Pavan Kalyan

Data Services Analyst, AIR Worldwide

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Loyola Academy
B.Sc  Computer Science
2016 - 2019

Work Experience

Data Services Analyst
AIR Worldwide
Jul 2019 - Present

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Increasing Buyer awareness and demand for products on Bikayi’s seller platform
Bikayi is a Whatsapp integrated social commerce platform which helps MSME vendors to create and manage online stores.
  • Increase the total number of users who are aware about the vendors' online stores
  • Increase the total number of sales on the platform
On Bikayi, both buyers and sellers have different behavior, motivation and preferences to use the product. So I approached both user groups differently.
For Vendors, I tried to identify the barriers that are stopping them from increasing their sales rapidly and recommended the solutions that would increase the awareness about the vendor's online store to the buyers.
For Buyers, I targeted the user group that are trying to shop things online from their local vendors. I curated the recommendations that would increase the discoverability of the vendor's online store to the potential buyers. Also, I focused on improving the ease of buying products on Bikayi.
Increasing awareness about businesses on Bikayi among Buyers
  • Create a webpage and add all active businesses in that webpage. This helps the buyers to find the businesses on Bikayi
  • Allow the users to search businesses based on name, category and location to improve the ease of finding businesses
  • Promote this webpage on multiple channels to increase the awareness about the vendor's online store
Improving product discoverability and overall shopping experience of the buyers
  • Creating a separate app for buyers to improve the ease of buying on Bikayi
  • Buyers should be able to search for the product across multiple businesses available on Bikayi. This helps the buyers to discover more products on the platform
  • Buyers should be able to wish list, check order status, manage payments on the app to have an end to end shopping experience
Helping the business owners to increase their customer reach
  • Provide tools for the business owners to promote their business website to potential customers
  • Leverage the existing account managers to provide marketing services to paying customers
  • Improve the existing FB tools to cater the marketing needs of the Business owner
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My Product Observations

How PhonePe created a better rewards system
  • PhonePe allows the users to exchange their rewards. If a user exchanges a reward, it’s an indication that the user is not interested in that particular category / brand. This helps PhonePe to understand the user’s interests and optimize the promotions in future.
  • Users can also gift their rewards to their contacts, this gives a sense of delight to the senders and receivers.
  • Users tend to feel frustrated when they receive the rewards which are not useful for them, Gifting or exchanging reduces this.
How Roposo increased their user engagement
Roposo is an Indian video sharing social media platform
  • Every creator on the platform are rewarded in the form on Roposo coins, which can be converted to money later. This motivates the creators to post more quality content to obtain more views.
  • Trending Hashtags : There’s a section in the app where users can see the trending hashtags. Users can use these hashtags in their video description to make their content reach more viewers.
  • Short videos are categorized into different sections, this makes the user watch their favorite content by reducing overload on viewers
  • The app nudges the user to turn on Data Saver mode so that the user can consume more content on the app.
How Grasshopper redefined the way a user learns JavaScript.
Grasshopper is a JavaScript learning platform developed by Google.
  • The learning journey is customized for each user based on their experience with JavaScript.
  • Introduced gamification techniques by creating levels, points, milestones etc
  • The learning exercises are redesigned by introducing interactive and fun to do tasks
What made Intellect app so successful.
Intellect is a mental health and personality development app
  • Intellect allows the user to have only three goals at a time. This helps the user to focus on a limited set of things and achieve them.
  • Learning modules are segmented into byte sized content for easier consumption. users feel accomplished by quickly completing them
  • A psychological report of the user is taken through a simple questionnaire, which is further used to customize the learning journey as per user’s needs.
  • Introduced “Streaks”, “Journals” and “How are you feeling today” sections to increase the engagement.