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2019 - 2021
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2013 - 2017

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my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Increasing Orders per Reseller per month on Meesho.
Meesho is an Indian-origin reselling app and a social commerce platform
  • Order per reseller per month.
  • Number of successful orders.
Understanding the pain points of the users by conducting the primary and secondary research. Prioritizing the user needs and providing recommendations to meet the business goals.
  • For users, the main user needs post prioritization are Need to buy matching items, Need to buy at the right price, Need to find items as per their taste, and Need to get the right fit of the products.
  • For resellers, two main metrics, the Number of orders and the number of returns are identified. If the app can cater to the needs mentioned above it can help move the lever for the number of orders per reseller per month.
  • The recommended solutions for every need are laid out and the most feasible solution with respect to different constraints as well as the primary business goal is prioritized. After that the A/B testing and phase-wise GTM is laid out.
Displaying Frequently bought together
  • For the need to buy matching items, app can have a section called Frequently bought together.
  • Showing frequently brought together items so that resellers can cross-sell the items based on the popular choice among the users.
  • Existing data about different SKUs can be leveraged in giving out recommendations.
  • The average cart value would increase and the number of orders per reseller would increase.
Showing Average Margins to the reseller.
  • For the need to buy at the best price, the app can show the average margin to the reseller.
  • This would give the reseller an idea about the price propensity for their items and they can set the margins accordingly.
  • Users will have more or less similar pricing across the categories ruling out the biases due to price.
  • This would help the resellers acquire the customers which they might lose due to wrong pricing and increase the number of orders.
Correct product and right size fit.
  • The biggest step to decrease the return orders is to show the product beforehand. Experiencing the quality and fit beforehand.
  • Resellers can be verified and be allowed to order samples for themselves.
  • A high return window can be given to returning the sample products so that resellers can show the actual products to the customers.
  • This would significantly decrease the return of the products once ordered.
  • The downside is resellers with wide reach cannot use this but the majority can use the feature.
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Increase Daily Active Users on InterviewBit
InterviewBit is an Interview preparation site focused majorly on tech industry.
  • Number of users
  • % of users visiting per day
Understanding the pain points of a user in the process of finding a job. Prioritizing the pain points and recommending the solution which can increase the daily active users on the platform.
  • The interview bit being an interview prep platform has two main user personas, students and working professionals. Students are being focused as they can contribute more towards the daily activity on the platform.
  • Primary need to crack a job interview is broken down into further needs and prioritized as per what platform as well as competition is already doing to address those.
  • Based on the prioritized needs, solutions are recommended and prioritized based on the constraints, impact and the metric it would move ultimately.
  • With the chosen recommendations GTM strategy with MVP and further phases are defined.
Helping the user understand the skills required to crack the job
  • A skill gap might be there between the skills required for the job and the skills a candidate has. The resources might be present but a way to highlight what skills need to be acquired is useful.
  • No competitor is providing the same, rendering this as an opportunity.
  • This will directly impact the number of users visiting the site hence affecting our DAU metric directly.
  • Integration of the skills required for a certain job can be linked with the skills offered on the platform.
  • This way the user would be exposed to even more offerings based on the jobs listed.
Question of the Day Section
  • If a user finds interesting content to practice, it will increase the stickiness to the platform hence increasing the metric, DAU.
  • We can introduce a Question of the Day section, where daily, a question would be posted to be solved by the community.
  • This will drive the daily activity on the platform.
  • Gamification in the form of a leaderboard based on the time taken to solve the question, etc. can be introduced to create a strong motivation.
Expert Interview Section
  • Interview with the expert who might be working in the companies as hiring managers can give the candidates an exclusive sneak peek into the kind of questions and can give them an edge over other candidates.
  • Paid expert interviews can be scheduled with industry experts by collaborating with working professionals.
  • The reward coin system can be implemented across the platform, where the user activity is rewarded with coins.
  • These coins can be used as a payment method for the user for an expert interview.
  • This would encourage users to be active on the platform and will directly impact the metric DAU.
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Improve engagement on Facebook from younger users.
Younger users (Age<30 yrs) have been more active on Snapchat/ Instagram, how the engagement can be increased on Facebook platform.
  • Average Engagement time per user per day
Through the primary and secondary research, the main cause for dropping the engagement on the platform is a lack of interesting content for the targeted age group. The pain points related to the creators are being identified and recommendations are given to improve the content quality which would result in an increase in user engagement.
According to secondary research, organic video posts receive 38% more engagement than photos. Most of the social media where the engagement of the young users is high as compared to Facebook has short videos as their primary content. Hence, we can focus on the short video format on Facebook. We will find out the pain points of the creators on the platforms. Prioritize them and then recommendations for the identified pain points would be given. The main pain points identified are- The accessibility of the Reels section on the app, guiding the creators on what to create, post sentiment through the comments.
Creating dedicated space for reels on the App
  • One of the major pain point for the creators is the accessibility of the reels on the facebook app.
  • The reels section is not present as prominently as it is there on the other apps and might prove to be a deterrent. Getting to the reels section requires a lot of steps.
  • Reel option can be provided on the home page to make the reels one-click accessible. Which can land the users on the reels page where other prompts can be there.
Showing Trends in the reels world
  • Another major pain point for the creators can be a lack of awareness of what to create. Creating irrelevant videos might not garner enough engagement from the users and hence can lead to demotivation among the creators.
  • The Trends section can be introduced on the Reels landing page.
  • Data related to the trending reels on an overall level, trending reels among the follower of the creator, reels popular among creator's friends, etc. can be given.
  • This would give both creators as well as viewers relevant content and will help increase engagement on the platform.
Making the feedback accessible
  • Feedback directly from the viewers can be a great way for the creators to decide what they wanna create for better reach.
  • But genuine and relevant suggestions might get lost in the sea of comments.
  • A search bar can be provided for the creators in the first phase where creators can search the comments of their loyal users or use a keyword.
  • Later NLP can be introduced for the sentiment analysis in the comments which can highlight whether the content is right or needs to be changed.
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My Product Observations

How Rapido enhanced the payment experience by including UPI QR codes at payment page
Rapido is an Indian taxi aggregator and logistics service provider.
  • One of the biggest pain point during the ride was payment after the completion of the ride. Rendering exact change was a big problem for the users.
  • Companies tried to tackle this by including their own wallets or by incorporating multiple payment options like cards/third-party wallets, etc.
  • All the above measures resulted in an even worse experience as this resulted in more ride cancellations since ride partners had an issue with periodic payments.
  • Rapido introduced the UPI QR code in the app on the payment page which targeted two pain points simultaneously, mode of payment and amount of payment.
  • Money is deposited directly to the partner's bank account also helped riders and it resulted in an overall great experience for the user.
How Ajio Luxe created a premium user experience and increased the average cart value
Ajio is an online shopping site for fashion and lifestyle in India. Ajio Luxe is the premium segment with catalogue having premium brands from all around the world
  • Shopping from premium brands is always have been about the experience along with the product itself.
  • Ajio replicated the same, online on their app creating a separate section with completely different UI as well as listings in terms of the product and brands.
  • Ajio was able to create a premium shopping experience from the comfort of the home and it was hugely accentuated by the pandemic.
  • This would also help in increase in average cart value of the app, due to high value items.
How Zomato made it easy for delivery partners to locate the restaurants.
Zomato is India's largest food delivery, dining, and restaurant discovery service.
  • One of the biggest pain points for the delivery partners is locating the restaurant while picking up the order as it is difficult to navigate while driving a two-wheeler.
  • Zomato addressed this by providing an option to record the last mile reaching instructions for the riders in the restaurant partner app.
  • This helps the riders reach the restaurant easily and avoid unnecessary delays to the customers and calls to the restaurant managers.
  • This ensures an enhanced experience for the end customers, restaurants as well as riders and decreases the time taken for executives to reach the restaurants.