BITS Pilani, Goa Campus
B.E. Mechanical
2018 - 2022


Data Analyst
Kansai Nerolac Paints
May 2020 - Jul 2020

My Case Studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Improving the user friendliness of the UI and feature discovery
The foremost problem faced by users of Paytm is the usability. Paytm offers a very wide range of verticals, making the platform difficult for customers to use and navigate. This points to an issue in the late activation stage of a user.
  • App stickiness
  • NPS
  • Avg. revenue per user
The pain point faced by most users is that they have a hard time finding what they are looking for due to the broad nature of Paytm's offerings. It is therefore important to improve the navigation on app. The goal of the navigation system is to smoothen the user experience and lead users to discover the entire range of Paytm features. This improvement can lead to further improvement in revenues due to increased use of monetized features accompanied by customer data collection through searches.
What Do You Want to Do Today screen
  • It is a new feature for Paytm customers that asks them what they want to do today and then directly takes them to the relevant section of the product.
  • The feature pops up as in interface upon opening the application
  • It contains a list of all the verticals in Paytm along with a short explanation as subtext for each option.
  • All the verticals can be accessed directly through the interface without having to navigate the different sections of the app.
  • It also includes the Paytm Mall search bar
  • The design is minimalistic and pleasing
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My Product Observations

How Discord manages to stand out
Discord, despite making a late entrance in the instant messaging social media market, carved a distinct space for itself
  • Discord creates uniqueness by providing means for users to engage with each other in fun ways without being obvious about it.
  • The open source bots and community servers lend a sense of closeness to users
  • Discord makes its product exciting by adding their much fabled Easter eggs
  • Discord also provides users unprecedented amounts of control to the users (from colour of display names to high pass filters during calls) which cannot be matched by any of its competitors
How Khan academy keeps its students engaged
Online course platforms have a hard time retaining customers for its courses. But Khan academy has managed to achieve that through a variety of means
  • The first tool used by Khan academy to ensure retention is the UI. Each topic is divided into steps and a wonderfully animated progress bar keeps motivating you to keep learning.
  • Gamification has been extensively employed in the platform.
  • Each video watched or quiz taken gets you points, resulting in no action that can be considered 'rewardless' by a user.
  • The range of badges offered are highly customised for each type of achievement and creatively designed. This makes the user experience much more delight than a standard badge that everyone can get easily.
  • The badges are displayed on the user profile triggering another reward trigger of social influence and status achievement.

Achievements & Extra Curriculars

  • Head of Mechanical Systems, Project Radio Telescope - conceptualized the mechanical design of the largest student made radio telescope in India.
  • Head of Production Quark, 2021 - part of the coordinating committee of Quark, Bits Goa 2021, one of the largest technical fests in India.
  • Stood 1st at ‘Consultathon’ - Case Study Competition by 180Degrees Consulting 2020 BITS Pilani chapter of BITS Pilani.
  • Represented college in the ‘Indian Rover Challenge 2020’ an international competition by The Mars Society. Stood 10th among 93 teams all around the world.
  • Senior Consultant at 180 Degrees consulting, BITS Goa 2020 and provided consultation to Danish NGO Safe Children and led client interactions.