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IIM Kozhikode
2018 - 2020
Vishwakarma Institute of Technology Pune
B.Tech. Electronics and Telecommunications
2011 - 2015

Work Experience

Account Executive
Jun 2020 - Present
Associate Business Analyst
Jul 2015 - Jun 2018

my case studies

Here is my take on the problem statements which were of particular interest to me. For ease of scanning, these have been structured as follows:
Improve the user experience, engagement and retention for Grofers
Grofers is an Indian-origin online grocery shopping platform
  • Increase user engagement with the content
  • Increase repeat users on the platform
  • Increase Net Promoter Score
Why improve the buying experience?
In the case of online grocery shopping in Grofers app, users usually have some idea about what to buy but still like to discover new items to purchase by exploring the app. Not having a clear and impactful user experience will adversely affect the discoverability of items and lead to decision fatigue for users. This may ultimately lead to churn of customers and have a negative impact on revenue of Grofers. So, in order to avoid this, Grofers needs to improve the buying experience of users.
How did I go about it?
I mapped the journey of users right from onboarding to buying groceries from Grofers. Using this, I identified some key pain points that users face. Then, I brainstormed some solutions for these pain points and did a cost benefit analysis to recommend a single solution which has the potential to create the most impact in improving the buying experience of users.
Better Suggestions under the recommendations box
  • To cater to the pain point of users getting irrelevant recommendations after adding items to cart
  • Provide relevant suggestions based on past buying and search history or by providing social proof
  • Displaying the reasons behind the suggestions to the user to increase credibility
  • This will help to increase the number users add recommended items to cart
Clear and consistent taxonomy of categories
  • To cater to the paint point of having inconsistent information hierarchy of classification of categories when accessed using different ways
  • The categories when accessed from both the ways, i.e. by tapping on the categories section or by scrolling down the app, should be consistent in number, description, image icons, order etc
  • This will help users to navigate across categories easily
Consistent UI design across each category page
  • To cater to the pain point of having inconsistent design across each category page
  • The visual elements such as information hierarchy, visual pattern, color contrast, alignment should be made consistent across each category page
  • This will help make the process of searching within a category easy and intuitive
Introduce a Wishlist section in the app
  • To cater to the pain point of having difficulty in keeping track of products to buy in future
  • A separate section called ‘Wishlist’ will be added where users can add all the items that they want to order later
  • This will make users come back to the app to track their products, thus increasing retention
Introduce a Filter feature in each subcategory page
  • To cater to the pain point of having difficulty in exploring new items within a subcategory
  • In each subcategory page, there will be a filter option where users can filter results based on brand name, popularity, price, quantity, discounts, offers etc
  • This will help users to search in a focused way to help explore new items
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Improve the user experience and engagement metrics for Whatsapp
  • Increase user engagement with the platform
  • Increase user satisfaction with the platform
Whatsapp is one of the most used messaging platforms in the world with over 2 Billion monthly active users in 180 countries owing to its simplicity and security i.e. end-to-end encryption. It has beautifully leveraged the network effect to make more and more people use its platform for messaging. So in order to stay at the top, Whatsapp needs to make users feel engaged with the platform. As more people feel engaged their stickiness to the platform increases and their churn decreases. For this, the overall user experience of the platform plays a crucial role.
So, I deduced the goal of Whatsapp, which is to provide a superior user experience on its platform, based on its mission statement. In order to do this, I looked into the journey of various user personas and identified a few areas where the user experience could be improved. I could identify three major pain points in the app and came up with a solution for each one of them by discarding others via trade offs.
All the three solutions are important to implement. But to decide which solution needs to be implemented first, in order to create the maximum impact, I prioritized these solutions based on its Reach, Impact on the goal of Whatsapp, Confidence and Engineering Effort required. All the solutions are completely aligned to the mission statement of Whatsapp.
Introduce a separate Unread messages section
  • To cater to the pain point of the inability to filter out unread chats
  • This feature will display all the unread messages that the users have in one single continuous feed
  • This will help users to easily discover and read all the unread messages
Introduce a separate Groups section
  • To cater to the pain point of the inability to keep track of groups
  • This feature will provide one stop access to users of all the groups that they are part of
  • This will help users to find and keep track of groups easily
Introduce ability to customize contacts into categories
  • To cater to the pain point of the inability to find important contacts easily and quickly
  • This feature will help users categorize contacts into different tabs which will be shown on the main screen in the tabs section alongside status and call logs.
  • These tabs will be based on users’ needs like family tab, friends tab, groups tab, work tab etc.
  • This will help users keep their chat feed organized and easy to use
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My Product Observations

Creative ways in which Swiggy upsells its ‘SUPER’ subscription plan
Subscription plan has free deliveries from any restaurant
  • By placing it during checkout just before payment as the user is more inclined to check the plan and subscribe due to loss aversion bias.
  • By leveraging existing climate conditions(for eg. rain) to charge extra, but nudging to subscribe for zero delivery charge and avoid losses.
How does Duolingo increase user engagement uniquely?
Duolingo is a free language learning app which gamifies the process of learning.
  • It prompts users to increase their daily goal right after they accomplish their current goal.
  • This is the perfect time to nudge the user to increase their goal as the user would be feeling happy, confident & willing to learn more at that time.
  • This will make them increase their daily goal more often than not. Thus, increasing user engagement with the app.
How does Myntra increase trust of users in their buying process?
  • In the product page, it recommends the size of the item which would fit the user, based on past purchases.
  • This builds a sense of confidence in the user about the fitting of clothes.
  • Thus, this will enhance user experience, increase conversion & reduce returns due to bad fit issues.
How does Pinterest onboards its users?
Pinterest is an image sharing and social media service to discover new ideas in any field like recipes, home decor, travel etc.
  • First, it nudges users to pin any image/video which they are interested in.
  • After a couple of pins, when users pin another image, it nudges them to create a board with title suggestions.
  • This drip fashion of onboarding teaches users about the features in the app in a slow and steady manner which is highly effective.
  • Although, they could have improved the user onboarding experience by giving a one-liner explanation about its features such as why to pin on boards.
Why has Amazon launched miniTV in its app platform?
miniTV is a section on Amazon where users can watch videos for free
  • Videos on miniTV are from famous YT creators/comedians in comedy, web series, lifestyle and Tech genres.
  • This is done to increase user engagement within the app so that users spend more time on their platform.
  • Also, videos in the tech, fashion and food genres would influence users to shop from Amazon thus helping them increase their revenue from main business.
How does the Microsoft Bing search engine delight its users?
  • When users click on their search bar, the background changes to a darker shade while the search bar remains white. A nice bit of UI using contrast to focus the users’ attention on the task at hand i.e. search.
  • When users hover over one of the links in the search results of MS Bing, the links in other results turn grey, thus focusing users’ attention on that particular search result. Another example of a nice bit of UI.
  • MS Bing search results show Estimated Reading time for some articles. Users would find this useful because it would help save time and effort, thus making the search journey faster.