Aniket Nitin Kulkarni

Pallabi Padhi

Assistant Manager, CreditAccess Grameen

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IIM, Lucknow
Executive Program, Product Management
2021 - 2022
MICA, Ahmedabad
2018 - 2020
VSSUT, Odisha
B. Tech
2012 - 2016

Work Experience

Assistant Manager
CreditAccess Grameen
Apr 2021 - Present
Business Analyst
Madura Microfinance
Jun 2020 - Mar 2021
Application Development Associate
Jun 2016 - Aug 2017

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Increasing engagement of a CRED user for improving the cross-sell opportunities
  • To increase the average time spent on CRED app from 10 mins to 20 mins per session.
Identifying the levers for improving engagement
  • There are two kinds of user interactions with CRED- 1. Financial 2.Non-financial (Lifestyle)
  • Increasing time taken for completing financial transactions would adversely affect the user experience
  • The focus is therefore on increasing the time spent on lifestyle (non-financial) touchpoints
Identifying opportunities in lifestyle touchpoints
The focus is on either improving the existing touchpoints or introducing new ones such that any one of the following kicks in

  • No of cross sell opportunities increases with increasing number of touchpoints
  • No of cross sell opportunities increases with increasing time spent per touchpoint
  • No of cross sell opportunities increases with increasing frequency of using any touchpoint
Improving existing touchpoints
  • Reward pool that allows users  to share their rewards
  • Curating the Book Now Travel Later feature for special occasions such as wedding, anniversary, birthdays, etc.
Introducing new touchpoints
  • Social Gamification where people can play against each other to win rewards
  • Social Commerce for brands on CRED store
  • Crowd-investment to lend credit for business infrastructure such as electric vehicles for logistics start-ups
  • Classifieds
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Differentiating in e-commerce value proposition space such that it is more focused on Tier 2 India
  • 2x increase in the number of daily active users on the platform
Identifying the scope for differentiation in different phases of the customer journey
  • The e-commerce customer journey can be broken down into three major phases 1. Purchase 2. Delivery 3. Return
  • Delivery & Return are logistics focused which giants like Amazon & Flipkart have set very high benchmarks for. Differentiating, therefore, would be a resource & time consuming effort that is also beyond the domain of e-commerce expertise.
  • Purchase experience, which is the core e-commerce focus, can be optimized to make it more humane and emotional.
Imitating the shopping experience of offline world on the online platform
  • Group Shopping with family & friends
  • Personalize the purchase journey for select use cases such as Diwali, Durga Puja, etc.
  • Everyday shopping prime time that lasts from 10 pm to 12 am
  • Save item option that can reserve a product and keep it aside without being sold for a day
  • Enable a bid system so that users can bargain the price of a product within a specified range
  • Loyalty based discounts offered by the platform that is based exclusively on usage pattern
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My Product Observations

Why is Netflix focusing on gaming services ?
  • The total addressable market of gaming as a form of entertainment is too big to ignore.
  • Gaming is a new point of entry to Netflix's content.
  • Gaming would ensure retaining users who would otherwise be lost to other platforms/services offering more content variety.
Why has Grofers re-branded itself as blinkit ?
  • Grofers has been focusing on Value For Money in online grocery purchases.
  • A shift from price to convenience as a value proposition is drastic.
  • So, an equally rigorous re-branding would ensure that users notice the difference and register the new brand messaging.
Why did Indigo introduce a co-branded credit card with Kotak Mahindra ?
  • With TATA gaining back control of Air India, customer attrition is predicted by all existing airlines since loyalty to TATA as a mother brand is real. A well-defined Indigo loyalty program will at least reduce the attrition rate.
  • Air travel has been taking off big. Customer relationship, is therefore, very important for Indigo to maintain its market leadership.
Why did Zomato add a gifting option on their app ?
  • Users already order food on Zomato for others to make them feel special.
  • Personalized messages and gifting look & feel will increase user delight.
  • Curating such experiences encourage repeat user behavior which is sending food to others in this case.
Why did Google Chrome add an option for sharing and saving web URLs as QR codes?
  • Creation of cross-functional use cases for Google lens.
  • QR codes can serve as an alternate for bookmarks that can be accessed from anywhere with out even signing into an email id.