BITS Pilani Goa
MSc. Economics, B.E. Electronics and Communication
2017 - 2022


Summer Intern
Ben Line Agencies
May 2019 - Jul 2019
Marketing Manager
Jul 2018 - Dec 2018

My Case Studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Developing a feature for users to invest their spare change
The aim of the feature is to invest the ‘digital spare change’ that the users accumulate while using PhonePe to conduct their transactions.
  • Number of Users opting for feature
  • Returns on Investment
Understanding the Business
PhonePe is India’s largest payments app with the highest MAUs. As more Indian’s get
financially literate and realise the benefits of investing money, PhonePe has a first mover
advantage in introducing a feature that allows users to invest money in small amounts in a safe and easy way. Interest in the stock market and investing has grown exponentially, people are looking for ways to get into investing albeit in a risk-free way. Currently there is no medium for users to invest their money on a small scale and without prior knowledge about the equity and bond markets.
User choices :
  • Users will opts into the feature, knowing that some of their money will be invested in the
  • The amount of money that will be invested into the portfolio will depend on user preference (Round off to nearest 5, 10 or 50)
  • Levels of risk to choose from, such as - risk averse, neutral, and risk loving. These will decide the securities and assets that will be part of their portfolio.
Portfolio (Gullak) interface :
  • Users will be prompted a notification that explains an extra amount will be deducted from their accounts to invest into gullak
  • Gullak will have simple display options to show total investments, total returns and daily returns
  • Option to withdraw a certain amount from Gullak
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My Product Observations

Google Pay's misaligned priorities
Analysing the not-so-friendly UI from a user point of view
Google has skewed priorities which sideline core user needs when introducing features like the travel game on GPay :
  • The option to scan QR code is tucked away in the corner while majority of the homescreen is dedicated to nudgind users to open the travel game.
  • Making payments needs at least 3 clicks and a few scrolls to be able to search for merchant name.
  • Making payments intuitive and easy should be a top priority in a payments app
Spotify's genius marketing
How spotify leverages it's data into a viral user delight
  • As the biggest audio streaming platform. Spotify's strength is in its user data.
  • At the end of every year, Spotify dishes out the "Wrapped" feature, which includes interesting stats about individual users' streaming habits.
  • These include : Total minutes of streaming, favourite genres, favourite artists, being in the top % of an artist's listeners etc.
  • The user is nudged into sharing these stats on other social media, which creates a viral marketing campaign spawning memes and discussions
  • Not only does this delight the uers, but is also a great marketing campaign that might entice non-users to sign up for Spotify

Achievements & Extra Curriculars

  • Along with a dedicated team, organized the Searock regionals for bands in multiple cities.
  • Responsible for logistics and accommodation of Mumbai bands for the Searock
    finals held on BITS campus.
  • Awarded Best Speaker at intra-school debate competition.
  • Rank 64 among 5000+ students from all over Bangalore for Byju’s Think & Learn