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Giridharan Thiyagarajan

Software Developer, Standard Chartered GBS

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Sri Sairam Engineering College
B.E. Electronics Communication Engineering
2007 - 2011

Work Experience

Software Developer
Standard Chartered GBS
Aug 2020 - Present
Senior Consultant Technology
Virtusa Consulting Services
Feb 2016 - Jul 2020
IT Analyst
Tata Consultancy Services
Nov 2011 - Feb 2016

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Improve customer retention for Jar's savings and investment platform
  • Increase the average amount size invested in the platform
Understanding Business
  • Jar app helps users to build savings habits and invest their savings in digital gold.
  • There are multiple apps in the market which helps users to invest in digital gold.
  • Jar app stands out from competitors by focusing on helping users to build a savings and investing habit regularly rather than enabling them to make one time investments.
  • Jar app has around 4.5mm users within 7 months of their product launch and aims to expand into other savings, investment products.
Identifying Opportunities:
  • Jar app is building in a tough space(wealth creation) where the retention rates are very low with many competitors around.
  • In this case study, we will identify opportunities to increase engagement and retention within the existing product scope.
  • The product is in its initial stage and it is important to engage and retain the power users.
  • I tried to understand some of the factors which might hinder user retention and active usage of the product.
  • On talking to a couple of users in my circle, I understood there are two contrasting problems attributing to retention:
    • ‍Users are losing interest over time as the invested amount from spare changes is small and they do not find motivation with small investments over time.
    • Users are reluctant to set up auto-invest as they fear running out of cash for daily expenses.
Enable users to increase their investments
  • Allow the user to choose a multiplier(1x,2x,5x,10x) on the round-up spare changes during the auto investment setup.
  • This feature enables power users to invest more and reach their investment goals faster.
  • Based on these feature adoption metrics, the power users can be incentivized with more variable cash rewards when they reach the intermediate milestones.
Enable users with multiple options to customize invested amount and period
  • Allow the user to limit the daily auto-invested roundup amount.
  • Enable the user to choose either weekly or monthly recurring investment along with the existing daily recurring investment option.
  • The above-mentioned features reduce the cognitive load for the user in setting up auto/recurring investment options.
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Improve customer engagement for Jupiter, a neo banking platform.
  • Increase the MAU by 20%
Understanding Business
  • Neo banks are in a very early stage in India and operate in a restricted environment sticking to guidelines.
  • In India with UPI and the growth of third-party apps making P2P, P2M payments, bank transfers are no longer a challenge for the users.
  • To increase user engagement, Jupiter needs to add value to the users on a consistent basis.
Identifying Opportunities:
  • Neo banks operate within a stringent regulatory framework, we will try to identify opportunities to increase engagement within the existing product scope.
  • Jupiter allows users to open a digital bank account, make UPI payments and bank transfers.
  • With the wider adoption of third-party apps and UPI, payments are no longer a challenge for the users.
  • In this case study, we will try to identify opportunities to improve the “Insights Analyzer” feature to provide value to users and increase engagement.
Enable users to manage their expenses more efficiently.
  • Allow users to create a monthly budget and nudge them to stick to it.
  • Enable users to create custom alerts that nudge them when their spending in a category/site exceeds a limit.
  • Allow users to compare their monthly/weekly expenses across categories and help them understand how their spending habits have changed.
  • Based on monthly spending patterns, suggest platform memberships to user which can reduce their current expenses.
  • These features increase user engagement and increase product stickiness. The increased adoption will allow Jupiter to up sell, cross-sell other services/products as they expand the business scope.
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My Product Observations

Paytm's journey towards Super App
Paytm has redesigned the entire product from the ground up in line with its vision to become a super app.
The redesigned app is clutter-free, organized, customer-centric and has integrated payment methods.
  • The app experience has been customized for different user segments based on their current customer journey.
  • Payments, Bank Transfer, Recharge/Pay Bills section has been segregated helping users to carry out the required task quicker.
  • Apart from standard payment options like wallet, bank account, credit card users can now make payments from their FD account in Paytm Payments bank without breaking the FD.
  • PaytmHealth - Allows the user to create a Health ID, first towards digitizing the health infrastructure. This could open up a lot of opportunities in the digital health record space
    and health insurance claim process.
  • DigiLocker - Allows the user to access 1000+ government documents from their Digilocker account.
Bank on Fi - Customer Engagement
Bank on Fi, a neo bank platform allows users to open a zero balance digital savings account, make UPI payments and bank transfers.
Apart from various discounts, Bank on Fi is working on improving customer engagement through other strategies.
  • To invite friends, Fi nudge users to maintain an average balance of Rs.2000 for 10 days. Though this adds a lot of friction to organic growth, Fi aims to onboard users who will use the product for a longer time than just getting onboarded for referral rewards.
  • Apart from traditional fixed deposits, Fi allows users to save money for their future needs via smart deposits which provide higher interest rates.
  • Fi has deposit templates with higher interest rates than savings accounts based on the goal in which the user can choose and start investing in. It also allows user to create their jar with customized investment amounts and duration.
  • Fi increases user engagement by allowing them to create trigger-based rules to increase their savings in smart deposits other than recurring investments. For instance, users
    can create a rule to invest round up spare change into smart deposit every time they purchase Amazon.
  • Users are rewarded with Fi Coins for all the financial activities in the app. Fi coins can be used to make a purchase from the listed products in the app from multiple brands across food, travel, OTT and personal care.
How Twitter is taking over social media and creator economy
In last one year, Twitter has rolled out a lot of user-centric features which increases the user engagement in the platform and also  helps creators to monetize their social media content.
  • Spaces: Twitter has introduced Spaces, a live audio conversation feature similar to Clubhouse rooms. Relevant Spaces discovery was easy, unlike Clubhouse, since the users already have their followers on Twitter. Apart from discovery, Twitter also rolled out features to make Spaces more engaged such as allowing users to send an emotion acknowledging the speaker, record the Spaces and also discover more people to follow in their area of interest.
  • Ticketed Spaces: Twitter is running a beta test that allows the host to sell tickets for their Spaces. This helps creators to earn for their content while the listeners get exclusive access to the content they like.
  • Communities: Alternate timeline where you find only people and feed matching your interest.
  • Super Follows: Allows people to earn monthly revenue by sharing subscriber-only content with their super followers.