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NIIT University
B Tech, Computer Science
2013 - 2017

Work Experience

Software Engineer
May 2020 - Present
Software Consultant
SoftPath Technologies
Dec 2017 - Mar 2020
Content Writer
Oct 2017 - Nov 2017

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Design a payment system that accepts various sources of funds
  • Payment success rate
  • Increase in voucher payment mode
Payment Flow
Initially I recreated the users' journey in a payment gateway. Then I had to follow the path of money. This led me to creating a flow chart pointing me in the direction of the transaction.
I used this flow chart to design the APIs that would be required for the entire transaction flow. I followed a step-by-step approach to building the set of APIs, where they were divided into each functions, for example, Initiating a transaction, Refunding a transaction, etc.
Payment UX
  • Allows the user to link their voucher with the payment gateway.
  • User can check the balance on their voucher on the payment page itself
  • User knows the extra amount that has to be paid from other sources.
Developer APIs
  • Developers can integrate Zeta with their website.
  • Also provides dashboard, which helps them look at collections, refunds.
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Improve Week 1 retention for the Stage app
Stage is an Indian local dialect OTT platform.
  • App Open
  • Video Played
  • Signup to first video viewed
First I tried to understand the current user journey in the Onboarding part. I then noted down any problems I faced while trying the app. I kept an eye on all notifications/emails I received from the app during the first few days.
After that I checked the title images and texts on the home screen. With all this, i started to brain-strom ideas regarding onboarding, re-targeting and providing the users with the value.
Product Improvement
  • Optimize the video player for consuming less data.
  • Video played to be tested on low cost mobiles, as most users from tier 2,3.
  • Redesign the onboarding flow to show relevant content on first view of homescreen.
  • Asking the user for their content language preference
  • Asking the user to select their favorite genres.
  • Segmenting users based on time of day metric
  • Target these users with notification campaign with relevant content
  • Success of campaign measured by click through rate of notifications.
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My Product Observations

Zomato - Zomaland
Why was Zomato conducting music festivals?
  • Top restaurants in the city participate by opening live stalls at the venue.
  • Cool opportunity for foodies in the city to get together, have a wonderful time and enjoy the food.
  • There were multiple channels to make money from the event. Admission tickets, Pop-up hotel rents, parking, merchandise, etc.
  • Zomato has a dine-out feature on its app, and organizing Zomaland was a way to enhance its offline presence.
Tinder vs Hinge
  • I find Hinge way better to use. It makes the user actually take some effort; you can’t just swipe the user and wait for the swipe back like Tinder.
  • The user has to initiate the conversation while liking, by sending a message along with it.
  • I think this is neat, because the very first time you encounter a person, you get a chance to initiate a conversation.
An ingenious way to discipline children -
Lil Fairy Door
Ticks every aspect of BJ Fogg’s behavior model
  • The concept is that there is a tiny little door with a miniature postbox where the wonderful fairies come out at night and leave notes and presents for well-behaved children. So when the child wakes up,she finds a letter asking the child to do something in exchange for a reward.
  • Children really love fairies, very much similar to the love of Santa Claus. The children want to be on the good books of the fairies and hence listen to what they say!
  • Motivation: The reward that fairies leave the children; be it new sketches, shoes, chocolates!
    Ability: Perform little tasks like sleeping at night, keep the toys where they took them, etc.
    Trigger: Appreciation from the fairies through letters.