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Caffeine is a community that unites Product Managers from around the world in their constant desire to learn interesting product developments, user behavior patterns, and cultural nuances.


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Observation first, not doubt-first.

Share interesting observations that go beyond Product announcements amongst product managers, and go deeper into the why’s and how’s

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Appreciate & understand cultural nuances as you master the art of building global products.

A safe, judgement-free zone to learn

Focus on learning, sharing and satisfying your intellectual curiosity without any fear of being judged or trolled.

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Shorten the path to wisdom by connecting to other like-minded people.

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Meet other smart, driven people with similar passions for technology and product

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Being observant is the secret superpower of the greatest product managers.
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“I like to discuss big ideas with smart and thoughtful people, but find most social media forums are noisy and unproductive.”

“How can I grow fast and improve as a product person?”

"I want to always learn of interesting new products and hacks before everyone else does"

“I want to improve the quality of my learning so I can become a better PM”

“I want to meet like-minded people to keep me in the habit of always learning”