Aniket Nitin Kulkarni

Mithun Kasetty

Business Development Manager, Sociograph Solutions Pvt Ltd

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RVIM, Bangalore
2008 - 2011

Work Experience

Business Development Manager
Sociograph Solutions Pvt Ltd
Nov 2020 - Present
Business Development Manager
Poso Services Pvt Ltd
Feb 2020 - Oct 2020
Operations and Business Development Manager
Supralax Electronics Pvt Ltd
Dec 2017 - Feb 2020
Operations and Business Development Manager
Jan 2011 - Nov 2017

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Improving customer awareness and acquisition for Freecharge app.
Increase the number of users who are downloading the app and increase the customer engagement in the app
  • Increase the app downloads
  • Increase repeat users on the platform
  • Increase user engagement with the content
Given that the users of payment apps have different behavior, motivation and preferences for using the product, I decided to approach the problem for first-time users, frequent users, and dormant users.

The onboarding process of the Freecharge app can be improved by reducing the number of steps required to build an account or sign up, and can have multiple registration options for example, login with Facebook or Google.

Demonstrate the features of the app during the on-boarding process, but don’t overwhelm users immediately. Onboarded customers who see an immediate value are more likely to stay active, transact more, and create long-term brand loyalty to help achieve sustainable growth. In terms of assisting users, the app may improve their complete user journey from on-boarding to viewing experience to engagement. Users experiences should also be personalized, with content recommendations based on their interests and choices.
Asking user preferences before displaying Tailor-Made Services
  • A questionnaire should appear before displaying the Tailor-Made Services to the user.
  • Personalizing the homepage and provide personalized content recommendations to users.
  • Displaying relevant offers to customers based on their preference or usage.
  • Showing relevant investment options based on user data.
Increase user engagement
  • Use user-specific behavioral insights to drive tailored in-app notifications and push strategies.
  • Increasing the range of offers given to customer on using the app.
  • Introducing loyalty program to make users feel significant and important to the brand.
  • Incentivize users with usage-based rewards instead of monetary discounts.
Increase retention to the app
  • Asking for feedback and improving the CX based on it shows users that their opinion is of value.
  • Re-engage users who have gone inactive by posting themed push notifications.
  • By using push notification technology to cultivate unique mobile user engagement app campaigns and tracking app usage patterns using accessible data, and create personalized mobile user engagement app campaigns.
  • To boost loyalty, send timely reminders for utility bill payments and launch targeted ads to stimulate customer retention.
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My Product Observations

Netflix's constant improvement on user engagement
Netflix added new feature "Play Something"
  • The feature “Play Something” is a shuffle mode option that will play another movie or show based on users interests and prior viewing behavior.
  • A well-curated personalized list of shows and movies for users to choose from.
  • Placed at location that’s meant to appear right at the point where users begin to get frustrated with browsing and may have otherwise exited the app.
  • This feature isn’t only about giving users another, easier way to watch but also retaining users in the app before they jump to another entertainment option.
Youtube removed the dislike count
YouTube removed the dislike count on videos from being public to promote respectful interactions between viewers and creators.
  • By displaying the dislikes publicly, videos with highest number of dislikes or targeted dislikes can affect the creators mental health.
  • Viewers can still dislike videos to further personalize and tune their recommendations.
  • Creators can still view exact dislike counts in YouTube Studio for each video.
  • This in turn can be more challenging for viewers to separate good videos from bad videos.
LinkedIn Polls
There are multiple user personas who use LinkedIn, here I am looking at the perspective of a B2B user or freelancer.
  • Through LinkedIn Polls users can -
  • Boost up the level of engagement on a their profile.
  • Identify the key pain points and challenges to launch new products/services or improve current products/services.
  • Gain insights which can help drive business and marketing strategy.
  • Collect feedback which in-turn can help in content creation.