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What Our Users Feel

Shubho Das
Tata Admin Services
“Upraised’s PM interview framework is designed to test 360 degree skills that top companies look for. After each mock interview, I was given actionable insights to improve my blind spots and after 4 sessions, I was well equipped with the process to approach PM interviews by applying first principles thinking. This process helped me go into my actual interview with greater confidence and eventually get the offer.”
Manan Kapur
Program Manager
“I had 2 mock interviews with external PMs, one was a PM at Flipkart and the other was a PM at GoJek. Both the interviews made me aware of my shortcomings and the areas I needed to work on. In terms of preparation, these interviews provided me with the mental models for answering any questions. And I believe for a PM structuring your thoughts is one of the core soft skills required. Post this exercise, I realised the more interviews you give, the more perspectives you get thereby increasing your chances of cracking the job.”
Aditya Ganguly
Growth Officer
“Mock interviews were undoubtedly one of the largest value drivers for me. There is a science behind how PM interviews take place and Upraised helped me approach the same in a very scientific manner. The interview session was broken down into its core components (including behavioral) and I had mock interviews in each of those sections. However, the thing I liked the most was the feedback and how it was delivered. To the point, constructive and broken down into several quantitative components that you can track and improve upon. My notes taken during these interviews are a valuable asset that will help throughout my professional career.”
Siddhanth Gaonkar
Open Financial
“One of the most intimidating parts of my PM journey was the interview preparation. Upraised helped me with my interview preparation by scheduling mock interviews with PMs from different companies, who gave me a detailed analysis and helped me understand the structure of a PM interview, improve my answers and above all build my confidence.”

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have any interviews lined-up for me, am I still eligible for the programme?

Yes, absolutely!
Even if you do not have any interviews lined up immediately, you can still sign-up for the programme.

Can I select the interviewers?

We will be matching you to five interviewers based on the role and type of companies you're going to be interviewing at. You can pick any 3 from this list to match your schedule.

I have my final interview scheduled in 2 days. Will I be able to complete all the mock interviews in that time?

That depends on the availability of our interviewers. Once you sign-up for the programme, we will share the list of interviewers with you, along with their calendly links. You will be able to check the availability of interviewers in your preferred time slots.

Can you also get me final interviews with the companies listed above?

We can not guarantee you interviews or placements with the companies. We will, however, help you prepare well for your final interviews to increase your chances of success.

What is the fee for the programme?

The fee for the programme is INR 20,000. This includes 3 interviews with the PM experts of your choice and a detailed feedback report. We will also share the interview preparation material, and free 2-weeks access to our interview preparation tool.

Do I have to pay for the programme in advance?

Yes, you have to pay for the programme in advance. You will be able to schedule interviews after you have made the payment. Payment link will be shared with you over email once you sign-up for the programme.

What payment methods do you accept?

We support payment by Credit, Debit, Netbanking and EMI.

I don’t want the interview preparation material or access to the mock interview tool, is the fee for the interview accelerator plan still the same?

Yes, the fee will remain the same. Interview preparation material and 2-week access to the mock interview tool are free with the programme.

If I drop in between the programme, will my fee be refunded?

There is no refund if you decide to not do/show up for all 3 mock interviews. We block out time on the calendars of our interviewers and we have to keep our end of the promise even if you decide to drop out midway.

What is the Career Accelerator Programme? Is it different from the Interview Accelerator Plan?

Career Accelerator Programme is a 16-week long online learning programme, where we help you prepare for, find, apply to and get the PM job you aspire for. It is different from the interview accelerator plan.

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