Product Intern
Mobile Premiere League (MPL)
India’s Top 40 Product Intern
Successfully qualified for Upraised APM Internship Programme out of 10,000+ aspirants
My Top PM Skills
Product Sense
Data Driven & Experimentative
Foundational Aptitude


IIT Kharagpur
B Tech
2018 - 2023


Product Intern
Feb 2020 - Present
Data Science Intern
LifeVitae Pte. Ltd.
May 2020 - Aug 2020

My Projects

Movie Web App Recommender System
  • Developed an Online Movie Recommender app using content based and collaborative filtering algorithms based on Machine Leaning. A small subset of the popular MovieLens 25M dataset was used and the app was built using Django, a high-level web framework based on Python.

My Product Observations

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My Publications

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Mini Case Studies

How to make Google Docs more versatile for all kinds of users, both in academia and corporate.

Customers: Companies that use GSuite, Students, Small Businesses and writers.

Needs and Pain Points:

  1. Real time suggestions from the team while writing a document.
  2. Faster typing with shortcuts for introducing bullet points, ordered lists, etc.
  3. Adding mathematical data or graphs


  1. Page within page module where users can simultaneouly work on various versions of the document
  2. Integrate whiteboard feature from Google Meet
  3. Google Docs templates where users can select from a catalogue and if needed a catalogue of designs can be shown from designers which can then be used if bought.
What new feature can help drive the engagement of Netflix among moderate users.

User Persona: Moderate watchers who watch less than 2 hrs per day and have completed less than 10 shows.

Pain Points:

  1. Deciding what to watch
  2. Lack of Theater like experience


  1. Recommender systems could be improved where region wise/state wise recommendations are displayed to the user. Also peer groups can be formed where every user can see the preferences, ratings and reviews of shows watched by other users
  2. Watch Parties can be introduced where a group of friends or colleagues watch a show together with integrated Discord like feature where chat with each other.

Achievements & Extra Curriculars

  • Creative Shock Case Study Competition 2019: Global Rank 20
  • StartUp Manager, ShARE: ShARE is an innovative start-up at the crossroads of education and consulting. It runs a leadership programme advocating Do Well Do Good leadership, and helps the corporates serve both the shareholders and the society.
  • Sub-Editor, Awaaz, IIT Kharagpur: Co-lead a team of students that ensure proper functioning of Awaaz as media body of IIT Kharagpur. Also serve as the Page Editor of it’s facebook handle which is followed by more than 33k users.