Rishi Sood

Rishi Sood

Senior Group Marketing Manager, WNS Global Services
+91 9913 629 606

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IIM Bangalore
MBA - General MBA
St. Stephen's College
BA - Economics Honours

Work Experience

Senior Group Marketing Manager
WNS Global Services
Mar 2019—Present
Founding Member/ Product Marketing Manager
Oct 2015—Feb 2017
Product Manager
Educational Initiatives Pvt.Ltd
Jul 2013—Jul 2015

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Improve the orders per reseller per month for Meesho
Meesho as an Indian-origin reselling app and a social commerce platform
Total number of orders placed per reseller in a month
I divided our target segment (resellers) into 3 buckets:
  • New Resellers: who are looking to make their first sale
  • Experienced Resellers: Typical resellers
  • Power Resellers: Top performing resellers on the platform
Objective was to try and upgrade these resellers to the higher bucket e.g. converting new resellers to experienced, and nudging experienced resellers to become power resellers.
I focused mainly on the first 2 buckets initially and identified their needs and painpoints using primary research, divided the findings into following 3 buckets and proposed solutions to improve each of these:
  • Onboarding and Activation needs
  • Retention and Engagement needs
  • Search and Discovery needs
A. Onboarding and Activation
  • Optimize the onboarding process to reduce the time-taken and number of steps
  • Onboarding to include group training sessions – ideally by existing resellers who are also in their vicinity
B. Retention and Engagement
  • Gamification, that includes a mix of monetary and non-monetary rewards and incentives
  • Incentives to encourage resellers to achieve monthly and quarterly targets
C. Search and discovery
  • Dynamic homepage (showing a mix of major/trending categories and user-generated recommendations)
  • Improved navigation through categories and sub-categories (Left Navigation Bar)
  • Improved search by introducing search suggestions
  • Secondary Product Discovery: Using analytics to facilitate cross selling
To prioritise between the above suggestions, I evaluated them on the impact expected from these on the Orders/Reseller metric, and the effort required to enable these (which included effort spent in product solutioning, designing and engineering). Based on my evaluation, I recommended the following four as the top priority solutions:
  • Dynamic homepage
  • Improved navigation through categories
  • Gamification
  • Improved search using auto-complete search suggestions
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Adding multiple sub-accounts to a single Razorpay merchant account
Razorpay is a platform that enables businesses to accept, process and disburse payments with its product suite
  • Allow users to add and manage up to 5 sub-accounts under one merchant account
  • Allow users to easily switch between the multiple accounts
There are over 15 million freelancers in India, 80% of whom have between 1-3 jobs. There are additionally 1.02 million SMBs in India, that transact business online. A dipstick analysis reveals that up-to a third of these businesses have independent business verticals/product lines that they would like to track separately.

Currently, a user (merchant) with multiple independent businesses/websites/product lines accepting payments through Razorpay is required to create and manage multiple Razorpay merchant accounts.
The proposed feature seeks to improve user experience for users with multiple businesses/websites/product lines by allowing for the addition of up-to 5 sub-accounts to a single merchant account, and also solve the problem of having a single tag and legal entity, unique public business information and easier reporting and reconciliation of payments across multiple accounts.
I started with creating a list of different target user-segments for Razorpay and top use-cases for each of these segments:
List of Users and Use-Cases
  • User 1: Freelancers with multiple independent businesses
  • Use-Case 1: Having separate sub-accounts, one for each business
  • User 2: Small business owner with independent verticals/product lines looking to track them separately
  • Use-Case 1: Ability to have multiple sub-accounts for multiple verticals  of a business
  • User-Case 2: Ability to track each of the verticals separately
  • User 3: Small business owner with multiple online businesses looking to track them separately
  • Use-Case 1: User able to switch between multiple sub-accounts using the dashboard
After listing the top use-cases, I created separate workflows for the following features:
  • Adding a sub-account
  • Switching between the sub-accounts
  • Dashboard and tracking for multiple sub-accounts
Finally, I create the mock-ups and wireframes for the MVP. (attached in next slide).
Success Criteria for MVP was thought of as below:
  • Feature adoption: number of users creating multiple sub-accounts
  • Increase in NPS score among small-business owners and freelancers with multiple businesses/product lines/websites.
  • Increase in NPS score among small-business owners and freelancers with multiple businesses/product lines/websites.
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My Product Observations

Why Dunzo is relatively less user-friendly than PrimeNow:
  • UI not as Intuitive as Prime Now
  • The app requires the user to communicate directly with the delivery agent leading to communication gaps and language issues
  • High rate of service failure on account of product unavailability
  • Difficulty placing an order on the app
  • Non-standard user experience
What makes Trello a popular and widely liked task management platform:
  • Solves an underlying need: Provides business professionals a flexible and free way to organize plans and projects
  • Is innovative: Intuitively simple boards, lists and cards that allow a user to grasp the features without the need for a instruction demo
  • Simplicity of design: Fairly simplistic design that doesn’t clutter the interface with unnecessary features
  • Easy integration: It easily integrates with Outlook and has intuitive organization with labeling, tags, and comments.
Product could further be improved by providing export features e.g. allowing for generating and exporting progress reports to excel.
Ideas to help Goodreads become an even better book recommendations platform
  • Improve app interface to make it easy to discover books. Reduce the number of clicks to get to book recommendations and generate book recommendations based on user's reading history.
  • Allow for subscribers to order/pre-order books through the app, in addition to availing of special discounts and offers (VIP passes to the Jaipur Literary festival etc.)
  • Become a platform that organizes and promotes book clubs, book readings and social meetups
  • Additionally, help upcoming first-time authors get pre-launch feedback from avid readers and book critics.
  • Start their own online library and charge customers based on a subscription model.
Five Recommendations for Audible
Audible is an online audiobook and podcast platform
  • Introduce a dedicated Audible Audiobook device for kids: The idea is that parents are increasingly becoming uncomfortable with their young children using smartphones and tablets, as they are worried about giving the child unrestricted internet access. Thus, a device that has dedicated age appropriate content is ideally suited for parents worried about leaving their children unsupervised with an internet enabled device.
  • Enhancing the subscription options: The Audible India app currently offers only one subscription option (Rs. 199/month for 1 free credit). This however can be expanded to as per the following (Rs. 299/month for 2 credits and Rs. 349/month for 3 credits).
  • Expanding the Pricing model: Pricing model could be expanded to include monthly subscriptions for audio Newspapers and Magazines.  
  • Focusing on producing regional content: Regional content to focus on local Indian languages
  • Better Cataloging: Regional content, audio dramas, short stories etc. (although content for these categories currently exist, audible can do a better job in improving the cataloging of these categories)