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BITS Pilani
B. E. Hons
2015 - 2019

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Assistant Manager
AB InBev India
Jul 2019 - May 2021
Marketing and Design Lead
CabMe Pvt Ltd
Aug 2016 - Apr 2017

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
How can Swiggy improve the experience for restaurant partners?
Improve the branding experience for restaurants to attract more consumers and build recall value.
  • Increase repeat users for restaurants
  • Increase in user engagement on the platform
  • Reduction in drop offs before cart addition
Exploring the needs of key stakeholders in Swiggy, Restaurant Partners
With the current pandemic situation, restaurants have increasingly become dependent on delivery platforms like Swiggy for revenue, due to lack of dine-in revenues.
Owing to the increased dependency, it is extremely important for restaurants to stand out and build a brand for themselves to sustain in an online space, which is relatively new to most of them.
Exploring the current solutions being offered for restaurant partners to stand out and the gaps in them
Current solutions being offered include banner promotion, priority listing and item description which are in the restaurants' hands.
While the advertising options needs the partners to pay for them, it only increases the probability of user clicking but does not help create a brand presence and build recall value.
Once the user reaches the menu, the information is limited to generic thumbnail imagery and item descriptions, which leaves both users and restaurants desiring for more.
Building a native microsite for each restaurant on the platform
  • Restaurant microsite will be a portfolio of content chosen by restaurant partners to build their brand voice on the platform
  • The microsite will have the options for users to opt for restaurant notifications from the platform and a sharing option to send the site link externally.
  • Ability to add a brand logo and a description bio will help in highlighting essential information and targeting specific audience.
  • Restaurant can choose sections of its own to display relevant playable media with the option to include 'Add to Cart' CTAs.
The microsite with its features will have the following impact on stakeholders
  • Restaurants can build their brand or market their existing brand to create recall value and repeat customers on the platform.
  • Microsite link sharing is helpful for restaurant to leverage virality and Swiggy benefits from user conversion with increasing visits.
  • Consumers will be able to take a better motivated decision with more information and transparency pre-order.
Interested to know more?
Analyzing the onboarding to activation user flow on Mobikwik
Disassembling step by step user flow to find potential improvements
Improving activation metrics on mobile platform
Analysis of problems with onboarding from a user lens
There is a distinct lack of progressive disclosure on the onboarding process, with users facing multiple blockades, being asked to get KYC done and register for Mobikwik's BNPL service names ZIP.
App's description on the Play Store cites UPI based payments but the onboarding focuses on other benefits like ZIP & Super cash features which are not necessary for user activation and can lead to drop offs.
Post sign up process, home page is neatly arranged with consistent design language. But a lot of real estate is lost to redundancy, with multiple icons leading to the same destination.
Analysis of users' value moment journey post sign up
The hamburger menu's opening slide gesture coincides with the recent Android 'back' gesture creating difficulty and can lead to user frustration
The payment process is straightforward but the history is not well sorted, the lack of contact wise payment history is not intuitive and user needs to visit the menu to access it.
The user menu has 3 different clickable balance options, which can be confusing for users and lead to cognitive dissonance.
Building progressive disclosure into the app onboarding process
  • Progressively revealing baseline features while deferring complex and less used features to further down the line, by focusing on UPI sign up first and gradually getting to 'Buy now Pay Later' features later.
  • This will reduce the cognitive workload on the users during the sign up process and can increase the chances of casual users moving forward without dissatisfaction, while keeping advanced users satisfied with high end features.
Increasing clarity by simplifying information
  • Separating bank, wallet and offer balances to different places inside the app to clarify each of its meaning and reducing cognitive dissonance.
  • Letting the users access contact wise payment history with making contact names clickable to reach the previous history.

My Product Observations

How Truecaller leverages its user base to help other businesses
Truecaller is caller ID mobile application for identifying calls from unknown numbers
  • Truecaller offers lightweight mobile number verification SDKs for other businesses to integrate with for mobile web and applications
  • Businesses can take advantage of Truecaller's 250 million+ verified userbase to build faster and reliable user sign up processes.
  • The instant and convenient verification process improves user conversion by reduction in steps like OTP handling or traditional account creation.
What does Google Duo offer to create a better mobile first video calling experience
Duo is a video chat app  by Google primarily available on Android & iOS
  • Duo was the first to offer the ability for users to join group calls with a link, and lets users join the call from the app at their chosen time even after missing the ring.
  • The video of a user joining from a system browser is snapped to a standard mobile aspect ratio with auto face detection, thus creating a standard mobile first experience for all users.
  • Duo solves the user problem of screenshots during video calls with a feature called moments, with a shutter button in the call UI, which generates a equally framed collage with better resolution which is immediately shared with all parties on the call.
How does Swiggy capitalize on user psychology throughout the app to increase revenue
  • When it’s raining, the homepage microcopy citing higher delivery fee is followed by a Swiggy Super upsell feeding into the users' loss aversion bias.
  • In the restaurant menu page, Swiggy shows the number of users that have ordered from the outlet in the last week to indicate social confidence and make the user's decision easier.
  • The users are nudged to add relevant addons after adding an item to the cart. These subtle cues make the user spend more on items that have not been thought of, increasing the average order value.
How Frontrow uses a community experience to increase user retention
Front Row is an e- learning platform focused on creative arts, sports and hobby learning with content curated and taught by celebrities.
  • Frontrow's awareness is created by the celebrities that are teaching courses on the platform.
  • Owing to the fact that a course once subscribed, is given lifetime access and general completion timeline is 2-4 weeks, it is difficult to create recurring value for users.
  • Frontrow solves this by creating a community experience for each art by letting the users discuss, participate in competitions, quizzes and even put out their content on the platform to derive value in line with the overall business.
How did Dunzo build new revenue streams by targeting businesses
Dunzo is an Indian hyperlocal delivery and pick up service based product
  • Dunzo leverages its already developed delivery fleet and tracking system to offer an integrated logistics solution to businesses for on demand delivery across use cases
  • Dunzo offers plug and play API integration with third party app services to make it hassle free and cost effective for businesses.