VIT Vellore
B Tech
2018 - 2022

My Case Studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Increasing retention of Mobikwik, an Indian-origin online recharge and bill payment app
Improve customer care experience of its existing users
After walking through the customer journey, I recognized that two of the user flows are primarily leading to bad user experience which needs to be looked on
1)Issues not resolved which is caused because of either the customer support executive not being aware about the procedure to solve it, customer support executive not replying to the user, or a long procedure to get refund and the user loses track of it.
2)Issues resolved but with delayed response which points out that currently the response times for issues of different transactional types are the same irrespective of their urgency.
Increase response rates(Decrease the issues not resolved)
  • Compulsory comprehensive learning journey course for the hired customer care executives
  • Ratings for customer support executives by the users without disclosing their identity
  • Conduct workshops and direct interactions with the executives on regular intervals
  • Enable users to ask questions other than the preset questions in the help and support chat
Faster resolution of issues(Decrease response time)
  • Separate team to deal with type of transactional issues with greater urgency
  • Set up an efficient customer care call center
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My Product Observations

Why are Youtube ads so effective?
  • Below the ad it shows nearby stores where the product is available
  • They look into an exhaustive list of things like the website you were viewing, time of the day ,gender, etc. in order to reach the target audience
  • After the 15-30 secs in-stream ads, it displays CTA like "buy now" below the video which directs the user to its website
How has Khan academy enhanced the learning experience?
  • Free for everyone everywhere
  • Content made is digestible 5-20mins conversational type videos
  • Use of gamification by awarding users with energy points, badges, and avatars based on their behavior, engagement on the platform
  • A constellation based learning journey map displaying the progression of the user in various courses to keep a track effectively
What makes the Mi browser unique?
  • Allows to save whatsapp status and photos in a separate folder even after these disappear after 24 hrs
  • A bottom navigation bar which makes juggling between various tabs seamless
  • A dedicated Facebook page that allows user to access their FB feed right on the browser's homepage
  • Two tabs for suggested youtube videos and games

Achievements & Extra Curriculars

  • Won the best AR Hack category in Hack Off v3.0 hackathon with 3500+ applicants from across 15+ countries
  • Pitched our idea of an AR based app “FurnitAR” that enabled users to visualise furniture in their living space
  • Organized and managed an IT, computer science and electronics conference attended by 100+ delegates, sponsored by the IEEE Madras Section Computer and Communications Society chapters
  • Led a 7-member team to shortlist the final presentations from 1000+ research papers for the conference
  • Assisted in the proper conduction of 7 events for the annual cultural festival of VIT, Vellore