Vishnu Murali Nambiar

Ameya Shekatkar

Assistant Manager - Product Category, IndiaMART Intermesh Pvt. Ltd.

+91 7974011304


Indian Institute of Management, Raipur
2019 - 2021
SGSITS, Indore
2015 - 2019

Work Experience

Assistant Product Manager
IndiaMART Intermesh Pvt. Ltd.
Apr 2021 - Present
Product Management Intern
Great Learning
Sep 2020 - Feb 2021

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Improving customer awareness and engagement for Myntra’s “Studio” feature
  • Increase the number of users who opened the Studio feature at least once in the past month  and have either viewed or engaged with a post in the past 1 month.
In order to build awareness and increase engagement for the “Studio” feature, I segmented the users as content creators (influencers) and content viewers. As the purpose and motivation for using the Studio feature differs for these segments, I decided to approach both segments separately.
For creators, I understood their entire user journey, identified key pain points through the journey and also kept in mind their motivations and barriers for creating content for Myntra Studios. Based on this, I created a list of recommendations that would either reduce the effort for creating content for Myntra Studio or provide more ideas, inspirations and avenues for them to create more content.
For content consumers, I focused on increasing the awareness of existing Myntra users for Myntra Studio, increasing repeat behavior and ways to provide customized fashion content for the consumers who would eventually convert to buyers.
Recommendations for improving experience for content consumers
  • Implementing UI/UX changes to improve discoverability of Studio Feature.
  • Creating an informative guide on the importance of Studio Feature.
  • Display previews on the homepage which gets maximum traffic in the Myntra app.
  • More customized recommendation of content in Myntra Studio.
  • Enabling multiple ways of sharing feeds.
  • Incentivizing usage of Myntra Studio.
Recommendations for improving experience for content creators
  • Creating an Earnings calculator for content creators.
  • Creating a Post Dashboard to track key analytics like number of views, most liked posts, transactions made through posts etc.
  • Drafting a detailed "How-to" Guide for content creation.
  • Supporting more tools for content creation.
  • Enabling one click exports.
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Providing suggestions for improvements in the PayTM App
  • Maximize the value generated for existing PayTM users.
  • Increase engagement of current users.
  • Reduce rate of churn of current users.
Identifying opportunities for improvement in PayTM, brainstorming solutions for the identified opportunities, prioiritizing the solutions and implementing the selected solution.
Opportunities across categories ranging from trading and investing, financing to miscellaneous opportunities were identified and prioiritized based on their RICE score. Based on the RICE score, absence of goal based savings bucket and lack of peer to peer lending platform were the prioritized problems. Implementing a goal based savings bucket feature for PayTM was the prioritized solution when compared with other solutions using RICE framework.
Implementing the feature of Goal based savings bucket on the PayTM app
  • The feature would include :
  • Ability to name and set specific goals (for example, Buy iPhone for Rs100000).
  • Collect spare change into an investment account(with the permission of user).
  • Invest money in a portfolio based on income and goals(with the permission of user),
  • Calculate the amount that can be saved and predict the time it would take to achieve the goal at the current rate.
  • Create joint goals with family, friends or contacts.
  • Incentivize the user if a particular target is achieved.
  • Integrates the savings bucket with other PayTM offerings like PayTM Gold, PayTM Mall etc.
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My Product Observations

What can we learn from Tinder regarding user psychology ?
  • Tinder app actively affects user psychology by introducing the following elements in its app:
  • Offering Limited Choice : Tinder does not give users all the possible login methods at once. This is because the more choices people have, the harder it’s for them to select one. Tinder limits the choices displaying the most preferred ones on priority followed by other, less preferred choices. 
  • Sequencing : As users are more likely to take action when complex activities are broken down into smaller tasks, the flow has been broken down into multiple steps for a seamless experience. “One screen, one action” is the the mantra for the registration process.
  • Progress bar at the top : The progress bar at the top of the screen continues through all windows of the registration process. It gives a clarity to the user on how long the whole process will take and also determine the number of steps needed to complete the registration.
  • Introducing Unpredictability : The user never knows what his/her next swipe can be, as every swipe uncovers a new person. Users are curious to view the next profile and keep swiping getting more and more profiles. This leads to a never ending swipe streak driving customer engagement and retention.
  • Generating Scarcity : Humans infer value in something that has limited availability or is promoted as being scarce. By adding “23 Hours Left” at the bottom of every profile in Top Pics, Tinder uses this technique in order to drive impulse purchase and boost conversions.
How PharmEasy created an effective medicine ordering experience for users ?
  • Extensively available catalog of products to choose from.
  • Upfront pricing: No hidden delivery/packaging fees
  • Well defined and accurate estimated time of arrival.
  • Suggesting available alternatives if a particular medicine is not deliverable.