Amey Narale

Software Developer, SynRadar

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DBIT, Mumbai University
2014 - 2019

Work Experience

Software Developer
Feb 2020 - Present
Freelance Analyst
Neevista Solutions
Nov 2020 - Jul 2021
Survey Programmer
Aug 2019 - Feb 2020

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Grow the monthly funded amount for US Stocks Investing transactions by 10X in the next three months.
  • Increase % of users funding their account after the creation of account
  • Increase % of users opening the account as a % of overall registered users on INDmoney (2Mn+ users currently and growing 15% M-o-M)
Identifying the sub-goals and answering the reasons to achieve them in perspective with the user as well as business is the first step before going forward.
The sub-goals in simple terms:
  • Increase Conversion rate of 2-in-1 account creation for registered users on INDmoney.
  • Convert non-investing users to investing users of  2-in-1 Super Saver account
  • Retaining the investing user and increase his invested fund value as well as total number of transactions in US stocks.
The reasons to achieve them:
  • New user segment addition
  • Increase revenue pipelines
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Improving the customer’s personal financial ecosystem.
To achieve the identified goals, not only taking a user persona and tapping into his journey but identifying at what stage in his journey is he facing problems and WHY will be the next step.
Identifying the problems through psychological/operational/technical standpoint and searching for possible opportunities in the product.
Automated slider for educational purpose
Visual sliders with information and attraction about US stocks.
  • User gets an overview of US stock market
  • -Increases the possibility of exploration
Providing flow state and explainer video at the end.
Tik-Tok type experience to share necessary information
  • High possibility of user reading the given info
  • No disruption in experience
  • Lesser scope of finding/opting alternatives
Top portfolios and innovative insights
Sharing billionaire portfolios and visual insights with SWOT analysis of a company to ease out the buying process.
  • Low Decision Fatigue
  • Improved engagement

Free stock with valuable feedback
Giving out free stock after the user shares his review/rating.
This will attract the customer to writer a feedback and also check US stocks.
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Increase the usage of LazyPay app's credit services (BNPL)
Making LazyPay as a sole app for users to get credit online and shop from various apps and websites conveniently.
  • Conversion rate of users using BNPL services and merchant offers.
  • WAUs
Identifying the business of LazyPay and taking notes of most popular the user segments.
LazyPay's most number of customers are college going students who often need short amount of credit for daily needs.
Catch is to make the process of credit usage and receival as hassle free as possible.Problems can be identified by getting into user's shoes and walking a mile in them.
Based on certain steps that user completes to receive, use and repay the credit- some major pain points and opportunities in the space can be identified. Also sections like information architecture and Support need to be considered to meet the mission of LazyPay.
Personalization of Offers
Number of Offers in Offer section are getting increased day by day.
  • Users get frustrated to go through a long list of Offers mentioned which sometimes can be irrelevant.
  • Recommending Offers based on User Data will increase the Conversion rate of credit usage.
  • Improved engagement leading to customer satisfaction.
Clickable and Redirectable Merchant tabs.
Apart from Offers, there is a list of other Merchants on which LazyPay can be used.
  • But to use this service, user currently have to come outside the app and use the app/website separately.
  • This creates a disruption in experience and low conversion.
  • Directly redirecting to Merchant's website after clicking on the tab will reduce this disruption.
  • Henceforth, improving engagement which in turn will lead to more usage.
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Design a Product Strategy to Improve the orders per reseller per month for Meesho
Meesho as an Indian-origin reselling app and leveraging it's socialisation.
  • Avg number of end customers per reseller
  • Avg number of shared items per reseller
  • Conversion rate of order placement
Getting to know the reseller and performing a small market research.
I talked to two real resellers and got to know their journey of how they started and where do they see themselves currently being a reseller and recommending items in their social circle.
After discussing the problems and identifying their demographics/app usage/frequency of orders helped me understand their perspective.
User pain points and opportunities led me develop a high level Product strategy which can not only could help leverage user experience but also achieve Meesho it's mission.
Knowing the end customer - Web Survey
  • Reseller can host online surveys from Meesho’s ‘Conduct survey’ section.
  • Meesho can provide survey templates and ask the reseller to circulate them on social media.
  • Reseller can add/modify questions as per their need if required (questionnaire can be dynamic too).
Connecting resellers and sellers - Open channel
  • Enabling transparent communication between sellers and resellers on community in a separate tab.
  • Giving the desirables to customers and also getting to know the latest trends.
  • Initiate public channel dedicated to resellers and sellers (Incentivizing users to participate)
Creating tomorrow’s fashion consultants
  • Reseller can create their own interactive virtual shops in unique style on Meesho to attract end customers.
  • Consult end customers regarding fashion and styling.
  • Consult and buy products  from resellers directly on Meesho app.
Opportunity to create own unique catalogues - and share on Whatsapp/ Facebook
  • Option to edit/modify the pictures/set of pictures and share in more presentable format.
  • Adding necessary details and tags to pictures using dashboard before sharing.
  • Reseller can interactively share her catalogue and cover a wide variety of items in a single go.
Utilising and Optimising reseller data- “Meesho recommends”
  • Analysis, Insights and recommendations based on items present in Wishlist, Shared and Orders.
  • Recommending and presenting analytics in a section next to Liked & Shared.
  • Reseller can keep track of orders/shared items and get data insights to understand the customer.
NLP based categorisation of reviews.
  • Reviews can be classified and rated based on keywords like-Fabric, Originality, Color, Delivery etc.
  • Low Drop-Off rate on Product Description page.
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My Product Observations

Instagram's strategy to increase Number of followers per user.
As the sharing posts from popular content creators/pages through DMs increased, Instagram found it important to increase the following of this popular pages by hiding shares from Private accounts in DM.
  • Receiver is not able to see post from an unfollowed page.
  • A nudge to follow the page is given.
  • He/She has to follow the user/ page to check the posts and engage with the sender.
  • This led to high increase in following of content creators and making users hooked to Instagram.
Youtube music genre segmentation.
Categorized on the basis of time/scenario that the user listens to songs. For ex. Chill, Commute, Party, Sleep
  • Though sleep isn't a mood, but the category might cover different sub-genres like mellow/slow/calming etc. and is quite exclusive with the others if you see.
  • Users rather than remembering and connecting with specific genres might relate with moods which generates high engagement.
Swiggy has one toggle for opting for this type of diet whereas Zomato has multiple.
Users if given a lot of options can lead to cognitive load.
  • Filtering from a list is difficult.
  • Giving option for simple toggle/tags is more effective.
Restaurants have their own apps which you can download from their Free wifi
The app can let you:
  • Look at the menu and order directly.
  • Request for music change
  • Check other details of food recipes, hotel chain locations etc.
Opportunity: A gamification experience similar to what you mentioned can be integrated too.
  • Small games- Crossword, Online Chess with other people present on the app(maybe at the same restaurant) creating a social experience.
  • Blog reading on nutrition, restaurant facts etc.
  • Recipe notes for special ingredients can provide a personal experience too.
  • Time remaining to prepare the recipe can be mentioned too.
Following up with churned users
PharmEasy tracks the users who uninstalled their app and sends out a feedback survey link in a message (SMS) and asks for the reason behind uninstallation and anything in which they might improve.
  • Some apps also call which might be frustrating for the user.
Grofers -Overcrowding of sections
Is Grofers aware of overcrowding some sections with multiple cards or is it a studied approach so that the user spends extra time searching for the required items (same as in the mall) and in turn has more sense of value attached to them?
"Labour leads to love".
  • But , discovery of products is important for impulsive buying also.
Google Chrome- Helping user to find the relatable information easily
Finding desired information/keywords from long articles could be exhaustive.
  • You search for a certain key phrase.(Consider a case where first/second recommendation gives you the exact match of entered keywords)
  • You open the link-website matching your search.
  • The website pages get automatically scrolled down and stop at the matched keywords which are highlighted.
Google Assistant recommending AR videos of athletes
Google has launched a new feature for fans to enjoy the action of their favourite athletes. Great timing and use of Google assistant to try out new features. The 3D athletes won’t just be static objects in Google Search views, either. You’ll be able to see accurate representations of each person in action. Trying to incorporate a complicated concept like Augmented reality as simply as possible. Making the Olympics more fun.
AR is being used in quite a few fields.
  • Ed-techs can use this concept to make certain subjects like biology more interesting and insightful.
  • Though it's a tough job but imagine visualizing brain/heart diagrams through this and studying it all in one go rather than turning pages or watching videos.
  • Even in the apparel business, where people can try jewelry, clothes and other items in AR itself.
  • Great use of technology and implementing it in ways of Moment Marketing!!
Flipkart's way to visually connect with the user
At the start of Onboarding, Flipkart asks user to select his/her language by showing monuments of states from where the language belongs to.
  • Rather than selecting a language from a list, clicking and seeing famous monuments from your and other states seems fun.
MovieMode for tickets on BookMyShow
MovieMode can help user to get directions to the movie audi, order food in the interval etc.
  • User pain points like getting out in the interval and finding food is solved here.
  • Auto Dark mode in dark theatres, what's better?
  • Giving a wholesome experience from ticket purchase to THE END.