IIEST, Shibpur
B Tech
2018 - 2022


APM Intern
Feb 2021 - Present

My Projects

Design of Conveyor Belts
  • The project aimed to understand the mechanism of Conveyor Belts, the recent technological advances, and the areas of their failure.
  • A crucial part of it also emphasized sustainability and exploring methods to make conveyor belts more energy efficient.
Design of a Solar Assisted Trike
  • The project focused on using a solar-powered trike for daily transport in the Indian scenario.
  • The basic objective was to calculate the weight distribution of solar panels on the trike and the energy requirements for travel.

My Product Observations

Discord allows you to set different volumes for the different people.
For example, you are in a call with 5 other people, you can set their voices at separate levels individually.
  • This gives users better control, specially since audio volumes, disturbance etc. are major issues in group calls.
  • This would be a great feature to add to in video conferencing platforms like Google Meet, etc., where different people are accustomed to different levels of sound, as well giving people the choice to mute a participant they don't want to hear from.
Uber has a separate business option.
  • This sends employee's travel receipts directly to their business emails, provides travel reports and also links with expense providers that your company may be using.
  • This helps companies keep track of their employees' travel spending and reimburse them for it, it also helps employees because they don't have to separately keep track of receipts and reproduce them later.
Bumble makes a donation to a cause of your choice every time you (if you're a woman) make the first move.
  • It achieves two fold purposes, giving people a greater purpose which is difficult on a dating up and keeping them engaged.
  • It also understands its customer segments well, catering to a more progressive segment, for whom some real-life impact like this makes for a more fulfilling experience.
The Shopping tab on Google Chrome now has a Track Price option on products.
  • This allows people to keep track of any price drops on their chosen items.
  • It also keeps them engaged & browsing products in Chrome, and reduces the need for any other app for shopping.

My Publications

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Mini Case Studies

How would you use a Location feature on Twitter.

The overall goal of Twitter is connecting people to ongoing events around them and on a global scale.
The users are - a) Leaders- Companies, CEOs, Celebrities, Govt.s, News channels.-i.e, accounts with a huge # followers, who are informing.    b) People who are reacting to the information being given.

Needs: The same for both- Access to information on things (like earthquakes, pandemic, or political news) near you & on a global scale. For all of these, a location feature becomes very important.


  1. People enable their locations the moment they log in/ open the app, the Trending part shows them Trending "near you", Events, or Emergencies near them, etc. [ instead of a broad heading like Trending in India, this will be more location specific & give people access to better info]
  2. They get an option to choose if they want to view events/ Trending/accounts to follow within a specific distance by using a distance bar.
  3. There could be an option to share their location on pictures, which allows people to check out the places they might want to visit later etc.
  4. When verified accounts like Police departments tweet using a location, irrespective of if it's trending, it gets shown on your Twitter feed, thus giving you access to better info even if it's not trending.

How would you get more people to donate to Wikipedia

So, Wikipedia's users in this context can be divided into 3 segments in this context-  a) People who have already donated to Wikipedia
b) those who have not donated.

Pain points:

  1. The payment process is long, people lose interest & don't pay.
  2. The company is not transparent enough, i.e, people don't have enough info on where the money is being used.
  3. The nominal amount of donation is too high, so people can't donate.


  1. The nominal amount maybe changed according the country( different countries have different levels of per capita income).
  2. The detailed info on where the money is being used can be compiled and linked prominently to gain users' trust.
  3. The payment process can be shortened, and people can have the option to link accounts, so repeat payments will be easy.
  4. Reminder emails can be sent to people, and they can have 2 options- Pay Now, or Remind me later.
  5. Wikipedia can display a line like-"You have used Wikipedia this many times this month", to give people an idea of the value that has been provided.
  6. There can be badges given to people who have paid more than x times, so they can display those on social media- which will give them validation & bring awareness around the donation drive.

Achievements & Extra Curriculars

  • As the General Secretary of LitSoc, the Literary Society of IIEST Shibpur, I lead a team of 20 people and have organised Book Fairs, Open Mics, Extempore events that have had a footfall of over 800 people.
  • As the Content Head of ASME IIEST Shibpur, I worked on creating technical content on recent advances across all spheres of science and tech, led a team of 5-6 members to achieve that goal.
  • As a member of my college team that took part in SAE BAJA 2020, I designed the transmission system for our ATV.
  • Stood 1st in Battle of Bards, an inter-college event at Instruo 2k18, the tech fest of IIEST Shibpur.