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2003 - 2007

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Product Manager
Mar 2020 - Present
Product Manager
Apr 2018 - Jan 2020
Co Founder
Jun 2012 - Aug 2016
Systems Engineer
Sep 2008 - Jan 2011

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Improving product discovery on mobile app and subsequently increasing cart additions
  • Increase cart additions
  • Decrease time in add to cart
Exploring direct app launch to product discovery journey
After exploring Swiggy's consumer app, two journeys leading to product discovery were assessed

In journey 1, from direct app launch by user to product discovery, I identified different pain points at each stage in current journey
Exploring call to action to product discovery journey
I explored the journey from call to action leading to product discovery

In journey 2, after push notification was sent to user, I identified different pain points at each stage in current journey till product discovery
Improving product discovery in journey 1
  • ‘Ask Swiggy’ is a pre curated list of food items from ‘Swiggy experts’
  • Users give basic preferences about dish in simple steps and the feature will show all the recommendations by the experts in an engaging manner.
  • The feature will suggest at most 3 dishes to begin with and can be further nudged for more
  • All dishes which are shown will be in stock
  • The feature will have an element of surprise on some items with offers/discounts
Improving product discovery in journey 2
  • ‘Swiggy direct’ is a solution which improves the overall call to action push notification experience
  • Users are shown recommended dishes instead of categories or too many choices after app launch
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Improving Netflix's referral program by using behavioral / motivational strategies
  • Increase user acquisition
  • Increase user conversion
I used two different strategies involving behavioral and motivational change to improve referral
The first approach was using Fogg behavioral model and the three components of this model are trigger, ability and motivation
The second approach was using hooked model by Nir Eyal and the components of this model are trigger, action, reward and investment
Improve referrals by using Fogg behavior model
  • Netflix can have a referral strategy wherein, the user can share the movie that he has watched with his friends/family not already on Netflix.
  • The incentive for the referral is that he/she can watch up to 3 series or 1 movie recommended by the referee for free.
  • Every successful referral gets the referee 2 series or 1 movie free after subscription period ends and also the chance to be part of ‘best recommends’ in his circle
Improve referrals by using hooked model Nir Eyal
  • Netflix can have a brief trivia session which can be triggered either after watching a movie/series or at a select time and day.
  • Netflix can tie up with Swiggy or Zomato and upon successful answering of trivia, the user is rewarded with a snack to ‘Netflix and chill’
  • For the user to be rewarded, he has to share the same trivia link with a friend
  • After successfully answering trivia, the referred user has to create account to avail the reward
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Improving product discovery on Zalando
Zalando is a leading european fashion and lifestyle e-commerce company based in Germany
  • Increase cart additions
  • Reduce time in add to cart
  • Increase user acquisitions
Improving product discovery on Zalando's web platform
Keeping Zalando's vision in mind, I assessed current journey in Zalando's web platform leading to product discovery
In order to improve users finding the right product and users finding the right products quickly, current pain points which made the goal difficult were identified
Improving current product discovery
  • Improved search results screen which handles misspelled keywords
  • Improved search result screen which provides better recommendations
Improving current product discovery
  • ‘Ask Zalando’ is an AI based chat with Zalando’s fashion advisors.
  • Users can select a fashion advisor of choice and based on user’s preferences, the feature will show all the recommendations in an engaging manner.
  • The AI will also store the user’s preferences and recommend better products in future.
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How does headspace app use product psychology to keep users
In a world full of social validation, cluttered information and  gratification apps, let’s explore  headspace app that is trying to make us more mindful and present

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My Product Observations

Why is bikayi app trusted by more than 2 million small business owners for their digital transformation?
Bikayi helps store owners to set up an online store within minutes and sell products digitally
  • Easy creation of product catalogue that can be shared as whatsapp message, website, images, video and pdf
  • In depth analytics is provided to the store owner to understand customer's mind
  • Easy acceptance of payments via different modes
  • Store owners can easily generate promo codes so that customers can avail offers
  • Store owners can add their team for better management
  • Provision of marketing tools to store owners to better market their products
How inshorts app has become the leading new source for today's millennials?
Inshorts is a news app that selects latest news from multiple national and international sources and summarizes them to present in a short and crisp 60 words or less format
  • Target group which are millennials and young professionals are pressed for time and hence short and summarized news serves them best
  • On-boarding involves just one step of choosing either English or Hindi language
  • The UX incorporates easy swipe mechanism for next news item, previous news items, more of news item and for settings
  • Each news items can be marked for relevancy and frequency of such category to be shown  in future
  • 'Insights' feature gives crisp and short information about trending topics and can be accessed in easy 'swipe left for more' format
How does headspace app use product psychology to keep users engaged?
Headspace app is a guide to mindfulness in everyday life, where world class experts including co founder, Andy Puddicombe helps users to focus, stay calm and create balance in one's life
  • Partnered with Netflix to showcase headspace users journey and led to social proof for new potential users
  • Consistency in tabs and colour throughout the app and even have a tab named 'today' since goal is to have users meditate daily
  • Sleep tab took centre stage and rightly so because the users use the app to sleep more than to meditate
  • Having world class experts and Andy Pudicombe, the co founder himself being a guide on the app greatly added to authority bias
  • The meditation session and sleep story session have immersive visuals and limited choices to keep cognitive load low
  • All meditations and stories are placed in neat logical categories to make selection easier
How does MyGate app make gated communities secure and more convenient for residents?
MyGate resident app is a gated community software that offers innovative features to help simplify daily chores and improve security standards
  • Easily generate and share a passcode with a friend or family member for a hassle free entry into the apartment complex
  • Easily intimate security of an expected food delivery or cab and allow seamless entry
  • View log of all entries in one place and filter by date, time etc
  • Easily issue gate pass on app and intimate security of items given to help, service personnel etc
  • View availability of different services or help available in your community like cooks, maid etc
  • Make society related payments and be aware of society related notices on noticeboard