and understand biases about the topic

Achievements & Extra Curriculars

  • Team lead for gesture-based vehicle using Arduino & Bluetooth in 1st year. Winner of technical competition in Tathva ’18
  • Member of Public Relations and Registration committees for Tathva ’19 & Ragam ‘20(NIT Calicut Fests)
  • Flood Relief Volunteer as part of NSS & as workforce under District Collector
  • Senior Executive – Club Mathematica which conducts events including Infinitum 19, South India’s biggest Logical Quiz with 20,000+ participants.