Prateek Jain

Ex Senior Analyst, Derivatives Valuations| Credit Suisse

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Indian School of Business, Hyderabad
2018 - 2019
HR College of Commerce and Economics Mumbai University
Bachelor of Commerce
2010 - 2013
CFA Institute

Work Experience

Senior Analyst
Credit Suisse
Apr 2019 - Oct 2021
Internal Control and Accounts Executive
Elfit Arabia FZE
Jan 2016 - Mar 2018

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Product ideas to improve organic user growth of Cuemath in a scalable and efficient manner.
Cuemath is a Math and Problem Solving skills platform focused on K-12 students.
  • Number of sessions per user, time per session
  • Number of Engagements per user per week
  • Click through rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • I analyzed the growth levers of the business to identify the important aspects of the product contributing to growth and what we should focus on.
  • I then formulated a problem statement in that context, and ideated solutions with the major user personas in mind.
  • For the solutions, I followed a pattern of discussing the solution and why it should be built in the first place, then detailing user flows, metrics and implementation plans.
Add passively social features to the platform.
  • Let users add other users to their friend lists
  • Users can see progress of their friends in different subjects as well as their achievements, and give basic reactions eg likes, claps etc
  • Users can share problems/questions on the app they find interesting with fellow learners.
  • Users can mark certain topics/problems with a help needed sign, this is a way to promote discussion and help between fellow learners, outside the app
Improve gamification with Visual Avatars
  • Every user gets an avatar, which can be customized using resources like gold and silver which is earned through the activities in the app.
  • Progress and achievements are visually displayed on the avatar
  • People in each others friend lists can see their Avatar.
Improve Conversion through a Diagnostic Test score on the subscription screen
  • When a user visits Cuemath they can take a free diagnostic test designed as per the grade that the parent is interested in for the child.
  • Enrolled users who have taken a test in the beginning are prompted to take the test again after 6 months.
  • Improvement of diagnostic test scores of users between when they joined and 6 months after being enrolled in the program will be displayed to new visitors in the marketing copy for the testimonials to demonstrate the effectiveness of the program.
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Improve the pricing page of PetPooja to increase conversion rate
PetPooja provides POS software solutions for restaurants
  • Time spent on page
  • Conversions from page
  • Enquiries Generated from page
  • Delta for MoM Growth rate of new sign ups
Analysed the existing page with regard to pain points for a potential visitor and comparison to standard best practices for pricing pages of B2B SaaS companies.
  • Considered the plans on offer and how they may be impacting the business.
  • Analysed what information is missing that may be needed to make a decision.
  • What UI aspects that are standard are missing from the pricing page of the website
  • Then defined concrete goals for the redesign
Expansion of the plans on offer
  • The current way of charging a fixed price for all features is flawed because either the price is too low and it is leaving a lot of money on the table or the pricing is in between such that it is losing out smaller customers.
  • Therefore a tiered plan with Basic, Advanced and Enterprise tiers needs to be offered.
  • Add a 2 week trial period for users to experience the software.
Improve display of marketing copy on the page
  • Add video panels showing the most useful features of the software in action.
  • Add user testimonial panels
  • In the pricing tiers table add info button next to the feature items which show detail on mouse hover
Revamp of the UI/UX on the page and add clear CTAs
  • Add a support helpline number and chatbot on the page.
  • Text Field to leave a query to improve callbacks
  • Add an FAQ Section
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Improving the User Acquisition and Retention at Rooter
Rooter is an Indian game streaming platform
  • Number of sessions per day, average session duration
  • Percentage of users that create content.
  • Content Uploaded per week by creators
  • DAU/ MAU and N Day retention rates for 1, 7, 30 and 60 daysNumber of streams with less than 5 Viewers
I analyzed the growth levers of the business and the user behaviours and then approached the problem with solutions focused on Streamers and Viewers.
  • I first analysed the business to uncover the growth levers for Rooter.
  • I also analyzed streaming as an entertainment category to understand why users use  particular platform over others, and what are the user behaviours specific to streaming.
  • I then ideated solutions while keeping in mind the pain points of both creators and viewers.
Recommendations to improve the experience for Creators.
  • One touch button to clip last 30-60 seconds of play and tag it as a learning nugget/tip
  • Option to add more details on the profile page of creators so that first time viewers have a better connect on visiting the profile.
  • Let creators suggest channels to watch while they are offline, for easier content discovery and creator collaboration opportunities.
  • Automated 1 minute clips of the moments in stream with the maximum engagement.
Recommendations to improve the experience for Creators.
  • Reduce friction for viewers to see their followed channels.
  • Allow Users to fine tune recommendations of channels if they dont find something interesting or useful.
  • Try experimenting with more categories of content beyond gaming, like music and cooking, art etc
  • Social Features for users whereby they can message each other privately while in a chat on a stream, or add each other friends lists and DM
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Decoding the Product psychology of Myntra
How Myntra has managed to create a habit forming product
  • Weekly active Users
  • Time per session, number of sessions per week per user
Analyzed Myntra's Habit loop for a typical user and what components of that loop reinforce the habit.
  • Myntra works to ease activation for first time users by reducing the cognitive load on their screens through a combination of strong visual marketing on landing page, urgency signalling on the product page, and making it easier to make the first purchase.
  • Myntra has built several repeat use features that keep users returning to the app. Eg Myntra Studio for Influencers, games (Play and earn), and fashion editorials.
Analyzed Myntra's Habit loop for a typical user and what components of that loop reinforce the habit.
  • Sunk cost and Loss Psychology is employed whereby your myntra insider points and other currency that you have earned decay if you dont use the app.
  • Employs Appointment dynamics to get people to use the app at specific times of the day and reinforce the habit. This is done through Push notifications, and reminders for live shopping masterclass.
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My Product Observations

Why did wordle get so viral
  • The same wordle is present for everybody for the day globally. So everybody is working on the same thing. Satisfies the Social comparison requirement, much like spotify end of year stats.
  • You are able to share your performance without ruining the word for others.
Make my trips lock the fare functionality improves retention
Lock the fare functionity allows you to pay a small fee to lock the fare, if the price goes up , you pay the locked in fare
  • Helps user who is seeing a good deal right now, but unsure of travel plans and therefore hesitant to book
  • Prevents the user from shopping around on other websites too much for a better deal.
  • Increases the likelihood of conversion in that instant by removing the possibility of future loss (working on the loss aversion bias) reinforces social nature of its classes through Squads and reduces customer churn
  • Cultfit has a squads feature where you can add people to a squad and get updates about each others activity through your app feed.
  • The biggest reason for churn in gym memberships is that people end up not going to the gym. Cult tries to nudge people to go by giving them social updates about their squad mates whoa re regular.
Twitter's comment downvote solves and important UX problem
comments to a tweet on twitter can now be downvoted privately and it will affect the order in which they appear.
  • The engagement with tweets has been high but with the comments under tweets is much lower.
  • This is largely because of the quality of comments, since no priorities are applied to comments that are not from verified accounts or not follower by the Original Poster.
  • This feature gives a chance for good comments to be displayed higher up in threads, by community effort, which would otherwise be lost in the thousands of comments below.