India’s Top 40 Product Intern
Successfully qualified for Upraised APM Internship Programme out of 10,000+ aspirants
My Top PM Skills
Product Sense
Technical Understanding
Foundational Aptitude


IIT Madras
M. Tech. Biomed. Engineering
2021 - 2022
IIT Madras
B. Tech. Engg. Design
2017 - 2021


APM Intern
May 2021 - Present
Software Developer
Dec 2020 - Present
Machine Learning Intern
Ghost Vision
Nov 2019 - Jan 2020

My Projects

CoursePal - Platform to share and view reviews of courses at IIT Madras.
  • Designed and developed web-app in 20 hours.
  • Gained 1500+ users in 2 days via organic reach.
  • Web-app to predict cardiovascular disease risk using ML models using preliminary diagnostic data.
  • 1 out of 15 National finalists selected from over 5000+ applicants – including working professionals

My Product Observations

Twitter Super Follow gives monetization opportunity to creators on the platform and brings in additional revenue for Twitter
Super Follow allows creators to have content behind a paywall
  • Creators come on Twitter for distribution, but have to depend on other platforms for monetization.
  • Especially writers, podcasts, analysts, comedians, and other intellectual creators.
  • A lot of other monetization platforms don't have as good distribution as Twitter.
IMDB released new homepage which was under development, even before completing the development.
This was to get feedback from regular users on the new design and features
  • Unlike most websites, IMDB asks you to ""get a sneak peek of new version"" causing the user to click it and get delighted. A user might not have noticed it otherwise. (Most websites show new version and give an option to view the old version)
  • They are getting feedback for completed parts while development is still going on. That's brilliant. It's the most agile and lean it can get.
Upstox gives a chance to win a free stock on completing sign-up.
  • Great way to nudge the user to complete the signup process
  • Financial apps have typically a very lengthy registration process.

My Publications

Mini Case Studies

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Achievements & Extra Curriculars

  • 1 out of 30 students from India selected for MIT India Initiative 2020
  • 1 out of 15 National finalists from over 5000+ applicants in Intel HackFury Hackathon 2019
  • Secured 6th Rank in International Countries Zone in 14th National Cyber Olympiad by Science Olympiad Foundation
  • Co-Founder & VP of ShARE (IITM Chapter) -  An international leadership program with 1000+ students from 20+ countries trained by ex-Tier 1 consultants
  • Placed 2nd in ‘Powerchords’ - National Level Music Band Competition at Saarang ‘19