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Calculate the return on your investment in the Career Accelerator Program

Use our Rol calculator to see. Share your current CTC and see how quickly you can recover the cost of CAP because of your salary hike.

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💡 Did you know:
Avg salary hike post CAP is 63%
Your returns

In the past, 35% learners have received salary hike more than 60%

16.0 L

Your new CTC after salary hike

This is a rough salary you will get, enjoy your salary hike.

4 months

to recover 1,95,000 you paid for CAP

You will fully recover the fees of CAP in 15 months because of the salary hike you got in your new job after CAP

Note: Payback period is calculated based on the salary hike. Lets take an example.
If your CTC is ₹ 10 lakhs per year and you get a salary of ₹16 lakhs after CAP, you get a hike of ₹6 lakh per year (₹50,000 per month). With ₹50,000 additional income, you can earn back the program fees in less than 4 months.
Returns over next 5 years
salary with CAP
salary without CAP
CAP helps you earn 9.8 lakh more on annual basis by 5th year and it keeps on increasing. You make more money while doing a job that you love. Think long term!
Note: We have assumed a conservative 12% salary hike in both the cases. The five year difference is due to the hike you get right after CAP.
*Based on placement data of Upraisers till Dec 2021