Aditya Ganguly

Abhishek Shyam

R&D engineer, Siemens

+91 9066339340


Siddaganga Institute Of Technology
2014 - 2018

Work Experience

Research and Development Engineer
Jul 2018 - Present
SharePoint Intern
May 2017 - Jul 2017

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Improving Customer Awareness and Acquisition for Smallcase
  • Increase awareness among users about Smallcase and it's offerings and to convert them into active users.
Understanding the factors and motivations as to why equity investing in India is at an all time high and trying to decipher how we can get more of these new users to Smallcase.
To acquire new users I have tried to identify the motivations behind their investment strategy and barriers encountered and suggested solutions that will overcome these and will create more value for existing users thus, increasing organic growth.
Investing and creating smallcases with friends and family.
  • A friends or family pack for Smallcase.
  • The art of investing is essentially an individual task, and this is especially true for retail investors.
  • Some Smallcases might be too expensive for new or existing users.
  • Allowing users to co-invest with friends or family in selected Smallcases (can be limited to a specific number  of investors) can help.
Introducing Smallcase tokens for Incentivized usage.
  • Providing tokens for investing in Smallcases.
  • Tokens can be provided based on the amount invested, duration of investing in Smallcases and referrals.
  • These tokens can be used for purchasing fee based Smallcases (by paying a portion of the fee with the tokens).
Earnings Calculator
  • Selecting and opening a smallcase can show a small button called “Earnings Calculator”.
  • It will show the estimated value in specific periods like 3, 5 and 10 years based on the previous performance and the current amount that needs to be invested.
  • Users can customize the values like duration, amount and others, if they want.
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Improve Retention Metrics For Disney+ Hotstar
  • Increase repeat users on the platform.
  • Increase user engagement with the content.
  • Increase of conversions to paid users.
Listed out some of the key hurdles faced by Disney+ Hotstar in it's growth and retention improvement and listed out solutions for this.
  • Getting sports users to sample entertainment content.
  • Turning freemium users into premium subscribers.
  • 3. Targeting the right user by achieving personalization, at scale.
Dedicated Kids Section.
  • Disney already has a huge collection of kids' content.
  • Curating that content in a separate feature for kids.
  • Will help in the reach and converting users to paid subscribers.
Improve the Viewing Experience of the users.
  • "Watch with Friends" option to allow users across the world to watch content together (apart from retention, can also act as a new organic acquisition channel with users referring their friends to watch content together).
  • Curated Snippets- Showing freemium users some curated snippets from premium categories based on their preferences can help to convert them to premium subscribers.
  • Family-Friendly Category- A lot of people coming onto the OTT platforms are switching over from traditional television. Having family friendly category and selections will be advantageous in a country with tight-knit families living together.
  • Curated Regional Language selections- In a diverse country like India having regional hits and series available in the platform are invaluable. Prime Video is already focusing on this and it would be a great idea to incorporate this into the product.
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My Product Observations

How CRED is building a premium e-commerce store
CRED is a members only credit card bill payment platform that rewards its members for clearing their credit card bills on time. CRED members get access to various premium e-commerce products, exciting deals and cashback.
  • Allowing only credit worthy individuals onto the platform.
  • Allowing only trusted brands onto the platform.
  • Allowing only specific products from the brands to be advertised.
  • Curated products as per the users' tastes.
  • Creating a win-win situation for all, brands are confident that users will buy the products as they have higher purchasing power with credit cards. Users are confident of getting only authentic products from trusted brands.
How Netflix is foraying into the merchandise industry
Netflix Launches Online Shop With Show-Branded Merchandise
  • Leveraging it's brand value and deep pockets, Netflix has started an online shop for Netflix exclusive shows.
  • Featuring streetwear collections, home decor, jewelry and other merchandise, Netflix has collaborated with several known designers and brands.
  • Removing the issues with the largely un-organized merchandise industry like untrusted brands, cheap knock-offs with questionable quality and shady return policies , Netflix looks set to conquer this segment.
What we can learn from Urban Company in organizing and helping white collar workers and building the largest home service platform in Asia
Urban Company is the largest home service platform in Asia. The platform helps customers book professional home services such as beauty services and massage therapy for both women and men, cleaning, painting, plumbing, carpentry, appliance repair, and many more.
  • Trust- Starting with building trust among a few and slowly on-boarding more than 50,000 gig workers on it's platform. Training them and helping them with loans and better equipment with on-time payments, urban company is the default go-to for many workers and consumers.
  • Building the right experience- No globally established norms. No one has ever hired a plumber or taken a haircut at home by tapping on a button. Urban Company is slowly building the right experience for it's consumers, one brick at a time.
  • Positive Unit Economics- Focusing right from the start on positive unit economics by being a contribution margin positive startup with high worker and user satisfaction is a rare sight.
  • Making the platform easy and intuitive for users and for onboarding new partners.