Career Accelerator Program helps you

Upskill, build your portfolio

& get placed as a super Product Manager

Learning Mode

Live Sessions & Workshops

together with leading experts


16 Weeks

including placements

Time investment

320 Hours

~15 hours per week

Batch Size

50 Students

Invite only

Next Batch Begins

Seats Filling Fast

1 on 1 Coaching
What You'll Learn
Case Studies
Tools To Learn
Alumni Projects
Interview Prep
Comparison with MBA

1 on 1 Expert Coaching

Learn personally from over
100+ experienced product managers

Get a PM coach assigned to you who'd support you to get better with their expertise.

Discuss, Debate and Learn

Discuss problem statements and solution approach as required

Get insights on product management from their experience

Get help writing your Product Requirement Documents

Get Actionable Feedback & Improve

Get honest feedback on your portfolio

Get your product tear-downs evaluated

Get help identifying your strengths & blindspots along with next steps

Meet your experts

What You'll Learn

Strengthen your core product skills

Our learning material emphasise on essential knowledge acquisition.

skills illustration

Live Sessions & Workshops

Learn to identify real user problems and its impact on business

Understand Users

Learn to create personas, identify user needs & map customer journeys

Learn Structured Approach

Learn to approach product problems in a structured manner

Hone your Product Sense

Learn to ideate creatively & innovatively with the help of frameworks like HMW and SCAMPER

Learn Thinking Frameworks

Use visual tools like issue trees to make MECE structures

Learn Prioritisation Frameworks

Become proficient in using RICE framework for prioritising problems to solve

Create Products that Users Love

Learn how to use psychology to make products loved by users

Create MVP

Understand what is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and how to make one

Measure Success

Learn how to measure success using your set of metrics and product analytics tools

Case Studies

Work on real problems
& build your confidence

Working on all these problems will equip you to handle any problems as a PM

Case Study 01


As a part of the Google Search web spam team, how would you detect duplicate websites?

Case Study 02

Trip Advisor

The majority of the users spend a lot of time looking at different hotel options but ultimately don't book any and leave the site. How would you go about solving this?

Case Study 03


How would you measure the success of Amazon Echo?

Case Study 04


How would you design a Facebook home screen?

Case Study 05


How can Uber figure out which countries to enter?

Case Study 06

Google Maps

How much storage space do you need for Google Maps?

Case Study 07


There is a 12% decline in Flipkart's Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV). What could be the possible reasons for the decline?

Case Study 08


How will you quantify the impact of the "Skip Intro" button in Netflix?

Case Study 09


Swiggy's Average Delivery Time is 40 mins. How will you decrease it to 35 mins to keep up with the competitors?

Case Study 10

Make My Trip

There is a 10% decline in flight bookings on MakeMyTrip. What could be the possible reasons for the decline?

Advanced Specializations

Build your niche competency.
Pick your super skill and master it.

Choose from Growth, Design or Technical
specialisations to master









Three week deep dive into acquisition, retention and experimentations from top companies.

Topics Covered

Introduction to Acquisition, Retention and Engagement

Test result analysis and improvements

The art of experimentation strategy and testing

Understanding growth models, loops and their constraints


Make the most of your time with interactive Live Sessions & Workshops

Take a real problem, think of solutions and then discuss with experts.

Workshop on how to structure product problems

Learn how to approach a problem from the ground up

Recognize the distinction between an unstructured and an organised approach.

Learn about the most often used frameworks for problem-solving

On a call, discuss your strategy in real time

Workshop on solving real product problems

Solve problems on your own

Discuss with your peers

Attend the workshop and discuss your approach

Understand how the expert solved the problem from scratch - from stage of 'problem identification' to 'shipping'

Workshop on working with stakeholders

Perform activities on working with the stakeholders - designers and engineers

Attend the workshops conducted by experts - designers and engineers

Learn the nuances of working with different stakeholders directly from those stakeholders

interview meeting illustration

Expert Sessions at Upraised


Solution space Prioritisation & Solutioning

Learn about evaluating solutions, ideation, and balancing customer needs, business goals, and technical feasibility.

Vikram Goyal

Senior Product Manager



How to be Technology Fluent

Learn essential tech concepts, terminology, and tools for effective communication with engineers.

Akash Deep

Product Leader

Walmart Global Tech


Identifying Meaningful Problems as a PM

Learn how to prioritise high-impact problems, identify pain points and opportunities, and understand product development.

Siddarth Chowdhary

Associate Director, Product



Working with Engineers

Learn best practices for communicating with engineers, setting realistic goals, and aligning product and tech teams.

Aman Rana

Product Manager

Capillary Technologies


Unleashing the Power of Data

Learn to leverage data for product development and growth, and techniques for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data.

Animesh Chandra

Senior Product Manager



Best Practices in Product Management

Discover how PMs at top tech companies build products by identifying customer problems, validating solutions, and experimenting.

Vignesh Narayan

Senior Product Manager



How to build a career as a PM in India?

Experienced product manager shares insights on the Indian PM landscape, job market trends, and critical skills for success.

Shreyanshi Shah

Product Manager



Hands-on Workshop: Structured Problem Solving

Learn systematic approaches, problem identification, analysis, and solutions through hands-on activities and group discussions.

Chaitanya Goyal

ex-VP - Product Management



Picking Great Problems for PRDs

Learn to create effective PRDs with best practices for documenting requirements, feature prioritisation, and user stories.

Aditya Behere

Product Manager


Tools In a PM's Arsenal

Learn how to effectively take your
ideas from imagination to reality

Learn the tools that help you experiment faster.

Share your ideas effectively with teams







Test your ideas with real users super fast





Test your ideas with different user segments

Google Optimise

Google Optimise





girl with tools

Measure impact of your ideas with real users





Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Alumni Projects

Take a look at the projects
that helped our alumni stand out

Showcase your skills with the portfolio you'll create in CAP

Harshit Goyal

Harshit Goyal

Placed at

View Portfolio
Harsh Mishra

Harsh Mishra

Placed at

View Portfolio
Janhavi Singh

Janhavi Singh

Placed at

View Portfolio
Harkrishan Singh

Harkrishan Singh

Placed at

View Portfolio
Ankit Bansal

Ankit Bansal

Placed at

View Portfolio
Sanya Khurana

Sanya Khurana

Placed at

View Portfolio
Hasini Kakumanu

Hasini Kakumanu

Placed at

Nxt Wave
View Portfolio
Rohit Sonker

Rohit Sonker

Placed at

Field Assist
View Portfolio

Interview prep

Ace your Interviews
with rigorous practice & feedback

Boost your confidence to appear in interviews with all the practice.

interviews illustration

Interview preparation material

Understand more about question types asked in the interviews

Mock Interviews with Peers

Conduct as many mock interviews as you like with your peers

Expert Interviews

Practise with senior PMs at top companies, this simulates a real job interview scenario

Students speak on Interviews

“One of the most effective parts of the Upraised CAP program for me was the entire practice interview experience, both with experts as well as peer to peer mocks. While the P2P mocks helped me practice a wide variety of probable question types, the expert interviews really gave me confidence to tackle complex objections and structure my answers as per first principles. The experts were very helpful and supportive all through and truly made the interview experience very productive”

Mayuri Govil

Mayuri Govil

Product Manager at Zynga

“Mock interviews were a quintessential (about 70% weightage) part of my PM preparation. Even after one has read a zillion articles and knows about a trillion frameworks, it takes a lot of practice to utter the right words at the right time in the correct order. Mocks are great way to gain these learnings and imbibe them so hard that in the real interviews, its just instinctive to excel”

Pallabi Padhi

Pallabi Padhi

APM II at Porter

“With the help of Expert Interviews and P2P Interviews, I went from being a sweaty, hyperventilating, nervous wrack while hearing a PM interview question to someone who'd be ready to give an interview even woken up in the middle of the night. The tips and feedback from experts really helped me fare well in real interviews. I still use the 'Tell me something about yourself?' answer that one of the experts helped me framing, in real interviews. Being Job Ready and Being Interview Ready are 2 different kinds of ball game and Upraised helped me fare really well in both the aspects.”

Bijal Dave

Bijal Dave

APM at Scalenut

“My interview preparation with Upraised was very robust. First I learned about the learning material provided to understand the types of questions companies ask and how to tackle them in the best possible way. Post that for the initial practice we had around 10 Peer to Peer interviews which helped me overcome interview anxiety. We also had expert interviews where experienced PMs interviewed us and gave amazing actionable feedback, I personally learned so much from the feedback received. So all these helped immensely in my journey to get my first PM job”

Shubham Danannavar

Shubham Danannavar

Associate Product Manager at SafexPay


Get a dream job at
an esteemed organization

Get the outcome you wish for by working collaboratively with us in getting you placed.

Get clarity about the kind of place you'd want to work at with career counselling sessions.

Set up your profile in our placement dashboard with your job preference, your resume, your case studies and proof of work that you'd want to showcase.

Create a wishlist for jobs you'd be interested in, we help you prioritise them for sending applications.

Leverage Upraised network, Upraised alumni network + your own network to send out applications. Placements at Upraised are a collaborative effort

Upraised is driven by outcome, we leave no stone unturned in helping you get placed.

placement dashboard

Our Alumni are Placed at

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Your 16 weeks with us

Get an overview of everything you'll learn in your 16 week journey.

Career Accelerator Program Calendar

Comparison with MBA

Get a better job and a better pay
at 15% of MBA fees and 20% of time

Know more about the curriculum and the team.

Time to be invested

15 hours/week

for 16 weeks

MBA schools take up 40 hours/week for ~104 weeks

Designed for your convenience

Completely online so even if you miss a session, you can watch the recording at your comfort.
You can complete the program while working a full-time job or completing your college.

Money to be invested

₹2,49,000 in total

or @13,833/month for 18 months

MBA schools charge between ₹15,00,000 - ₹20,00,000

Designed to minimise your risk

Not happy with the program?
Tell us in 14 Days and get a refund, no questions asked.
Earn the program fees back in just 5 months.
9 in 10 learners receive an average salary hike of 51.2%.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Benjamin Franklin

See Returns On Investment with CAP

Lifetime Support

One-time payment,
Lifetime career support

Our relationship continues even after you get your desired outcome. If you happen to look for a job switch in the future, we at Upraised are here to help you throughout your career.

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