VIT, Vellore
B Tech
2018 - 2022


Data Science Intern
Jul 2020 - Aug 2020

My Case Studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Designing a feature to improve PayU user experience.
As a leading payments hub around the globe, PayU strives towards safe, secure and convenient payment services to all users.
  • Reduction in average transaction times
  • Reduction in number of failed or rejected payments per month
  • Increased payment traffic
Problems to tackle:
  • Failed transactions due to merchant issues at the time of transaction.
  • Transaction delays due to merchants
  • Lack of a quick and easy in-app payment solution
PayUWallet -
A digital e-wallet
I propose an e-wallet for users to top-up and make/collect payments, called the PayUWallet. Users can transfer money to the wallet and use the money in the wallet directly to make payments. Users can also opt to collect payments to their wallet directly as well.

The PayUWallet is a product that, if implemented, has the capability to improve the user experience, as well as payment traffic on the platform, while still committing to the security and safety of our customers.
Basic User Actions in the PayUWallet:
  • Create Wallet - Setting up the user’s unique e-Wallet.
  • Store - Make payment to the wallet account from their bank/UPI client/card for payments they can make later.
  • Spend - Make payments from wallet.
  • Pay-to-wallet - Opting to receive payments directly to wallet
  • Redeem - Make payment from wallet to user’s bank account.
  • Destroy wallet - Deleting all wallet data.
Wallet Control Options
  • Can set minimum and maximum limits on wallet storage.
  • Can choose to receive payments directly to their wallet if it doesn't exceed wallet storage limits
  • Can set limits on the amount to spend per transaction using wallet.
  • Users must empty their wallet (redeem) to delete it.
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Create a PRD for the Expert Page for Airblack Beauty Club
  • Number of workshop registrations per month
  • Number of site visits per month
  • Number of Daily Active users
  • Number of sign ups month-on-month 
  • Bounce rate
  • Retention rate 
About Airblack & Airblack Beauty Club
Airblack is a company that strives to help people convert their passion to a livelihood by providing them knowledge from the world’s top experts.

Airblack is a learning platform where people learn how to become successful as creators or microentrepreneurs.

Airblack Beauty Club is their first club, with a flagship makeup artist certification program taught by experts.
Problems and Pain Points to solve:
Users who wish to register for workshops and tutorials would want more information about the experts who are taking the session, to help them decide whether to book the session or not.

They would like to refer to the opinion of other members who have studied under the same expert to make their decision.

They would similarly want to give their feedback on the session, for the expert and for other users to refer.
Info an Expert Page should provide:
  • Introduction + About the expert - to get to know more about who she/he is and their background.
  • Makeup portfolio + philosophy - to understand what their expertise is in, as well as their approach to the same.
  • Feedback from other members about their workshops for users’ reference.
  • Upcoming workshops that the expert will take.
Non Functional Requirements:
  • The site must be consistent with the design and framework of the main Airblack website.
  • The page must be built with the same tools and use the same hosting service as the main website.
  • The site must be responsive and work well on all device and window types.
  • The site must work on all modern browsers.
  • Users should not be able to give reviews for workshops they did not attend
Future Iterations:
  • Experts can add short video introductions or a teasers of how they conduct sessions.
  • Increased interactivity in the form of a chat window where the Expert can answer questions and interact with registered members.
  • A social element of posting short updates on their expert page.
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My Product Observations

How Spotify lets users try out a feature before asking them to go for Premium
Spotify Premium is the monthly subscription by the platform which gives users added features and ad-free listening.
  • When switching the Now Playing song on Spotify between devices (smartphone to tablet in my case) Spotify allows the user on the basic plan to switch.
  • When the user tries to switch back to the previous device again, Spotify restricts it as a Premium feature.
  • This is a smart way to let users experience a feature they would otherwise not been able to, to entice them into trying out Premium
How Lenovo Vantage gives users more control over their laptop
Lenovo Vantage is a proprietary software that ships with Lenovo branded Windows Laptops which gives users more options and control than the options available from Windows.
  • Monitoring CPU, GPU, RAM and Memory usage in a simple and understandable UI.
  • Offers greater access control and optimization of hardware components. For eg. controlling CPU cooling and performance and scanning hardware for issues.
  • Increased battery optimization with 2 new charging options - Conservative Mode which charges till 60% and maintains it to reduce battery degradation and Rapid Charge Mode.
  • Monitors WiFi Security.
  • Controls microphone and camera access for applications.
How Google News keeps users engaged and increases retention
  • Large selection of news from different sources, topics etc.
  • Personalizes its Newsfeed according to your Google user data and your interests the more you use the app as well.
  • All Headlines on the Feed have an option to view a "Full Coverage" option which shows all related articles to the Headline all in one page.
  • Has some Headlines similar to Stories feature on Instagram, which showcase different articles on a related news topic.
  • Allows you to save any article for later and for you to view your preferred News provider.
How iOS applications use native hardware optimization to improve features
  • When apps like Instagram or Whatsapp uses the device camera or microphone, iOS devices tend to have better quality and user experience than Android devices.
  • This is because developers find it easier to optimize features on iOS due to limited number of models, while having a high market share that incentivizes it.
  • Android devices vary from different manufacturers and OEMs, especially with proprietary software on top of Android, making it infeasible to optimize them.
  • This also allows apps to release features earlier or exclusive on iOS. For eg. Sharing slides on Instagram Live is available only on iOS.

Achievements & Extra Curriculars

  • Special commendation at VITHack 2019 - Fintech Domain under Deevia Software and offered a possible internship position.
  • Head of Operations and Co-Head of Editorial, Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) On Campus VIT.
  • Data Science Mentor, Team Fourth - where I was responsible to guide and mentor the members of the Data Science team.
  • Coordinator for the Online Events Committee, incharge of smooth running of all online events at VIT.