Varun D R

Varun D R

PGPM, IIM Indore

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IIM Indore
2018 - 2020
MVJCE, Bangalore
2012 - 2016

Work Experience

Assistant System Engineer
Mar 2017 - Jun 2018

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Drive UPI Payments in Fuel stations Leveraging FASTag
  • Increase the market share of Paytm in fuelstations
  • Improve the number of transactions using UPI
FASTag is a RFID passive tag used for making toll payments directly from the customers linked prepaid or savings/current account. It is affixed on the windscreen of the vehicle and enables the customer to drive through toll plazas, without stopping for any toll payments
Enabling the fuel stations with reader which read the FASTag and fetch customer data and send the fuel bill directly to customers digital wallet without any friction making the process delightful and seamless
Read the Vehicle Number from the FASTag
  • This is a merchant side activity involving merchants. Merchant is equipped with a RFID tag reader which will be able to read the FASTag on the vehicles
Match the Vehicle Number with the Phone number associated with Payment Wallet
  • Create a DB of phone number and linked vehicles
  • Ask users to enter the vehicle number in your payment app and store it but this requires high motivation, and it might be difficult to trigger such an action from user
  • Make users link FASTag with payment app by providing value addition
Send bill/ Request for payment to the wallet address
  • Build a merchant side solution
  • Build a solution that only works with your payment wallet users
Confirmation to the User and the Merchant
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My Product Observations

Why is INDMoney gaining traction?
INDMoney is a personal finance app that helps you track, save and earn money
  • Acquisition: Asks an enticing question 'Do you know your net worth?'
  • Has clean UI with financial dashboard
  • Acts as a one-stop platform for all financial activities
  • Ability to sync with existing platforms like Zerodha, Upstock etc..
  • Ability to sync with existing platforms like Zerodha, Upstock etc..
  • Family office features helps to attract non tech savvy users leveraging existing customers
Why is YouTube encouraging creators use YouTube's Timestamp feature?
Timestamp feature allows creators to add timestamp to videos enabling viewers to skip to that part of content
  • Timestamp's help increase in viewership as the engagement or content becomes more meaningful
  • Works well incase of How to videos where viewer is interested in a particular step
  • Majorly improves Google's search algorithm to show relevant part of the video as a result to particular search query
Dunzo's Foodcourt
Multiple restaurants in a single plate
  • User like a have meal at a particular place and desert at a different place which they had to compromise while ordering online
  • Dunzo has clubbed together a number of restaurants in the area creating a Foodcourt allowing users to order food from different places in a single order
  • Operational nightmare but gives Dunzo a edge over other players as it has hyperlocal delivery capabilities
Lyft's plan to gain consumer mindshare
  • Lyft partnered with health insurance giants Anthem, JP Morgan Chase, and the United Way etc. to get Americans to and from Covid-19 vaccination sites
  • Lyft's network will transport 60 million low income and uninsured Americans to vaccination sites
  • When it's difficult to differentiate your service the best way to overcome competition is branding and capturing consumer's mind-space
Swiggy's delay in assigning delivery executive allows users to get faster delivery
  • Swiggy does not assign delivery executives as soon as the order is placed
  • Swiggy waits for the food preparation time to elapse there by reducing the wait time at the restaurant
  • This delay allows Swiggy to find more optimal executive who is free and execute the task at a lesser overall time
  • Overtime Swiggy has perfected there task scheduling algorithm