Vishnu Murali Nambiar

Vishnu Murali Nambiar

Analyst, Deloitte USI

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VIT(Vellore Institute of Technology) University
B Tech, Electrical And Electronics Engineering
2014 - 2018

Work Experience

Deloitte USI
Aug 2018 - Present

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
A Pan India Delivery Service Embedded Into Dunzo
Sending a courier is a tedious process in India, tracking them is also impossible as the feature is available only with few players. Integrating this inside Swiggy would make this seamless for users.
  • No of couriers placed in a day
  • No of successful deliveries done through Dunzo
  • No of repeat customer's
Integrate a courier feature inside the Dunzo app, along with the current service of pick up and drop anything, aligning with the goal of Dunzo. - Change the way people move things.
Target the three pain points of the users.
  • Accessibility and Convenience
  • Tracking
  • Cost
Build an end to end feature to inside Dunzo app
  • Add an extra option in the current app, for courier based on the current pick up and drop service.
  • Have a tie-up with a pan India courier provider to move it from one city/town to another.
  • Set up a delivery hub to bring all the orders in the particular city/town together, streamline the process and transfer it to the service provider.
  • Use Dunzos' last-mile connectivity to pick up and drop the orders from the customers.
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Swiggy Design Enhancement
Currently, there is no option for choosing “Non-Veg” Available restaurants and“Non-Veg” dishes only in Swiggy, whereas there exists an option to choose “VegOnly” Restaurants and “Veg Dishes” only.
No of users using the filter to order
Try to find the better way in filtering out the dishes, which would be more helpful for the user by taking two designs, comparing the pros and cons and then evaluating.
Option 1 - Addition of a button filter.
  • Pros - There currently exists a button type“veg only”  filter on the same screen.
  • Cons - There already exists a lot of filters, the user already has to scroll, making it cumbersome.
Addition of a quick-select filter option under existing filters.
  • Pros - There is already afilter here also for Veg only option.
  • Cons - It might become too hidden unless the user doesn’t know about the feature
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My Product Observations

Instagram - Font Size option
Size bar option to choose the Font size
  • Instagram has a nice way to choose the font size.
  • Normally we are not so accustomed to knowing what size is how big, but visually we know how big we want it. So instead of choosing size, they have a bar which we can increase or decrease and choose our desired text size"
PayTM Incorrect UPI Pin Correction
Helps reduce friction and save time for users,  they needn't go through the whole payment loop again after a incorrect pin.
  • Incorrect UPI Pin is a major common mistake we do during UPI transaction.
  • Normally we have to do the whole transaction again, but Paytm has a option to correct the Pin.They also inform that the pin would be locked giving information to the user
MapMyIndia connects more with the Indian users
Usage of Go Left/Right instead of East/West
  • Mapmyindia is gaining momentum being a product made specifically for India.
  • One point is that it says directions in the way of Go Left, Go right not go east, go west like Google maps. Something which is common especially in India (The way most people talk, we mostly say directions in this format ).
Myntra user cart design
Gives more flexibility to the user to order and reduces friction
  • Generally, we add a lot of items to the cart, and then we decide what to order, what to move it to order later.
  • Myntra has a nice option where we can multi-select, what we want to order and even multi-select and move the rest to the wishlist. Makes the decision process simpler and the checkout process a bit faster
ICICI mobile app makes it easier to use card data
The user is able to quickly copy the card number and user wherever applicable
  • Icici bank app (imobile) under the debit card tab, has a option to copy the debit card number.
  • This is very useful during online transactions on new sites, user needn't find the card to write down the number.