Indrani Roy

SAP MDG Consultant, Accenture

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B.P Poddar Institute of Management and Technology
2013 - 2017

Work Experience

SAP MDG Consultant
Jan 2021 - Present
SAP MDG Developer
Infosys Ltd.
Oct 2019 - Dec 2020
Training Facilitator
Infosys Ltd.
Apr 2018 - Oct 2019

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Improving customer retention for PharmEasy's diagnostic tests vertical
PharmEasy's offering of diagnostic tests is fairly new on its platform. The offerings are catered to by its recently acquired subsidiary, Thyrocare.
  • Increase the number of repeat users booking diagnostic tests on the platform
  • Increase customer satisfaction for diagnostic tests related service offering
Nailing down the 'Why'
Since diagnostic tests is a relatively new product offering for PharmEasy, the goal is to instill trust amongst the users who have given this offering a try. I am not targeting awareness of the offering as PharmEasy has taken care of this bit via the in-app placement of the diagnostic tests hence leveraging its existing user base.
Zeroing in the 'What' and 'for whom'
What are we solving : Users are unsure about the ability/know-how of the professionals they interact with via Pharmeasy’s platform.
This either translates to a bad product experience or churn.
(We assume here, the professionals are capable of catering to the requested services.)
For Whom are we solving : This case study is targeted for PharmEasy users who have ordered and completed at least 1 diagnostic test from PharmEasy app ever since the introduction of the diagnostic test offering.
Based on proof of expertise
  • When assigned, show professional’s background such show license number (if applicable), brands worked for, years of experience, etc. to the users
  • Let users choose the professionals based on the information available
    Show user rating and reviews or number of patients attended for the professionals to establish trust
  • Provide the technicians with a PharmEasy verified physical card that has the technicians details on it which the user can scan to verify the technician from the app
Invoke other emotions like fun to take the steam off
  • Create an avatar of the professional and show her assisting in  the user journey till the order is complete
Reduce friction regarding stakeholder communication
  • Let the users know who are the assigned  professionals
  • Let the users communicate with the assigned professionals via other modes like chat
Ensuring the professionals are adequately trained and are accountable
  • Run rigorous verification before onboarding
  • Have repercussions for ill-behavior or mishandling of users
  • Let users provide feedback about their experience and connect directly with them for poor experiences
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Increasing the number of female users on Hinge
Hinge is an online dating application where users can find potential romantic partners by engaging (liking/commenting) with the pictures of profiles of their interest.
  • 80% of userbase as "verified"
  • Reduction in number of spam/fake profiles reported
  • Increase in number of female users on the plaform
How is Hinge daring to be "different" in the world of dating
In the dating world that is dissed for hookups, Hinge places itself as a product which is intended for "serious dating". It sets itself apart by breaking the "swiping" stereotype and letting users "like" and leave comments on the profiles they like.Despite having a rather "different" value proposition, Hinge is not the most popular dating app and has not been able to leverage the established proposition. One of the reasons for the same could be attributed to the problem of less female users on the platform. This gender divide gap hurts everyone on the platform.
Thinking beyond the product
To address this problem, I have limited my context to userbase of Hinge in India.
In the detailed document, I have navigated into :
  • the motivations behind Indian users using dating apps.
  • how a disbalanced ratio of one gender can be a loss for everyone
  • the 'whys' behind absence of women on dating apps
  • possible solutions to solve the problem identified
  • success metrics to track the success of the goal established
Establish a robust verification process, nudge users on legitimacy of a profile
  • All users feel safe and confident if there is a verified profile they are engaging with
  • Users reported, can be tracked and held accountable
  • This can bring down the number of incidents of catfishing
Let female users endorse profiles they deem fit for their friends
  • This can be a way to onboard new female users via already existing users (synonymous to indirect referral)
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My Product Observations

How Headspace makes its value proposition stronger via the app?
Headspace is a global leader in mindfulness and meditation through its app and online content offerings.
  • Headspace now allows users to track their mental health journey by taking this survey. Based on the answers, a statistical analysis of the user's progress over a course of month is shown
  • Holistic range of offerings for a user's mind and body
  • Leverages the power of community to help users feel that they are not alone
How WhatsApp has been answering all prayers of its users?
Over a period of time, WhatsApp has introduced features that have been requested for the most and features users didn't even know they needed
  • Linked Device feature is an affiliate feature to combat one of the major tradeoffs of independent login.
  • WhatsApp lets you customise how you want to send messages to some extent by morphing "enter" as your send button
  • An archived chat is unarchived and automatically moved to the homepage (hence you'll recieve notification alert for it) when a new message arrives in that chat
Which aspect of Flipkart is faring better than Amazon?
Flipkart web provides an option to "ask expert" for selected categories  where buyers might have concern regarding the product itself.

This fares better option than Amazon's "Ask a question" as:
  • This is personalised advice for each user
  • Lesser time spent in finding a relevant question asked (as is the case with Amazon)
  • Does a good job in mitigating user's concern about the product within few minutes
You can stay "Forever 21" if you are on Bumble!
Bumble is a dating application which encourages women to make the first move.
  • While other dating apps like Tinder, Hinge automatically update a user's age on yearly basis.
    In Bumble, an user is expected to write to the support team to get the age updated. If not, the user's displayed age on the profile is the age they would have entered while joining Bumble.