IIT BHU, Varanasi
2018 - 2023


Product Intern
May 2021 - Jul 2021
PM Intern
Apr 2020 - Oct 2020
Product Intern
May 2019 - Jul 2019

My Projects

Product Roadmap
  • Prepared a product strategy & roadmap to penetrate non-metro market for serving next half billion users. Delivered a promotion and brand awareness roadmap to take the offerings to the target Ed-tech market
Future of Healthcare in India
  • Identified the impact of medical errors burdening global healthcare with $1 trillion annually. Evaluated and recommended the development of clinical decision support systems as solution in 10 years
Carbon Neutral Mobility in India
  • Prepared the case for next future of EVs in India. Analyzed the current market and proposed implementation of V2G based systems for building charging infrastructure in India

My Product Observations

WhatsApp Web Privacy Bug
Stalking allowed on WhatsApp Web
  • Did anyone notice that WhatsApp had a bug in their web app. One could see the display pictures of all the people, even if they don't have the contact saved and the other person has kept the setting to 'For contacts only'.
LinkedIn Stories
Shift of real estate from top to middle
  • Unlike Instagram or Facebook, LinkedIn shifted the estate for stories from the top to somewhere after the first scroll. Being at the top, users would never actually care about noticing the stories and start scrolling because of which the engagement would be loss. Now, after shifting it down, users start scrolling as usual but after the first scroll are triggered to have a look at the stories
Toggling Account on LinkedIn
Solving the use case for business and personal accounts
  • Since many users use LinkedIn have both their personal and business accounts, I think LinkedIn should introduce a feature to toggle between the accounts. On Instagram on can easily do it and stay logged in both accounts and get notifications for both. For LinkedIn, one has to actually log out and then log in in new account and vice versa.
Instagram's A/B test
Search button back on the same real estate
  • Looks like Instagram got the answer to its A/B test. The search button is again back in its place and the real button has been moved to the center. The new post button is now at the top left instead of the story button. Swiping right will get you stories or else a new post. Many UI changes done together.
Google Search is now news
Categorized filtering for news
  • Google has these tags and filters to search the news better. I am an avid reader of these Google news articles. This will surely help me search better using filters and look at the content I want to

My Publications

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Mini Case Studies

How would you design the Facebook Home Screen?

The goal of Facebook is to connect users better. Clarified goals
Segmented users based on age and developed personas: young, working professionals and a retired elder
Tried to list the pain points of each segment like connectivity, sharing current life with friends, need to talk to friends, etc.
Prioritized pain points common to all segments as home screen is to be developed
Listed solutions to solve the pain points like: Messaging feature, Posting feature, customized UI for elder users
Prioritized solutions based on cost and value

Achievements & Extra Curriculars

  • Core Team, Student Alumni Interaction Cell, IIT (BHU)
  • Ranked 1st (followed by ISB and IIM A) in PM Case Study Competition among 400+ teams predominantly from IIM A, B, C and ISB
  • Head, International Press, IIT BHU Model United Nations 2019
  • Executive, Public Relations, Centenary Celebrations, IIT (BHU)