NSIT, Delhi
B Tech
2018 - 2022


Market Research and Data Analyst Intern
Nykinsky and Company
Jun 2020 - Jul 2020
Business Development Intern
Apr 2020 - May 2020

My Case Studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Improve Customer Acquistion for PayU
PayU is a fintech company which provides payment technology to Online merchants.
Increase the User interaction and retention for the customers who are using the app.
Understanding the Business
PayU is a fintech company which provides payment technology to Online merchants. It allows online businesses to accept and process payments through payment methods that can be integrated with web and mobile applications

PayU in Numbers:
  • Currently Growing in 50+ Emerging Markets.
  • Over 6 million Transactions Daily.
  • Payments Worth over $35billion made in 2019-20.
  • $150million worth of Consumer Loans distributed in 2019-20.
Understanding the Pain Points during various stages of Customer Journey
  • Payment Options: Problem in trying to explore and utilize the different payment options.
    Increasingly Tedious to fill the same personal details multiple times on each and every transaction.
  • Payment Confirmation: One of the major pain points in this part of the customer journey is the failed payments.
  • Post Payment Service: Lack of a hands on assistance service to assist the users in case of difficulty while using the app.
Increase Discoverability
  • Provide the New Customers with an AI automated User Tour.
  • The User Tour should be provided in the language of the choice of the user.
  • This Feature should be available in the application at all the times for it to be accessed by the customers at any time.
Facilitate Efficiency
  • To Ensure efficient payments add a ‘Frequent Transactions' category which would save the names and details of people who are being constantly transacted by the customers.
  • Introduce One time Upload Feature during the sign up process which would not only serve the purpose of identifying the customer but also ensure that the customers are able to access all the Payment features without having to upload the documents repeatedly.
Post Payment Assistance
To Improve the Post Payment Services we can introduce an in app AI powered Assistant to look after the basic problems of the customers.
  • This In App chat would provide help with basic problems such as providing them with the receipts of the payments, cancelling Payments etc.
  • It will also be equipped with the feature of requesting a Call back from the Customer Support.
Shared Payment option
This feature would be aimed at increasing the popularity as well as Usability of the app by providing the users with ‘Pay with friends’ feature.
  • This Feature would basically allow bill sharing or allow more than a single person to contribute towards a certain payment.
  • Users would be provided with the option of adding other users to their PayU network. ‘Pay with friends’ would allow the users to share the bill with the users from their network.
  • To encourage the users to invite more of their friends to this platform any ‘Pay with friends’ would have a Cashback associated with it.
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My Product Observations

How can you Improve Gmail?
  • Provide a ‘timer’ feature so as to help users set a time after which mails will be automatically deleted .The accumulation of mails is one of the biggest issues with Gmail and this feature could help tackle that pain point.
  • Add a ‘suspected fraud’ tag on mails based on the number of times a certain account has been reported by users worldwide as being suspicious.
  • Provide the Users with the feature to know the states of their sent mails. That is inform them when the mail has been received , Read etc.
How to make Google Maps better for commuters using Public Transport?
  • Include safety ratings against the names of the bus stations/metro stations based on the reviews received from the commuters.
  • Include essential information such as presence of Washrooms, Handicap Assistance facilities, wi-fi etc. for all the Bus/metro stations which are being shown on the app.
  • Inculcating other google apps such as Google Pay into the framework of Google maps so as to make the process of paying money more efficient and easier.
How To Improve the Apple iPhone?
  • Provide a feature through which they can share with users of Android as well.
  • Improving the battery capacity of the iPhone by either improving the type of battery being used or by optimizing the apps/processes of the iPhone which drain the battery quickly.
  • Siri could be improved so as to make Siri follow multiple commands in one go which could be implemented by Siri in the order which they were delivered by the user.
How Does 'Google meet' Improve User experience?
  • Google Meet utilizes macrocopy to provide the user with interactive animations on completion of tasks.
  • It provides the users with timely nudges with regards to approaching deadlines for work submission.
  • Based on the noises the mic picks up it constantly reminds the user regarding the mute/unmute status of the mic.
How Can Ola/Uber utilize gamification to improve User Experience
Gamification basically means adding the typical elements of game playing into other experiences.
  • Use the Curiosity aspect of gaming and provide Coupons/discounts to users once they enter the OTP which is generated when they book a Cab into the “Get Lucky with each Ride” feature of the app which can be introduced.
  • They can introduce a bar like feature in the app which increases with every ride the passengers take during a month and then provide the passengers with differing level of discounts on different numbers of rides based on the level the bar reaches at the end of every month after which it resets to 0 again.

Achievements & Extra Curriculars

  • Won 4 awards in 7 national conferences including 2 High Commendations and 2 Special Mentions.
  • Represented India at Harvard National Model United Nations 2020 held at Harvard University, Boston, USA amongst over 3500 international students from over 70+ countries.
  • Finalist at the Illuminate Case Study competition which saw a participation from over 200+ students from over 50+ colleges.
  • Awarded with the Certificate of Appreciation by RetailersBook, a B2B E- commerce Start-up for submitting a prospective strategy based on countering the current COVID-19 crisis.
  • Underwent 4 months of rigorous training in various disciplines such as Public Speaking, Policy Formation, Portfolio Research, International Relation, World Economics and Finance.