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Goa Institute of Management
2015 - 2017
Institute of Technology Nirma University
2011 - 2015

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Senior Analyst
Jun 2017 - Present

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
How to make Slice reward system better?
Slice is a fintech company which has a mission to make credit card experience transparent and easy to use. Like most of the CC firms, Slice has lots of offers/rewards which are often missed out by the user. How could that be improved and in a way make slice the most preffered way of payment
  • Growth in number of transactions done by Slice
  • Increase in User delight by monitoring a change in NPS among the user
Rewards are something which a user might notice either on Slice App or third party recommended offers section. Users might miss out on those opportunities and might use the default/most used option to pay. Nudge to user might work
When the user is on a check-out page and if the user gets a notification that, Hey! if you use Slice as an Option you might save this much amount! This might motivate them to change the existing/default option and use Slice as way of payment
Sending out Notification from Slice when user is on the checkout page
  • On Payment's page if the user hasn't selected Slice as a payment option and user is ready to check-out then a notification need to be sent
  • Notification will act as a motivating trigger factor for the user to change the default option and go for Slice
  • If the user doesn't change the payment method, send out a mail stating that how much has the user lost as he didn't use Slice.
  • Aversion to loss is strong triggering point to change the behaviour
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Deconstructing the User Psychology behind Cult Fit
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My Product Observations

How Google Pay Gamifies the payment experience?
From Rangoli/Diya Stamp collections to Payment Levels to get cashbacks
  • GPay couple of years back started a concept to collect particular set of stamps, once you have all, you could redeem it to get Rs 500 cashback
  • They are using a similar experience now as well, they are using Level system, a user completes a level when he makes a payment.
  • Earlier Google used to have cash back as the only reward mechanism, which has been replaced by promos/offer codes.
  • Cash Rewards are given at certain interval, making it interesting for the users
Fast Laughs on Netflix
Netfix following the footsteps of Insta Reels and Youtube shorts?
  • Netflix has launched a feature where you can view a short comic clip and if interested view the entire episode
  • Somewhat inspired by Insta Reels and Youtube Shorts, This has worked really well for the respective apps as it increases the engagement
  • Netflix has smartly used the feature to make it easier for the viewer to watch specific episodes which they feel might entertain them
Revamping of Amazon's search feature
Amazon has redesigned the search system, now you can scan the products and for clothes you can look for what is trending?
  • Amazon has made it easier for people to find things on its app, you can just scan a product you like in the market/ home. Amazon suggests options pertaining to that
  • They have also helped reducing the decision making in clothing segment by launching " Find the Look" under the search criteria. Making it easy for the buyer to be trendy and get a better feel of how it looks when worn
  • Both these add-ons have made the search filter a user delight and might increase user purchases
Netflix launches Random Play button
Confused what to watch?Netflix has a solution
  • Netflix inspired by music apps which have a shuffle option has launched similar feature for its user.
  • Shuffle feature, randomly picks up movies/shows, I believe its good for people who are confused with all the options.
  • I would say it is a good feature for avid watchers who have watched a lot of content but isn't sure what to watch next. Netflix takes care of it
Amazon Prime gives options to other streaming apps
Prime trying to be one stop solution for content similar to its ecomm website
  • Amazon Prime recently launches several streaming channels like Lionsgate, Discovery+ Mubi etc
  • Many of these platforms have good content however they don't have market penetration as other OTT apps might have.
  • Also users need to find these apps and take a separate subscription of this. Having it on Prime platform eases that inertia and at the same time reduces the load on Prime to have high quality content
Lyrics info in Spotify
Like a song know more about it!
  • Spotify provides interesting trivia about songs, Trivia could be as simple as what inspired the song to something specific about the artist
  • This trivia in a way connects the user with their favourite songs more deeply, and they could relate to a story
  • From a design point of view it plays as a great way to utilize the space