Biswa Ranjan Nayak

Biswa Ranjan Nayak

Development Consultant, CSG International

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KIIT University
B Tech
2013 - 2017

Work Experience

Development Consultant
CSG International
Dec 2020 - Present
Software Engineer
Netcracker, An NEC Company
Aug 2017 - Nov 2020

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Improving discovery experience for pharmeasy users to increase cart addition rate.
  • Increase cart addition rate
  • Increase in number of orders per user
  • Increase in NPS Score
I divided the user segments into two segments:
  • User who are patients themselves
  • User but the patient is their family members
Objective was to deep dive into the user personas and discover their painpoints to provide best customer experience.
I focused on improving the cart addition rate for users by identifying the levers and improving the post-order experience for users which can have a direct impact on the buying journey on the user-lifecycle.
Improving discovery experience for users
  • Trending section on the search page for search led users to discover other products in the same flow and can add directly the product to the cart without any friction
  • Categorization of products for better visualization and reduce the cognitive load of users to discover the product quickly and efficiently
  • Stock availability on product listing page to increase customer trust and ensure a hassle free buying journey
  • Enabling voice search for quick selection of products
Improving Post-Order experience for users
  • Improved dosage reminder page for the actual patients who are not the user by adding information about meal intake
  • Adding mode of communication and contact details for better experience
  • Adding refill reminder notification based on usage of medicines to ensure stock availability at home and do hassle free buying experience before stock goes out.
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Improve customer experience during policy purchasing process for vehicle insurance
  • Increase in conversion rate
  • Increase in NPS
  • Increase user engagement
To identify the pain points of the buying journey of online insurance, I have followed the below approach:
  • Conducted a user survey and identified key points.
  • Identified pain points by going through the user journey.
Objective was to to increase the experience of customer in the buying journey by reducing the pain points. I have then discovered some solutions that can help to enhance the buying experience significantly.
Improving buying experience for users
  • Better categorization to reduce the cognitive load of users
  • Policy comparison feature to ensure trust and make users stay within app rather than moving out to compare the policy on other platforms
  • Conversational virtual assistant to provide users a first response time to their queries and improve the buying experience significantly and reduce churn rate
  • Autofill bike details to reduce manual effort for the users for selecting every detail of the bike which will save time for users and can reach the desired goal i.e. to view the policy faster and efficient way.
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Enhance assessment test of manmatters to reduce the drop off rate (ManMatters, A platform of digital first health clinics for men created by Mosaic Wellness)
Reduce churn rate of assessment takers by improving assessment funnel.
To understand the problem better i have done following things :
  • Identified the user segments
  • Broken down each part of the assessment funnel by doing a User journey and Funnel analysis.
  • Identified the levers and tried to improve it.
Objective is to focus on each stage where the churn rate is high and optimize the funnel to increase the conversion rate.
Before Assessment Stage
  • Improved Assessment CTA on the homepage such that clear offerings should be displayed which inform users about the quick and efficient process
  • Unique value proposition that provides a trigger to initiate the assessment test
In Assessment Stage
  • Effective nudge screen that acknowledge the user's effort and talk about the offerings to motivate users to complete the assessment
Completed Assessment Stage
  • New add to cart option to create a better conversion rate who might needs a second opinion and purchase the product later
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My Product Observations

How MakeMyTrip ensures high competitive advantage to retain its users
  • The network effect - Higher the number of travelers (demand) Higher the Hotels will register on MMT(supply).and vice versa.
  • Cross-Selling products- By Purchasing a train ticket via MMT, the user will get a Hotel discount coupon and the user will come back to MMT to book a hotel to use that coupon.
  • The economy of scale - MMT introduces a Double Black loyalty program where travelers pay the amount to get members-only benefits like full -refund on cancellation. Higher the users on this program lower will be the costs borne by MMT .
  • High Switching Cost with MMT rewards -It creates a high switching cost to other competitors as customers would not want to miss the reward points and access exclusive discounts on bookings.
  • All in one App - MMT focuses on entire travel services like travel bookings, hotel bookings, Activities and tours, Restaurants bookings, and multiple segments which gives users a significant advantage to book under one app and also provide MMT to lock in their customers by providing multiple services.
  • New Market Segment - MMT entered into the Insurance segment considering the COVID situation and offers some exclusive packages which will grow their revenue and gives a competitive advantage to others.
Truecaller's innovation to reduce the spam call rates and improving customer life
  • Often users end up receiving spam calls from new numbers that cannot be identified in truecaller or drop the call from any new number.
    To solve this pain point Truecaller is launching call reason before placing any call to the user.  
  • How will it work?
    Before calling any number, truecaller will show a custom popup showing some premade call reason statements to choose from or can either enter other call reason.
  • What is the impact of this feature?
    1. It will reduce spam call rates.
    2. Reciever will receive the non-spammy call more frequently by checking the call reason.
Discovering Hunger Marketing
  • Its a promotional strategy that plays on people’s desire to get something others badly want as well .
  • It drums up attention for new products and apparently limits supplies,making buyers think it is harder to get the product than is the actually the case.
  • Research suggests that the scarcity of product attracts consumer attention,increases the perceived value of the product and encourages creative usage of the product.
  • Example - Xiaomi effectively uses hunger marketing by launching limited smartphones every week on ecommerce and making them sold out to lure consumers into thinking by making them FOMO and a hunger for something that is scarce .

Insights, an outlook add-in helps users to stay productive by accessing its new one tap feature.
  • It provides users to track the email open rates, prepare for upcoming meetings, Book time to focus - by blocking the incoming emails, teams message or skype up to certain period, View outstanding tasks.
  • This will help users to stay on track by gaining focus time, maintaining work relationships, plan the time away from work and improving overall work life balance.
Google Pay now shows a video on “what to do if payment’s stuck” when the amount is debited and in the processing stage.
  • Users often feel worried about their debited but failed transactions. Many times UPI transactions fail due to several reasons and one of them is when banks face heavy traffic on their servers. To solve the pain point of the customer when the payment is debited but not successful, Gpay showed them a quick video message about this and ways to resolve it to let users feel that their money is safe and not to feel worried.