Jotsimran Bains

Chief Manager, ICICI Lombard

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Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur
2019 - 2021
Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh
B Tech
2011 - 2015

Work Experience

Chief Manager
ICICI Lombard
Jun 2021 - Present
Cost Consultant
DM Consulting
Sep 2015 - May 2019

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Improving Pricing Page Visibility and Traffic of WebEngage
WebEngage is an Indian-origin customer data platform and marketing automation suite
  • To increase the number of users who are visiting pricing page (Pricing Page Traffic)
  • Increasing demo requests from the users visiting pricing page
Presented with the plethora of information on the landing page, a potential customer might get overwhelmed and find it difficult to locate the pricing page. My approach majorly focused on reducing the cognitive load of a potential customer.
To address the traffic volume at the pricing page I explored various avenues where pricing banner could be added or made visible. I benchmarked against competitors operating in the same industry to identify the best practices for increasing pricing page visibility.

To increase the demo requests rate, I focused on increasing intent or curiosity of potential consumers by analyzing different touchpoint additions in the customer journey.
Improving Pricing Page Visibility
  • Adding a pricing page banner along with the other pages at the navigation bar of the page based on benchmarking with other competitors
  • Placing a pricing page button on the sections which are frequently visited by the visitors which will increase pricing page visibility section wise as well
  • Showing a pop up based on a criteria of average time spent on the landing page redirecting the users to the pricing page when clicked
  • Personalized pricing page pop ups based on user's search on the landing page or different sections on the website
Improving Demo Request Rates for Pricing Page Visitors
  • Based on the best practice in the industry, a live chatbot can resolve all the basic queries for a business about the product
  • Chatbot prompting questions understanding the need of a user and suggest best fit options as per user requirements
  • Enabling chatbot to book a demo directly by displaying a calendar in the chat for the users opting for 'Yes" as an option to the demo request
  • Recommendations of optimal product/service bundle along with ROI tenure for a user based on the questions prompted by the chatbot
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Categorization of Services Offered in Mfine Application to Improve User Experience and Retention
MFine is an on-demand, digital primary healthcare platform which offers professional diagnostics and health check-up services anywhere using ground breaking artificial intelligence
  • Increasing Monthly Active Users by improving app navigation enabling higher Acquisition rates
Industry Outlook - HealthTech
The covid-19 pandemic has accelerated growth of the Indian healthtech industry, which is expected to touch $5 billion by 2023 with a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 39%

The Indian healthtech market will contribute $21 Bn by 2025, which is still only 3.3% of the total addressable healthcare market which is pegged to reach $638 Bn in 2025

Prominent telemedicine startups including myUpchar, Practo, Tattvan, Lybrate and mFine have witnessed around 3x jump with new users since the lockdown
Identifying the Opportunities
I identified three major opportunities which could enable MFine to grow and capture the untapped market potential in the Health Tech space. Based on the comparative analysis analysis with all the major opportunities available, the following three opportunities came at the top:

Providing another service in the value chain which is Care Taker service that could enable MFine to provide one stop solution for everything

Providing highest level of user experience using AI within the current application to have an edge over the competitors

Providing second opinion services for the patients recommended for surgeries by specialists
Care Taker Services
  • Adding a section of booking a care taker from a list of options based on user location
  • Recommendations feature to the users who just went through severe illness based on user records and prescriptions
  • Subscription plans for regular users based on previous booking data
Improving Existing Application
  • Segregating application home screen into three different tabs based on most frequently booked services categories (Common Diseases, Order Medicines, Lab tests)
  • Generating pop-ups for latest health camps or offers rolled out by the company
  • Using AI to identify medicine ordering pattern and providing nudges to reorder or repeat order, increasing acquisition and retention of users
  • Personalized subscription plans for regular users in lab test category based on patterns identified using AI
Second Opinion
  • A special service category with specialized doctors recommending based on the previous tests and treatment reports of the users
  • Pre and post surgery action plans along with precautions for the patients developed based on the documents provided
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My Product Observations

How Goibibo is serving their price sensitive customers?
Travel booking giant Goibibo has launched a feature called 'Lock Price'
  • The option for locking price for the next two days caters to their price sensitive customers
  • The features is placed in a manner that the discoverability of the feature is outstanding
  • Feature developed with focus on loss aversion aspect of the target segment
  • Offering Whatsapp price alert notifications increasing touchpoints for engagement
How Zoom is focusing on becoming one stop solution for businesses?
Zoom has introduced a section called apps which lists apps that could be integrated with Zoom
  • Zoom is on a journey to create an integrated system with the popular apps used by other businesses
  • The integration with Asana allows Zoom to transcribe meeting and make it available on Asana along with the recordings of the meetings held
  • Providing the information about what features will get activated by enabling Zoom integration covers the curiosity gap among users
How Zepto is gaining market share in grocery delivery?
Zepto is a grocery delivery app which ensures that the delivery will be made within 15 minutes
  • Zepto has a unique way of taking feedback by asking users to suggest a product that they want to see on the app
  • They are creating an environment of inclusivity by involving users
  • Zepto has 'dark stores' located at various locations for fulfilling quick deliveries
What are MakeMyTrip's new sections of TripMoney & Trip Ideas?
MakeMyTrip is adding unique value propositions to differentiate against competitors
  • TripMoney offers travel loans, book now pay later, personal loans, and credit cards
  • MakeMyTrip is exploring a whole new segment which could unlock new business avenues
  • Trip Ideas feature is focused on inclusivity as it allows users to post stories of their latest trips booked through MMT