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Our New, Personalised Product Management program

Our personalised approach
helps you become interview ready in just 16 weeks.

This product management course is not an endless video library. Its a hands on, practical
program that is tailored to meet your goals.

Identify your strengths & blind spots with the KYS test

Get Started with personalised learning content delivered online

Get matched with a top coach for 10+ hours of 1 on 1 coaching

Beef up your resume & portfolio with a dedicated career coach

Practice mock interviews with experts & get actionable feedback

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Personalised Learning on Product Management

Learning material that is
tailored for your needs

This product management course starts by understanding your skill levels. We design a personalised learning plan that will help you focus on skills that matter for you.

Image of learning dashboard of two users with different product topics to focus on for the week showcasing personalized learning in action. The benefits of personalized learning are:
-Focus your time & effort on areas that are your blindspots & can help you grow your career
-Apply learnings to real world product problems
-Stay consistent with progress tracking throughout the program

1 on 1 Coaching from product leaders

10+ hours of 1 on 1 coaching
with top product leaders

This course helps apply everything you learn, get actionable feedback, iterate and repeat . Experience true transformation in a matter of weeks!

Image of a learner working with a mentor during a 1:1 coaching session to help him write a PRD.

These sessions are designed to help users
-Get comprehensive & continuous feedback
-Build network with product leaders
-Solve real world product problems

Personalised Interview Practice

Mock Interview practice with
actionable feedback

This product management course has 20+ mock interviews with detailed, actionable feedback that helps you ace your actual interviews

Image of a learner with a product expert during a mock interview. The benefit of which are:
-Get rid of interview anxiety
-Structure your answers better during the actual interview
-Crack the final interview at the first go

Learners will also get detailed actionable feedback on their performance after the interview

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Get A Job You Love with this product management course

300+ aspirants from diverse
backgrounds have become Product Managers

This product management course won't let your background define your future.

Image to understand cohort composition 32% - SDE, 15% - Operations, 12% - Freshers, 10% - Marketing, 10% - Sales/Business Development, 5% - Finance, 4% - FoundersImage showing distribution of learners based on work experience: 0-1 years - 24%, 1-3 years - 33%, 3-6 years -28%, 6-10 years - 12%, 10+ years - 3%

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“ Manan has been a fantastic addition to our product team - from day one, he’s been speaking with customers, learning everything he can and getting projects executed super fast. Within 6 months he has scaled a product driven revenue line from scratch to a meaningful contribution to the company. ”


Founder at LBB


“ Upraised has a uniquely novel approach to up-skilling PM professionals. We felt that they understand the modern day skills needed to excel as a PM, and they go the extra mile to ensure that the candidates land their dream jobs. ”


HR at Unacademy


“ We recruited Manshi via Upraised for an APM role at Swiggy, and she really raised the bar in the interviews. ”


Head of Product at Swiggy

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Seats filling fast.

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World Class Teachers

Live sessions with experts
at top companies

This product management course has the highest standards for our instructors.
They have built products millions love & are here to share their secrets with you.

Prioritising solutions in product building

Teacher - Principal Product Manager Swiggy


Principal Product Manager


Best practices in Product Management

Teacher - Senior Product Manager Google

Vignesh Narayanan

Senior Product Manager


Writing with clarity

Teacher - Product Lead Netflix

Ravish Bhalla

Product Lead


Working with Engineers

Teacher - Product Manager Freshworks

Shreyanshi Shah

Product Manager


Building a robust product strategy

Teacher - Lead Product Manager Eightfold AI

Tulasi Thulluru

Lead Product Manager

Eightfold AI

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Challenge yourself with a smart, passionate & supportive peer group.

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We placed 300+ students like you

You HAVE to do this. The insights are 🔥

Upraised completely shifted my perspective about my career. The conversations with my coach constantly inspired new ways of thinking & gave me the confidence to dream BIG.

Upraised review by Harkrishan Singh

Harkrishan Singh

Senior Product Manager at Chqbook

Upraised is a quality shortcut for your transition to a product role.

What could've taken me more than a year, with the Upraised, I was able to do it in 4 months.

Upraised review by Snehankitha Maddineni

Snehankitha Maddineni

Manager at P&G

Best educational investment I ever made

Upraised helped me become a product manager when my MBA degree could not. it is by far the best educational investment I have ever made

Upraised review by Pallabi Padhi

Pallabi Padhi

Product Manager at Porter

No BS. Only Actionable insights that you can apply from tomorrow.

There is no BS. No fake magic sauce. You actually get your hands dirty, and learn along the way. The growth I achieved by getting real time feedback on my work was just phenomenal

Thanks to Upraised I am killing it at my new product role

Upraised review by Janhavi Singh

Janhavi Singh

Product Manager at Hatica

Got into a product role after a degree in Infrastructure planning

I had almost joined another program, but thank god I learnt about Upraised at the last minute.

The program helped me double down on my strengths & get into my dream role

Upraised review by Tanmay Singh

Tanmay Singh

Product Manager at Monexo

Ended up bagging more than one product offer

A couple of years into my first job, I knew product management was the right fit for me. I was at Byju's and was fascinated by the work PMs in the company were doing.

At the beginning, there was a lot of doubt. My gut kept telling me, I could be a great PM. Years in sales & program management had taught me valuable lessons around communicating effectively, influencing without authority and having a keen eye for data.

But, I was scared!

Ended up really stepping up my game with Upraised & getting more than one offer

Upraised review by Shoubhik Ghoshal

Shoubhik Ghoshal

AVP Product at Prudent Brokers

Totally worth the hype

I get so many many messages asking if Upraised is worth the hype. And I always say - TOTALLY.

Upraised review by Anmol Prabhakar

Anmol Prabhakar

PM at Leverage Edu

You cant go wrong with Upraised

You need someone to be with you for the emotional up & downs of a career change. Someone who sticks with you all the way.

Most courses are transactional, there is no personalised attention but I needed someone who could tell me “You can do it”

My coach, counsellors made the tough transition to product possible

Upraised review by Ankit Bansal

Ankit Bansal

Senior Product Manager at Nestaway

Once an Upraiser, Always an Upraiser

I have grown so much with Upraised, first as a student and now as a coach and mentor

I have built a networks of brilliant product folks that is going to be with me for a lifetime

Upraised review by Akshay Kingar

Akshay Kingar

Principal Product Manager at InMobi

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Can a fresher become product manager?

Is MBA required for Product managers?

Does product manager require coding?

Will this product management course help me in landing a PM job?

Can I become a product manager without a degree?

Do product managers become CEO?

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1. What is Product Management?

Product management is one of the hottest jobs in the market. These are cross-functional high ownership roles in tech firms that involve ideation, user research, implementation, stake-holder management, data analysis and experimentation. It is a business (non-coding) role. A Product Manager is often thought of as the centerpiece role that balances the interest of business, design, engineering and customers.

2. What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Product Manager?

The specific responsibilities of a Product Manager may vary based on the size of the organisation. For example, at small organisations, product managers spend most of their time on hands-on work and making sure that the vision they've defined is executed. Whereas in larger organisations, product managers have teams of specialists allocated to them, who manage the day-to-day execution of tasks, and they have to focus on aligning all these stakeholders with their vision.

On the whole, a product manager's responsibilities include the following:

  • Understanding user pain points and aligning them with business needs.
  • Keeping an eye on the market and performing competitor analyses.
  • Defining the vision for the product they're working on.
  • Bringing stakeholders on the same page about the vision for the product.
  • Prioritising user pain points and proposing product features to solve them.
  • Coordinating with various teams, and getting products and features shipped.

3. How to become a Product Manager?

  • Read more about the role and talk to Product Managers: Research about Product Management and find out if you actually like it. Then, talk to people who are actually in the field, and find out about their experience. You can reach out to Product Managers on LinkedIn.
  • Read about Product Management or take up a course: There are tons of online resources - blogs, videos, courses, to help you learn about Product Management. For a surefire way to become a Product Manager, you can check out this course.
  • Work on personal projects to improve your product skills: Once you've picked up Product Management skills, it's time to put them into practice. Practice creating wireframes, user personas, case studies, PRDs, etc. Slowly build up from small projects to more comprehensive ones.
  • Build a Portfolio to Display Your Work: Rather than trying to include everything, use your portfolio to highlight your strengths as a Product Manager. This means focusing on the projects you're most proud of, but also using those projects to highlight your strongest qualities - whether that's UX design, your ability to code, or management skills.
  • Prepare and apply for interviews: Now that you're ready to become a super Product Manager, it's time to go out there and find your dream job! Start finding openings for Product Manager roles, and apply to the ones you like. Before your interviews, make sure you prepare yourself well.

4. How do I know if product management is right for me?

a. Do you find the role exciting?

  • Do you thrive in ambiguity?
  • Does taking initiative come naturally to you?
  • Do you love solving different types of problems?
  • Are you okay with your days not being completely structured & planned?

If the answer to most of these questions is “Yes” then you seem like someone who will enjoy the role.

You can also try doing a product related project in your current company or joining a few product communities to do competitions like “product teardowns” to confirm if you enjoy the work

b. Do you have the right foundational skills to become a product manager?

Take our free know yourself, it will help you understand your strengths & blindpsots when it comes to product management. It will evaluate you across 6 core skills:

  • Problem solving
  • Communication skills
  • Technical ability
  • Result orientation
  • Data driven
  • Product Sense

5. Am I eligible for this course?

You have to give our Know Yourself Test, and share some details about your background to check your eligibility for our course. Our team will get in touch with you in 24-48 hrs to discuss your profile & next steps

6. What is the syllabus for this product management course?

Mastering Structured Problem Solving. -> Week 1

  • Develop a structured thinking approach with tips, tricks, and practice.
  • Scope product problems, diagnose issues, and apply MECE problem-solving techniques.
  • Learn to break down complex problems into manageable components.
  • Utilize root cause analysis and hypothesis-driven problem-solving

Learn how to ship a product - Problem, Solution & Implementation space -> Week 2-5

  • Identify user problems, needs, JTBDs, and personas.
  • Leverage user personas and empathy maps to better understand users' needs and motivations
  • Recognize the right problems and their business impact
  • Leverage user personas and empathy maps to better understand users' needs and motivations
  • Prioritize product problems using the RICE Framework and other methods
  • Implement solutions, measure success with metrics, and enhance problem-solving skills
  • Master the creation of user flow diagrams and wireframes to visualize and communicate product designs effectively
  • Develop the skill of writing clear and concise technical specifications that guide cross-functional teams throughout the product development process

Metrics in the product world -> Week 6

  • Learn the basics (101) of metrics
  • Learn about various types of metrics, such as success, counter, leading, and lagging metrics
  • Understand the significance of each metric type and how they can be utilized in product management
  • Get answers to the questions of what, why are how of metrics that PMs use to track product performance
  • Practice and solidify understanding of metrics through drills

Tech for product managers -> Week 7

  • Understand web and mobile app development, including platforms, operating systems, browsers, responsive design, and the differences between native, hybrid, and web applications
  • Learn about database fundamentals, data modelling, and database management systems to effectively store and manage product data
  • Grasp the underlying architecture of the web, including protocols, servers, and browsers, as well as the unique considerations associated with launching products on web and mobile platforms Comprehend the role of APIs in connecting and exchanging data between software applications, their importance in product integrations and scalability, and dive deeper into API concepts such as error codes and data handling
  • Get started with systems-level thinking and gain insight into the way Product Managers think holistically about products
  • Apply understanding of tech via hands-on workshop

Collaborating with Stakeholders -> Week 8

  • Learn effective communication with Design and Engineering teams
  • Understand the importance of collaboration and negotiation in product management
  • Develop strategies for managing expectations and resolving conflicts among stakeholders
  • Learn to build trust and maintain strong relationships with cross-functional teams

Mastering Product Requirement Documents (PRDs) -> Week 9

  • Learn the essential components of effective PRDs
  • Understand the role of PRDs in product development and communication
  • Practice creating comprehensive and concise PRDs for various product scenarios
  • Validate assumptions through user testing and feedback
  • Iterate on product solutions based on data-driven insights
  • Learn to coordinate and manage product launch processes

Product Psychology -> Week 10

  • Understand the cognitive biases and heuristics that influence user behavior
  • Learn how to apply psychological principles to product design and development
  • Explore techniques for motivating and engaging users to drive adoption and retention
  • Study UX principles to create intuitive and user-friendly products
  • Explore gamification techniques to drive user engagement and loyalty

Essential Tools for Product Managers -> Week 11 - 13

  • Gain proficiency in key PM tools, including Retool, SQL, and Mixpanel for data analysis and visualization
  • Develop skills in Figma for prototyping, Zapier for automation, and Clarity for user insights
  • Explore practical use cases and hands-on exercises for each tool to enhance your expertise

Growth, MVP & Product Strategy Frameworks for PMs -> Week 12-16

  • Gain insights into key growth drivers for features/products (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referrals, Monetization, Experimentation)
  • Acquire the knowledge to design and implement growth strategies tailored to product goals and target audience
  • Explore the concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and its role in product development
  • Learn various frameworks and methodologies for crafting product strategies that align with business objectives and user needs

Becoming job ready

  • Gain insight into the diverse opportunities within the product management
  • Understand the PM role evolution and career landscape
  • Get clarity about the kind of companies would be suitable for you based on your background and career aspiration through career counseling session
  • Learn effective strategies for creating a compelling resume to showcase yourself and to build your brand online
  • Discover different strategies to tailor your job applications for specific roles and companies
  • Build a product portfolio to showcase your product skills by working on real-life projects and case studies
  • Practice mock interviews to sharpen your interviewing skills and receive personalized feedback
  • Master behavioral aspects of product interviews with an experienced coach and practice using our proprietary AI interview tool

Time Required

15 hrs/week

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