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MICA, Ahmedabad
2013 - 2015
Jaypee University of Education and Technology
B.Tech Electronics
2009 - 2013

Work Experience

Founding Member
S.P Construction
Mar 2019 - Present
Associate Category Manager
May 2015 - Dec 2018

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Increasing the likeliness of purchase for high intent users
Tata CliQ is an Indian-origin e-commerce portal
Increase in the number of order per visits in a month
Identifying the Pain-points
For the purpose of this document we will focus on ‘Advisory/Collective feedback & Acceptance’ as the factor to influence 'User Intent to buy' because out of the other four aspects, three i.e Delivery Time, Pricing & Assortment are business problems and the Navigation through the App is smooth without much deviation from the ‘user expectation’.
Identified the main problem and broke it down further into sub problems which are  - 1) No feedback mechanism in case of 'no rating products' 2) Difficulty in comparing similar products 3) Product Ratings are not trustworthy 4) Look & Feel of the product is missing as compared to Offline shopping 5) Product Descriptions are very tedious 6) No awareness on the return/exchange policies
Social CliQ - Taking advice from friends/family before buying the product
  • What does it solve - Helps users involve friends in the decision making of buying products online to ‘spread risk of a wrong buy’ and get ‘social approval before buying’
  • Feature Detail - Friends can be added from the user's social network which would give the user recommendations in form of results displayed from a small questionnaire which will be asked when the user wants to buy a product.
Building comparison charts for similar products
  • What does it solve - The difficulty in choosing ‘one product over the other’ by comparing them side by side
  • Feature Detail - On each Product Display page, the user is shown ‘Compare with similar products’ below the ‘product details’ & the ‘return policy’. The first product shown will be the product which is being viewed currently. The next product will be a similar comparable product. The user can scroll sideways to see more similar products. The product which is being viewed (i.e placed as the first product in the ‘Compare with similar products’ feature) will remain whereas the second product can be switched by a side scroll. The user cannot add products from their end.
Introducing ‘Trend Zone’
  • What does it solve - The confusion of ‘what to buy’ by showing products which are trending or are preferred by a lot of users which eases the process of selection
  • Feature Detail -  The homepage will show two things 1. The Categories which can be clicked to view trending products specific to that category.
    2. Below this, an overall list of 40 products from all categories which are trending across the portal. The trending products will  initially be curated by Number of orders per day.
Small infographic explaining all the features in a single image
  • What does it solve - Ensures that the cognitive load of reading through each and every information on the Product Display Page in order to know the product is reduced
  • Feature Detail - An image containing all the major details of a product i.e - technical specifications, how to use, warranty details, helpline number will be added in the Product Images so that it summarises the product description.
Adding a ‘clickable tag’ showing returnable/ non- returnable on product pages
  • What does it solve - Ensures that users are well aware of the return & exchange policy before ordering
  • Feature Detail - A clickable tag will be added below the ‘discount percentage’ tag on each Product Display Page. The text on this tag will be basis the product being returnable/non-returnable. On clicking a pop up will show ‘returnable/ Non - returnable’ as well as exchange policy along with the time period for which it is valid
​Interactive Buying guides
  • What does it solve - the confusion of ‘what to buy’ according to their personal requirements
  • Feature Detail -  The guides will clearly explain 1. Things to consider while buying the product 2. Different types of product (different aspects depending upon Category. For eg - Women shoes - Sportswear, boots, scandals, formals etc).
    These will entail clickable links and will be linked to respective filters in order to make the customer buy immediately with one click without going to the ‘Category homepage’ or searching for it on the ‘search bar’
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Improving farmer engagement and retention on the DeHaat farmer App
DeHaat is an Indian origin full stack Agri-tech startup
  • Increase in the number of visits on Crop Manuals per month
  • Increase in the number of users getting soil testing done
  • Increase in the inputs bought per user in a quarter
Understanding the existing Initiatives
Given that DeHaat aims at becoming the best 360 degree solution for the farmer, We have tried to go through the farmer journey on the App to figure out the services presently offered by DeHaat. The services presently are:
  • Advisory - Disease detection, Soil testing & crop manuals
  • Community
  • Input Buying
  • Market Linkage & Mandi Prices
  • Weather Forecasting
  • Crop-Insurance & Micro-financing
Understanding the Pain points
Analysing the complete user journey, we came up with pain points at every step on the user journey from Onboarding, Content Consumption, Community to Input Buying and contacting DeHaat.
Crop wise case studies of estimated total income along with best practices
  • The user will be able to estimate the total income which he/she can get out of the land area he/she has
    This can be done by inputing 6 basic parameters along with the soil report
    To reach that income, the farmer can go through the detailed crop manuals to understand the best practices
Smart Soil testing & card- Easily Interpretable, personalised & actionable
  • A small game immediately post on-boarding where users are encouraged to get the ‘soil testing’ done. They will then be shown a small animated video on why soil testing is very important and how does it benefit the farmer.
    Post the real testing, the results will be shown via this game, where very actionable insights will be listed with advisory on how to better production. This will also be accompanied with buying links of Inputs to directly order.
    The user can also upload a soil testing file to give insights by text auto-reading
User to enter inputs and the dashboard shows stats for clear decision-making
  • The users can enter the Inputs they want to buy along with location where we show them the complete list of that Input - different types, brands etc along with what is it suited for and what is it not along with ratings and prices
    The Input brands/types will be arranged according to an algorithm which would consider ratings, prices, location relevance, recently bought etc
Structured Videos on how DeHaat helps farmers
  • Step-by-step video guide on how a farmer can benefit from DeHaat. This will include like an Infographic which will be clickable to take users to relevant topic/video
    FAQ’s on all the kinds of doubts a farmer can have post the onboarding process.
    An example case study of how a farmer actually uses the App daily (Video as well as text)
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My Product Observations

Why is the Angel Broking trading platform so successful?
Angel Broking is a stock broking firm which has its own online trading platform
  • It has brilliant advisory services (both free & paid) for all types of users namely - First time, Long term Investors, Intra-day traders
  • it gives you instant loans basis holdings which exists to increase 'the additional margin to trade'
  • Available in 4 more regional languages along with English & Hindi
  • Very Intuitive User Interface with latest news, Watchlist, Last viewed
How does Big Basket delight its customers?
Big Basket is India's largest online food & grocery store
  • Very personalised food & grocery recommendations based on search & bought history of the consumer
  • Allows the user to build a smart basket which can be regularly ordered in one-click
  • Very well structured Category filters which eases discovery of products
  • Brilliant Advisory in terms of bb cookbook & bb Lifestyle which keeps users updated with latest trends and new recipes to try
Why is Country Delight so successful?
Country delight is an online dairy delivery App
  • Very simplistic User Interface with only essential content to help users make easier decisions
  • Extreme focus on safety and the same in communicated on the App with the help of daily message updates about Temperature 7 Sanitisation checks
  • Ease of placing an order along with daily, weekly, monthly plans
  • High reward referral program which incentivises existing users to share the App with friends