Simarpreet Singh Mamik

Simarpreet Singh Mamik

Management Consultant, Arete Advisors

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IIM Ahmedabad
2017 - 2019
BITS Pilani
B. Tech. in Civil Engineering
2012 - 2016

Work Experience

Associate Consultant
Arete Advisors
Jun 2019 - Jan 2021
Business Analyst
ZS Associates
Sep 2016 - Apr 2017

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
New product proposal to boost revenue
Revenue can be increased via 3 levers: Number of users, average order frequency and average order value. We focus on boosting order frequency, in alignment with Swiggy's short term mission.
Monthly revenue from the new proposed product
Which kinds of orders to target to boost ordering frequency?
I segmented order types into three categories: Orders for self, Group/party orders and Gift orders. Of these I saw that gift orders are the most underserved, despite existence of latent demand by customers. Meals as gifts has not yet been explored by any player in the market.
Why is the current way to gift someone a meal inadequate?
I identified 2 major users cases of gifting meals: (i) Friends & family and (ii) Corporates. Even currently, friends & family gift meals to each other and corporates try to have virtual team dinners but the current process is extremely painful and inefficient. It is difficult to coordinate with the recipient on address, time (when they would like to eat the meal) and logistically straining to order one by one for multiple employees.
Swiggy Prezzie: A product to improve the experience of gifting meals
  • I evaluated 3 potential solutions: Gift vouchers, Specific meal orders and Swiggy Prezzie as potential solutions.
  • Gif vouchers offer negligible personalisation and are easiest to implement while meal cards entail ordering specific meals for the recipient, so high personalisation but very complex product to make. Swiggy Prezzies are a sweet spot in the middle.
  • The sender gets to decide the kind of meal they would like to order (Cuisine, Kind of meal, Preferred restaurants) and amount they are comfortable to spend
  • The recipient gets recommendations of meals based on her current location, the preferences set by the sender and her diet preference (V/NV)
  • She can then order a meal from the options she has whenever she wants
Digital card with video message embedded in Swiggy Prezzie
  • The sender also gets to send a digital card with help from templates based on occasion
  • Sender also gets an option to send a video message along with the meal
  • The idea is to add the 'personal touch' to the gift so the sender and recipient get the full gifting experience
  • As an additional benefit, the recipient will associate Swiggy with positive emotions
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Exploratory growth problem
Increase the number of active users of YouTube Music
Segmented users and identified issues preventing them from becoming active users
Two major sources of bringing in active users: Internal Migration - converting existing passive/inactive users to active users and External Migration - attracting active users of other music apps.
Then I mapped the user journey, hypothesised issues preventing existing passive users and active users of competition from becoming active users of YouTube music. Finally, recommended solutions to solve the major pain points.
Introduce YouTube Music Social
  • Social engagement is expected to bring up activity from existing users and attract users from competition
    Feature to import friends from Facebook or phone contact list for easy friend discovery
    Get music leaderboards based on network - 'Top trending songs among friends', 'Music your friends like the most'
Allow background play to free users
  • Inability to play music in the background/on locking the phone is the most active deterrent in converting free users from becoming active users
    We can monetise this segment better via audio ads
Immersive music experiences
  • Introduce virtual clubs and discos based on radio stations
    Users can go to virtual discos with their friends
    Feature based on creating virtual reality and using motion sensors to create a world with avatars of their friends
    Can partner with players like Sony who already have virtual reality based, motion sensing, avatar generating games on PlayStations
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My Product Observations

Bumble isn't just an online dating platform, it is your wingman
It actively aids your dating game
  • The app recognises if your openers in conversation may be too bland (like hi/hello) while typing the message and recommends lines that get more success (based on length of conversation) on the platform
  • On making a profile, the platform A/B tests which of your uploaded pictures have the highest 'right swipe' rate and keeps the one most likely to be swiped right as your main display picture
Google Maps has thought a lot about you
Nuances in the app reveal the extent of how much they care about the user
  • When getting directions, the app places all its buttons on the right hand side for one hand use since the other hand is likely on the driving wheel
  • It shows actual pictures of your destination and not just on the map because sometimes even after reaching we're confused, 'Is this the right place?'
  • It always shows nearest petrol pumps, hospitals, police stations and fire stations on the route so that if you're in trouble, you know where's the closest you can get help