Sayanti Kundu

Sayanti Kundu

MS, Universitat Paderborn

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Universitat Paderborn, Germany
2016 - 2019
SRM University, Kattankulathur
B Tech
2009 - 2013

Work Experience

Research Assistant
Universitat Paderborn
Nov 2017 - Feb 2019
Senior Software Developer
Cybage Software
Jun 2013 - Sep 2016

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Improving customer acquisition for Kyt Academy
Kyt Academy is an online-first global academy for extracurricular learning
Increase the number of users who enrol in the 12-week courses listed by Kyt Academy
Given the current COVID situation, kids feel restless stuck at home for a long duration with no school work/travel to keep them occupied during the summer vacations. Parents want effective screen time utilisation for kids to avoid adverse health effects. Based on the needs of the parents and the kids, I've made a recommendation to provide a trial of the core Kyt Academy experience without paying high fees.
Online Summer Camp for Ages 4 - 15
  • Provides a variety of online workshops where kids learn something meaningful and stay engaged
  • Caters to different age groups and different areas of interest such as art, dance, yoga etc., which increases exposure to various course listings provided by Kyt Academy
  • Provides flexibility in terms of duration and therefore commitment. Parents can directly opt for 20 days or opt for 10 days and extend it later for another 10 days depending on their child's interest/suitability 
Online Summer Camp for Ages 4 - 15
  • Provides feedback to the parents regarding their child’s progress and interest in certain workshops that they can pursue in the future
  • Provides a social experience where kids interact with others of their age to alleviate loneliness 
  • Virtual summer camp to be extended to other countries as per their vacation months
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Improving activation metrics for new tutors onboarding on Classplus's free app - Classplus Lite
Improve the activation rate of new tutors
Classplus Lite showcases the advantages of online teaching via its app to tutors by creating a free experience. These users can then be pursued to convert to paid users.
However, in case of Classplus Lite, the on-boarding experience can get overwhelming for tutors who are non-tech savvy. This results in users abandoning the app before realising its value. I’ve made a recommendation to overcome this bottleneck.
Using an interactive guided walkthrough for tutor on-boarding
  • Hand-holds a new tutor through the app over the major touch-points
  • Guides the tutor to create a new batch, add students to the batch and conducting a short live demo class, thus showcasing the basic JTBDs of the app
  • Prompts the tutor to take actions during the on-boarding and therefore gets the user actively involved in the learning process. This also familiarises the tutor with the various information fields that they are expected to fill in when they use the app unassisted
Using an interactive guided walkthrough for tutor on-boarding
  • Shows progress to the tutor by indicating the step of the on-boarding process that they are currently on and the number of steps they still need to cover to get to the finish line. This indicates the time commitment expected from the user
  • Provides the option of watching help videos should they feel the need later
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Increasing the average basket value for Dunzo
Increase the number of items ordered by users or increase the purchase of high value items
Understanding the Business
Dunzo's existing revenue streams are commissions from partner merchants and delivery charges. To increase revenue using the existing revenue streams, one way can be to increase the average basket value. This can happen by increase in the number of items bought or by increase in purchase of high value items.
Understanding the Opportunities
I look at 5 major opportunities and do an impact-effort analysis for each of these to recommend one strategy to improve the average basket value for Dunzo - specifically for grocery, fresh produce and essentials which is one of Dunzo's largest order segment. These opportunities are:
  • Premium Memberships
  • Product Segmentation
  • Smart Lists
  • Auto-refill Nudges
  • Gourmet Grocery Hampers
Premium Memberships
  • Creates a sense of exclusivity and provides privileges/benefits to customers ordering from gourmet stores which encourages customers to buy more
  • High investment as it involves multiple iterations to identify the right set of benefits that the target user segment considers valuable
Product Segmentation
  • Categorises products into economy and premium
  • Increases visibility and encourages brand sensitive customers to buy higher value items
Smart Lists
  • Increases visibility of frequently bought products and reduces buying friction by allowing users to directly add them to cart
  • App's product suggestions can be used by users to order from their regular weekly grocery providers which can negatively impact the average basket value
Auto-refill Nudges
  • Sends notifications to users about when they might run out of a certain item based on buying frequency. Offers to send a reminder to add items to the cart when ordering from the same store again in the future
Gourmet Grocery Hampers (Final Recommendation)
  • Provides users the ability to order all the items associated with preparing a certain cuisine, e.g. Thai, Italian etc. Also provides them with the flexibility to remove certain items from the package that they deem unnecessary
  • Targeted at premium users ordering from gourmet stores which implies higher value item
  • Given the current COVID situation, users are stuck at home and likely to resort to cooking for pleasure. This reduces the buying friction by reducing the time and effort involved in finding products and adding them to the cart for a special meal
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My Product Observations

How Netflix is making daily commute to work easier
  • Netflix's Smart Download feature automatically downloads the next episode of the current series that you are watching once you set it up. It also downloads movies based on the trailers/movies you've watched in the past
  • It allows the user to set up a data consumption limit thus ensuring that you are in control of the amount of data being used
  • It removes watched episodes and automatically downloads new ones for effective utilisation of device memory space and ensures that you always have something to occupy your free time even when you have limited data connectivity (specially during commute)
BigBasket's "Forgot Voucher" option
  • BigBasket allows its users to apply a voucher even after the order has been placed by using the "Forgot Voucher option"
  • Helps increase user trust by showcasing that the app genuinely cares about giving its users discounts
  • Provides visibility to the banks that have tied up with BigBasket and gives them another opportunity at being discovered with the help of this button
Swiggy's App Store Rating prompt
  • It is important to find the right opportunity to make an additional ask from a customer. Swiggy executes this beautifully by prompting users to leave an app store rating, if and only if they have rated 5-stars for a particular order.
How Gojek's microcopy lends new users a helping hand
  • On the Create Log-in page, Gojek places an interesting cartoon image along with the text "You seem to be new" to pique the user's attention.
  • Additionally they add the text, "Lets create an account for you" - indicating that they will do all the hard-work and take the burden off the user
What makes Google Meet every user's friend
  • Before joining a call on Google Meet, it allows you to check the look and feel of your video quality by letting you capture a video clip
  • When you are recording a video and you cannot really think of what to say ( because of self consciousness in front of a camera/too short time to think of something), it suggests what you can say like "I'm testing my audio and video"
Zomato's Most-Popular Add On during check-out
  • On the check-out page, Zomato lists a lower priced item along with your cart items and suggests that it is a popular add-on.
  • This introduces Social Proof Bias and reduces the effort involved to add the item to the cart which in turn increases the possibility of a user actually adding it to their cart.
  • The experience brilliantly mirrors the placement of low valued knick-knacks near the check-out queue in brick and mortar departmental stores.
How Swiggy has "Hooked" its users
  • Swiggy's Play and Win feature allows users to play one game of slots per day after they have placed an order. It enables users to win coupons that can be used within certain number of days on the Swiggy App.
  • It provides variable rewards to the users and the anticipation to win or already won coupons can bring users back to the app instead of visiting a competitor e.g. Zomato, thereby creating a neat feedback loop